Petition to Stop Live Animal Export

To The Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The Petition of the undersigned protests in the strongest possible terms against the live-export of Australian animals.

During transportation the animals are subjected to inhumane conditions resulting in unacceptably high death rates and suffering. Upon arrival, they suffer extreme cruelty and barbarism prior to and during slaughter - practices that are illegal in Australia.

Your petitioners call upon the members of the Senate to immediately, and without delay, ban the live export of Australian livestock.

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Date Name Country Comments
2006-05-21 sonia medeiros brazil I can't understand the cruelty. I believe that the devil live there, live inside people. The laws are made for the bad side. Help the animals from this animals.
2006-05-21 Mandeep Sagoo United Kingdom
2006-05-21 jewelery Hungary
2006-05-20 Sophie Schoenknecht Australia This is a horrible thing that should not be inflicted apon animals.
2006-05-18 Marquerite Australia I felt the pain everytime thinking about the way they slaughter these animals. Make me feel very sick. I strongly believe we should protect them. PLEAE STOP
2006-05-18 Joshua Kimber Australia Anyone who condones this action is obviously among the most insensitive of individuals. THIS MUST STOP.
2006-05-16 Deb Carnes Australia
2006-05-16 Jill Stephen Scotland Live export MUST be stopped
2006-05-13 Genni Marks Australia After reading and seeing many of the photographs and overcrowded conditions and the injuries and the many many deaths these animals suffer, I can on deduce this indeed is unacceptable and I firmly believe it belongs to some bygone era. And when these animals do arrive to there country of destination they will again suffer brutal and inhumane deaths.
2006-05-13 sylvia froggatt australia (enter comments here)animals have the same physical needs and feel pain in thesame way we do. we wouldn't treat a human being in such a barbaric way, so why in God's name do it to a defenceless, voiceless animal. Please stop this unspeakable cruelty. There must be another, more humane way
2006-05-11 Andreas Rabanus-Weayels Deutschland (enter comments here)
2006-05-11 Beth Pickett Australia
2006-05-11 elaina conroy australia
2006-05-11 lars paskins australia
2006-05-11 Darryl Trim Australia
2006-05-10 Jenni Lewis Australia Keep Australian animals in Australia
2006-05-09 Denise McFarlane Australia It should be replaced with a carcass trade as happened in the 1990s. I have recently learnt that trade to Saudia Arabia trebled during this time! I don't understand why this cannot happen again.(enter comments here)
2006-05-09 anna whitehouse england (enter comments here)
2006-05-08 Lel Doon Australia (enter comments here)
2006-05-07 Romi Jensen Australia Please stop this inhumane practice, it is appaling that we are allowing it to keep happening.
2006-05-07 Trent Jensen Australia Stop this cruel practice, why would we keep supporting such cruelties, when it is not for anyone's gain? It is a no-win situation.
2006-05-06 Stacey Davidson Australia (enter comments here)
2006-05-06 Natalie Hayward Australia I too think it is cruel. Animals shouldn't suffer that much. It is beyond horrible!!!
2006-05-05 Gill Garner United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2006-05-04 Gaby Schwedt Germany Please stop these cruel animal exports!
2006-04-28 Alicia Hoddinott Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-27 Christiane Tschauner Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-26 Christine Baker Australia The live export trade is a source of needless suffering of sheep and other livestock. It is a cruel practice that should be ceased immediately.
