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People Against Live Exports (PALE)& Intensive Farming © in Conjunction with RSPCA QLD. Australia was formed in 2000 by Wendy Lewthwaite.

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27 Feb:Australia Bans Live Exports to Eqypt
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We are inviting people to open other branches of PALE. If you are interested in doing any Volunteer work, running a branch of PALE, or anything else that may help us then please contact us by phone or email.

We hope to gain your support to stop the live export of farming animals to foreign countries. It doesn't matter if you have two hours or two days a week. The Animals need all the help they can get

We wish to thank Mark Townend, head of RSPCA Qld, for his efforts in the campaign to improve animal welfare and his support of PALE.

We are an independent group. We spear headed the only programme to phase out the cruel live Animal Trade. We work with the Peak Muslim Leaders of Australia (AFIC) The Australian Federation Of Islamic Councils who advise the Federal Government.

Pls read AFICS Submission to Senate Committee To Improve Animal Welfare- which was ignored by AA, WSPA RSPCA National and of COURSE the Australian Government.

Not many people are aware that AFIC Passed a Motion in Congress To Phase out the cruel live animal trade.


"That this 44th AFIC Congress declares that the practice of live animal(cattle, sheep and goats) exports from Australia is inherently cruel and contrary to Islamic teaching on the treatment of animals.

The Congress calls upon the Federal Government to immediately cease the issuing of export permits for this trade and to introduce legislation into Federal Parliament to permanently ban live animal exports.

The Congress urges all State Councils and Member Societies to participate in a campaign with like minded organisations to achieve this goal."


Pls click here to read a message to the Australian public from the Muslim Leaders of Australia-

HKM Economic Report

AWB Enquiry What a Joke! Report by Wendy Lewthwaite founder of PALE

We find it beyond the PALE despite the media covered of live animal exports not one media outlet wanted to run a story on this motion and the wonderful work done by our Muslim Leaders.

More fascinating Animal Australia, RSPCA National, WSPA were not interested to post the Motion passed on their web sites either? So you might ask yourself what REALLY is going on with Animal Welfare in Australia and the so called peak bodies.


Personally I don't like abattoirs but reopening here is the less of two evils. We can work united on improvements.

It's important to remember our Farmers are the back bone of this country. We know in the past, farmers have felt targeted by some groups. We agree that is unfair. In fact farmers were misinformed years ago regarding live exports. Because the Government, are in our opinion in bed with the shipping live animal industry, this cruel trade that takes our children's jobs away from our country has been allowed to flourish.

Farmers need the abattoirs re opened to put back the competition in the meat trade to give them a fair price! If anybody has been ripped off by this distortion in the meat trade other than the Animals- it's our Aussie Farmers! Too many country towns have closed down and their kids had to leave to find work.

A Gruesome End

Those animals who survive this horror face a death that can only be described as barbaric. Many overseas slaughter facilities operate with few or no animal welfare laws or guidelines. In Egypt, incidents have been witnessed of slaughtermen, unskilled in handling large Australian cattle subduing struggling animals by slashing leg tendons with long knives or incapacitating them by stabbing their eyes.

Why the live animal export trade must end

Ethics and Morality

Can profits for some, ever justify suffering - or disregarding our responsibilities to animals? The live export industry aids and abets animal cruelty.

Lost Jobs in Australia

The Australian meat processing industry estimates that 17,000 Australian jobs have been lost and 25 abattoirs closed as a result of the live export trade. Australia has accredited halal and kosher abattoirs that could form the basis of a frozen carcass trade. Animals in these facilities are treated more humanely than overseas - with most animals stunned prior to slaughter. The majority of live animals exported for the Saudi religious festivals are slaughtered in Saudi abattoirs, frozen and shipped to poor Muslims - putting paid to the lack of refrigeration claim.

Australia should be leading the way….

Australia prides itself in being an enlightened nation. In this country we have the opportunity to set standards in animal care and protection for the world to follow. Instead, we are currently world leaders in an industry that is condemned as cruel and unacceptable by every major international animal welfare organisation. If Australia takes a stand saying live export is unacceptable, it will support other citizens in other countries who want their nation to make a similar ethical decision.

Why the live animal export industry will end

The live animal export trade has been compared by many to the barbaric slave trade of the 1800's. It is not hard to see why. One day, these two industries will sit side by side on the most shameful pages of human history.

Australians want live export to end. We want to restore our nation's reputation and become a generation of Australians who will be remembered for putting ethics above profits. The next 12 months are crucial. If we care enough - live animal export can become the first animal welfare issue on which an election outcome rests. Any government will put ethics before profits ... if they see that their political future depends on it.

You can help Animals Australia to end live export!

Tell The Prime Minister and your Federal member of parliament -
Australians won't tolerate a government that tolerates live animal export.

This website is an appeal for human decency.

Letter from the Queen of England about live exports

Letter from the Prince of Wales about live exports

Letter from the Governor General about live exports ~ 02/22/06

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