People Against Live Exports in Conjunction with RSPCA QLD. Australia was formed in 2000 by Wendy Lewthwaite.

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Griffith University Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


The GUSPCA is a university-based animal welfare organisation that was established in 2004 by RSPCA Inspector and GU Law and Arts student Jed Goodfellow. The mission of the GUSPCA is to contribute to reducing the suffering of animals by assisting and supporting the work of already established animal welfare and rights organisations. GUSPCA achieves this mission largely through the work of its sub-committees:

Legal Research Committee:

The GUSPCA Legal Research Committee (LRC) offers law students with a unique opportunity to gain real life experience in a newly emerging legal discipline animal law. In the USA there are approximately 40 law schools that offer courses in animal law including the prestigious Harvard Law School. Australia is now following suit.
The LRC currently consists of law students from UQ, QUT and of course Griffith and is chaired by GU Law School Lecturer Steven White. The LRC conducts pro bono legal research on behalf of animal welfare and rights organisations, writes submissions to government on reviews of animal welfare legislation, codes of practice, regulations etc, assists with drafting letters to members of Parliament, government officials, industry representatives and also writes various papers on animal law jurisprudence for the education and use of fellow GUSPCA members.

Education Committee:

Within the animal rights movement, education is recognised as being arguably the most important tool in the fight to reduce the suffering of animals. Therefore the GUSPCA has established an Education Committee, which liaises with the RSPCA Education Department to train Humane Education Volunteers. The Humane Education Volunteers conduct talks at schools and community groups with the goal of educating children about the humane treatment of animals by encouraging children to show empathy and compassion towards them. Again, students gain real life experience working alongside professionals from the RSPCA Education Department.

The GUSPCA also holds regular stalls on campus to raise awareness among fellow students about current animal welfare issues.

Contacting Jed Goodfellow and GUSPCA:

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