2006-04-26 A. Tumminello Gernmany (enter comments here)
2006-04-26 stephanie usa (enter comments here)
2006-04-25 Kathy Rector USA Put yourselves in the place of these animals and then see if you'd like to be on the receiving end of the torture and slaughter that they unwillingly and unknowingly have to endure at the hands of human beings, the same human beings who are supposed to be their caretakers! Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be human because of the atrocities that we (our species) do to other species and the destruction of our planet. The human being is THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE SPECIES of any on the planet Earth. We alone have caused the most number of any species of plants or animals to go extinct than any other. And this happens every second, every minute, every day. WE have contributed to and caused Global Warming. WE have DESTROYED MORE NATURAL HABITAT than any other species, making it harder for other species to survive in the wild. And this causes so many species to encroach upon "our" towns, villages, and lands, when in fact, it is US who are doing the trespassing upon THEIR lands. And what do we do when these poor animals come looking for food to survive? Kill them because they're hungry. They simply don't have any more habitat or hunting grounds because WE'VE taken it away for farming, neighborhoods, towns, logging, etc. This has GOT TO STOP! We need to find a way to co-exist with animals and plants somehow, and not continue in the present methods. It is barbaric and cruel, and causes the animals enormous pain. Have you no feelings at all? What if it were you in those cages? It could be, someday. Maybe then, you'd be begging for someone to end your suffering. And do you think that anyone would care enough to plead your case, much less answer? Think about it. Think very hard about it. Because the future of our Earth depends on what you do NOW, for WE are the caretakers of our planet, and what we do to the Earth impacts the generations to come. If we screw it up, the results sometimes don't show for many years to come. Indicator species (frogs, birds, etc.) are already telling us that we've done too much damage to the Earth and we need to correct it NOW. So stop what you're doing with the livestock and find a new way to handle the situation. PLEASE!!!! The Tazmanian Tiger is already extinct, and the Dingo is endangered. The Tazmanian Devil is located only on Tazmania, after being eradicated from Australia. What other Australian species do you want to lose?
2006-04-25 Lisa Rex USA Dear Honourable President and Members of Parliament. End the cruelty. You will sleep better for it!
2006-04-25 Karen Giacobbe USA Dont be the proof that animals feel pain
2006-04-24 Monika Bussmann Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Renee Bowman Australia I agree this needs to be stopped!!! ASAP!!!
2006-04-24 astrid suchanek deutschland
2006-04-24 Maya Conoci Switzerland (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Eileen Jesiek Deutschland (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Petra Tzschoppe Germany
2006-04-24 Sebastian Grossekemper Germany
2006-04-24 Mari Herbold Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Diana Hartig Germany The EU has recently, and after years of petitioning, cut the financial support for live exports of animals destined for slaughter. As positive as this is, it means that this practice will relocate more and more to and via countries that still allow and back it - i.e. where it is still profitable. I appeal to the Australian Government to not continue to support such live exports from its own country. You keep an atrocity alive who's time has come. You may think that what happens to these animals once they have left Australian soil and the protection of Australian animal welfare legislation is not your concern. But it is ! Like everyone who eats meat is guilty of the murder committed in his name, you are guilty of the unspeakable suffering that is visited upon these creatures on their way to a cruel end. Please ban live exports !
2006-04-24 Stefan Merten Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Niko Mangelmann Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Naber, Rico, Berlin Germany Please stop all animal suffering in your beautiful country!
2006-04-24 Tobias Goldbach Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 Manuel Bremer Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-24 oliver hermes germany shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-04-24 Ralf Schmidt Germany STOP the export of live animals
2006-04-24 Margret Giese Deutschland I clearly object to taking away animals from their home countries! What isn´t done to human beings shouldn´t be done to animals either!
2006-04-23 Ines Odaischi Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Andreas Loeffelholz Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Brigitte Bussmann Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Darig Cornelia Switzerland (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Herrmann Urs Switzerland (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Astrid Kraemer Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-23 Colin Van Der Heide Australia Stop this barbaric action of exporting live animals overseas.
2006-04-23 Fiona Duncan Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Karen Christie Australia
2006-04-22 Jerry Christie Australia How can a country that considers itself civilized allow the continuity of the barbaric mistreatment of its'precious domestic animals? Please Australia, show us your true compassion, and ban live animal exports now !
2006-04-22 Harry Harper Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 christina kremer Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Dr. Ernst Walter Henrich Germany Stop cruelty against animals!
2006-04-22 Charlotte Kinnewig Germany I strongly support the idea of a ban of exportation of live animals.
2006-04-22 Elisabeth Richter Austria (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 philipp johannes germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Sabine Scharf Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Manfred Goetze Germany During transportation the animals are subjected to inhumane conditions resulting in unacceptably high death rates and suffering. Please stop this immediately! NOW! M. P. Goetze, Hagen, (Germany)
2006-04-22 Sabrina Schreiber 85221 Dachau, German STOP EATING ANIMALS - Go Vegan!!!
2006-04-22 Florian Kunz Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Mane Kunz Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 Felix Kunz Germany (enter comments here)
2006-04-22 David van Cuylenburg Australia I am completely against the live export of animals.
2006-04-21 Lydia Tanabe Japan (enter comments here)
2006-04-21 Miki Tanabe Japan (enter comments here)
2006-04-19 Mrs Clare Phelps U.K stop it!
2006-04-19 Nathan Phelps U.K (enter comments here)
2006-04-19 BRUCE EVANS AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2006-04-18 M. Evans Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-17 Raelene Gotze Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-15 Laure France (enter comments here)
2006-04-14 Gabby Crawford Australia
2006-04-11 Tamlin Halls Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-10 Debbie Peacock Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-07 James australia STOP LIVE EXPORTS!!!
2006-04-05 jodie rudkowski australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-05 vuille ursula SWITZERLAND (enter comments here)
2006-04-04 T Loach New Zealand (enter comments here)
2006-04-04 T Reynolds New Zealand (enter comments here)
2006-04-04 Jamie Frances HYLAND Australia Live export of animals is barbaric, cruel and totally unnecessary. I am horrified that in an apparently civilised country our leaders are letting this continue to defenceless animals.
2006-04-03 Tenielle Mooney Australia (enter comments here)
2006-04-03 Ralph AUSTRALIA Thanks to this wonderful exporting to overseas companies, I have lost my job, not even 2 weeks ago, due to a fall in the jobs for Meat workers, packers, and labourers. It is on your shoulders. Stop the export of live animals, and keep our jobs safe.Thankyou for your time, I will now get back to jobsearching.
2006-04-03 Carolyn MALLEY AUSTRALIA AS an animal lover and concerned for the welfare of all animals I request that you ban the export of live animalls immediately. I fully support the campaign of PALE
2006-04-02 Andrew Collins Aus (enter comments here)
2006-04-02 L Kelly United Kingdom Live exports are terribly cruel to the animals which suffer them, and since they are also totally unnecessary, there is NO excuse for them! They MUST be stopped, immediately!
2006-04-02 Mark Bradley Australia Australia must cease this cruel barbaric trade and secure slaughtering jobs for Australian workers. BAN LIVE EXPORTS!
2006-04-02 Lisa Gow Australia Ban the live export of Australian livestock. What right do humans have to be so cruel?
2006-04-02 Glenys Gow Australia I do not understand how any human being could be so cruel.
2006-04-01 Sharon Isle Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-30 Kristina Larsson Sweden (enter comments here)
2006-03-29 Kate Frost Australia its just disgusting. They are live animals and need to be treated humanly!
2006-03-29 Kasandra Parkin Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-29 Rhonda Knights Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-29 Matthew Busbridge Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-29 Kristy Thomas Australia It is completely unacceptable to set one standard for animals slaughtered in Australia and another for those exported. The principle of humanity is worth enforcing wholeheartedly, and to turn a blind eye to this practice makes a mockery of it.
2006-03-29 Joanna Ruxton Australia I saw some of the 60 minutes footage reporting on the animals sent for live export to the middle east etc. I found the scenes distressing, I couldn't watch the footage in its entirety. I'm disgusted, speachless, shocked. I don't know what else to say except that this MUST be stopped.
2006-03-28 Nikki Gilbert United Kingdom As an Australia citizen living in the UK I would like to see the banning of live-export of Australian animals.
2006-03-28 Meegan Harvey Australia
2006-03-26 Daniel Hynes Australia It is wrong and immoral, however it should only be banned if the livestock can be sold somewhere else: people's jobs depend on these sales.
2006-03-26 Andrew Turley Australia Stop this madness.
2006-03-26 Syd Barrett AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2006-03-25 Anthony Oakley Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-25 Lynnette Green Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-25 Michael Carlson Australia
2006-03-25 Brett Ranford Australia Isn't it fortunate you're not a cow?
2006-03-25 Sue O'Keefe Australia We must stop this barbaric act now.It is senseless & it is not right that the animals suffer like this.We have no right to treat any living creature like this!
2006-03-24 D Hemmingsen Sydney The Australian Government should stop exporting live stock, it's cruel! Not to mention the way they are slautered once they reach the Middle East!'s barbaric!
2006-03-24 Samantha Australia
2006-03-24 david d australia
2006-03-24 Graham Benson Australia I demand the immediate halt of live exports to prevent the inhumane and barbaric suffering endured by the animals both in transport and during slaughter.
2006-03-24 Pam Myer Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-24 tabatha sudholz Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-24 Ralph Dunnicliff Australia I am signing this petition due to the fact that i am fed up with live exports to foreign nations as meat workers of Australia are being effected. The reasons for this are obvious...i am a beef slaughterman and for the past year we have suffered due to stock shortages while cattle are being send abroard for slaughter.
2006-03-23 S. Le France (enter comments here)
2006-03-23 Martin Struthmann South Africa There is no reason for people to eat meat or fish in modern industrialised countries where there is an abundance of fruit, vegetables and processed food in shops. Ban slaugterhouses! Ban the transport of live animals to slaughterhouses!
2006-03-23 GUARDINI Paris (enter comments here)
2006-03-21 Julie Thibodeau Canada (enter comments here)
2006-03-21 Paul Australia Let their bums continue to be maggoted so at least we feel better.
2006-03-20 letourneau france stop
2006-03-20 lemesle france (enter comments here)
2006-03-20 Ysabelle France (enter comments here)
2006-03-20 Jennifer Emeny Australia I have found the recent & previous footage of the handling of Australian animals in export countries appauling, to the extent that I cannot even bear to watch it. And I say this as the member of a family which sells livestock occasionally - money is NOT more important than the ethical treatment of animals in our care.
2006-03-20 Yvette Kitchener Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-19 Kevin Partington U.S.A. Remember, we're animals too. Do YOU want to be exported in such a cruel fashion? Let's see how YOU would handle it! ...Or, better, let's all use our common sense and stop this crap right now.
2006-03-19 Mrs M Green Australia These innocent and hapless animals are subject to the whims of human beings which, considering the terrible treatment that they suffer at the hands of live exporters, are intolerable and totally unacceptable! They have to stand in the own excrement for the duration of the voyage and suffer high levels of stress. Show your humanity and slaughter them in Australia with mercy and compassion prior to refrigerated shipment. This is utterly HEARTLESS. Show that you have a conciense!
2006-03-19 Barbara Australia (Those who support live export are contributing to mass cruelty of Australia's farm animals.
2006-03-19 Hettie Nisbet Australia When oh when will someone in authority in Australia grow a backbone and simply STOP the live animal trade?? No one with an ounce of humanity can think it is acceptable to continue with this barbaric trade for one second longer. Why does Australia continue to prolong this torture of innocent animals by who I consider to be some of the lowest life forms on this planet. Someone DO SOMETHING NOW.
2006-03-18 Josh Behrendorff would you allow your family pet's to be treated this way??
2006-03-16 Cathy Johnsen Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-16 Robyn Sewell Australia animals are worth more than is very wrong and somthing must be done to stop this treatment
2006-03-16 Terri Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-15 massaroni france (enter comments here)
2006-03-15 Hayley Schofield Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-14 Gillian Murray Australia (enter comments here) ALL LIVE ANIMAL TRADE SHOULD CEASE... please remember that humans and animals feel pain,the world must maintain morality it is not all about the MONEY.. Have some no go areas... NO CRUELTY TO ALL LIVINGS THINGS....
2006-03-14 berteaux jessica France (enter comments here)
2006-03-14 Guillaume Barthet France
2006-03-14 Leisa Kely Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-13 Jennie Australia We would never subject people to this so why do it to animals. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.
2006-03-11 Kim Hammond Australia You should all ashamed of yourselves. I would like to see this happen to something you cared strongly about, and then we see how fast it would be stopped
2006-03-11 Vanessa Burns Australia I think this is disgusting and should be abolished. Would you like to treated like this?
2006-03-11 bob burns Australia I can't believe in this day and age, this can go on! Please abolish live trades overseas straight away.
2006-03-11 Christine Palmer Australia I was appalled to see the way our cattle are treated in Egypt prior to slaughter (60 Minutes). It was soul destroying to watch the barbaric practices of that country and to know that it is going on today, not only there but in other countries as well. In addition, the loss to Australia in terms of industry and jobs cannot continue to be supported.
2006-03-11 Amanda Francis australia Live exports is both cruel and disgusting. We wouldnt do this to humans so why to animals!
2006-03-10 Kirsty Australia I strongly disagree with animal cruelty in any country and even if they are going to killed for meat they still do not deserve to treated with such disrepect and cruelty. How would these people like it if we treated them this way? Animals have feeligns too.
2006-03-10 John J Hutt Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-10 julie brett australia The treatment of the animals sent to Eqypt sickened me and bought me to tears.
2006-03-09 Michelle Sargeant Australia The export of live animals is completely unwarrented.
2006-03-08 Isabel Pereira Austria (enter comments here)
2006-03-08 Matthias Köck Austria (enter comments here)
2006-03-08 Marian Merkin Poland Treat animals with respect.
2006-03-07 AMY BUDWORTH ENGLAND after having read all of the names on this petition, i have been reassured that there are unselfish and compassionate people out there. Please do the honourable act of banning live animal export.
2006-03-07 James ENGLAND
2006-03-07 Anna Singleton Australia Listen to the Australian people and stop this heartbreaking and unnecessary cruelty NOW!!!
2006-03-06 Mrs. Denise E. DiBease U.S.A. These animals are sweet and gentle. They are treated like they are inanimate pieces of lumber. They feel psycholgical horror,and extremely excruciating pain. For God's sake,stop these barbaric live exports. How can you do this? Stop now !!!! I'm begging you!!
2006-03-06 Mrs. Denise E. DiBease U.S.A. Iam Canadian. My husband is American. We thought of visiting your country,but we will NEVER go now. You are just as bad as the torturers you knowingly send these gentle,helpless animals to----creatures created by God---living,breathing,feeling creatures who in my mind are better than most humans. You have proven this to me. I thought that Australia was a civiized country. How wrong I was. You are evil to do this!! EVIL!!! One day you will reap what you sow. You may have to feel the same unbearable pain that these poor cretaures feel. They must go mad from such agony. Be careful of your future. God is watching you.
2006-03-06 Megan Edwards Australia Animals feel pain and suffer stress and depression just like humans', how anyone can treat these beautiful creatures in any way other than with kindness, is not considered in my eyes worthy of being called a human.
2006-03-06 Hiller Hans Peter Switzerland This is inadmissible!
2006-03-06 Michelle McDonaugh Australia Meat should only be exported once the animal has been killed humanly and sent over frozen. We are a third world country we should act like one, not something from the stone ages.
2006-03-06 Merilyn Hyde Australia I can not support a government that allows live animal export in any form, and can not be proud of living in a country that supports it. Animal cruelty in any guise is not acceptable.
2006-03-06 Lauren Harris Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-05 Glenys & Graeme Mee Australia We feel strongly enough about this not to vote for the Liberals at the next election. We have always voted Liberal. I am surprised at any farmer who would allow their livestock to be treated in this way, and my family have been farmers for several generations.
2006-03-05 Kaylene Campbell Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-05 Carmen Veale australia (Ban the live export if they want Aust meat make them buy it cut up and packaged it keeps jobs in Australia TOO!! If they realy want it they will buy it like that We have to buy goods like that so why shouldnt they
2006-03-05 Joanna Rickert Australia There is no need for any animal to be transported off our shores alive to be slaughted. I have lived and worked on the land for many years and have friends who work in slaughter houses. It is a completely unnecessary act and on which as a developed nation we should not be involved in.
2006-03-04 Parthenopi Regas Australia As an animal rights advocate I was absolutely disgusted, horrified and appalled that these beautifual animals are subjected to such horrific deaths and treated with the upmost contempt. I implore the Australian government to please stop the export of live animals now. How does the Australian government and industry allow this practice to continue. Thank you
2006-03-03 sue therkelsen australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-03 Susan McClarron Australia We are supporting illegal practices for no reason. Give Australians the jobs and save the suffering. Please
2006-03-03 Sophie Gerasimou Australia The live export of animals is cruel and inhumane. How is this not banned under the Animal Welfare and Prtoection Act? Stop live exports immediatly.
2006-03-03 Julie Williamson Australia Live export is inherently cruel.
2006-03-03 Andrea Fagg Australia
2006-03-02 Angela Ayling Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-02 Clare Jokuszies Australia (enter comments here)do not assume that because cattle are Australian they are treated differently than thoses fromanother country. By trading in live export we are condoning such treatment of all animals
2006-03-02 Judy Dillon Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-02 Giselle Kossmann Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-02 Sophie Pigodn Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-02 Carol Chenco Australia I have viewed video footage of the barbaric treatment of animals about to be slattered in Middle Eastern countries. I felt ashamed, nauseous and had difficulty holding back the tears. Especially when there is a viable alternative to sell livestock in these countries, this practise should be outlawed immediately.
2006-03-02 Kaylene Fuller Australia The extreme cruelty that these animals suffer is not allowed here so why send out animals overseas to suffer so inhumanely - The exporting must stop
2006-03-02 Leanne Kavanagh Australia How can the farmers or government allow this happen.Maybe they need to be treated in a deplorable manner before they sit up and take note.
2006-03-02 Sonia Broi Australia It's sad to see that humans have deteriorated to this extent,where profit is the only thing we are interested in even if it means condoning the torture of innocent animals. Do the right thing for a change and find an alternative to this barbaric trade.
2006-03-02 Franco Broi Australia
2006-03-02 Nathan Chenco Australia I am extremely shocked at these inhumane acts by the people of the middle east. I cannot begin to understand how these people could peform such horrific acts on these defenceless animals. Something must be done on a world wide basis. The problem is even if the Government does stop the export of Australian livestock these acts will still continue ovesees with other livestock.
2006-03-02 Virginia Shedden Australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-02 Karen Walkley Australia How can any human being ignore these acts of cruelty.
2006-03-02 Kylie Henke Australia I simply wish for my opinion to be counted. There is never a justification for the senseless brutality and cruelty inflicted on animals whether they be Australian or any other nationality.
2006-03-01 Karen Dennis-Smither England I am not really surprised to learn how the animals suffer. The human race can be the cruellest species to its own kind so what it does to other species should not be new knowledge. People who supposedly care for animals should insist on them being slaughtered nearest their source. If you can't guarantee humane treatment when animals leave your care, you shouldn't be entitled to have them in the first place. All our animals only ever leave our property when they are dead or in the case of farm livestock they are sent to the nearest abbatoir, transported by local, well-known people. If all the animals that are suffering in the world were able to make us hear, the sound echoing around the globe would be deafening. Animals really do suffer in silence. enter comments here)
2006-03-01 frankie evenson england (enter comments here)
2006-03-01 coral seamons australia (I support the ban to stop live animals especially to middle easten countries their methods break my heart.
2006-03-01 colleen lacey australia (enter comments here)
2006-03-01 Lucy Stephens Australia please stop this terrible practice.
2006-02-28 Sarah Stephens United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2006-02-28 Stephanie Bewick UK
2006-02-28 Raelene Atkinson Australia Stop the export of live animals.
2006-02-28 Peter Trenaman Australia Stop the export of live animals.
2006-02-28 Michaela Mobley Cyprus In this day and age we should be looking to more humane ways of treating each other and all creatures we are responsible for. Profit says yes to animal export, but humanity says no. What do you want to be judged by?
2006-02-28 Catherine Godfrey Canada (enter comments here)
2006-02-28 Joel McKay Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-28 Belinda Osborne Australia It is truly disgusting and sickening the way our animals are being slaughtered. I understand that we eat meat but surely there is a more humane way of ending the lives of these poor creatures. They have feelings too, just like us.
2006-02-28 Jenny Landolt Australia I thought I lived in a country where all citizens were treated equally and fairly, with compassion and rights. Why is this not extended to our animal friends?? They too feel pain and suffering don't they?
2006-02-28 Ragan Allison Tasmanian You know the disgusting truth to this barbaric inhumane trade, now act to ban it forever
2006-02-27 karen chambers australia I'm appalled that in this day and age, as a supposedly civilised nation, we continue with this barbarous trade of live animals. Our government needs to develope some backbone and start dictating the terms. Compassion is not a dirty word, our animals deserve some!
2006-02-27 Tim and Suzanne Boutsis Australia (enter comments here)The export of live animals is inhumane and cruel. Surely, an alternative would be to have the animals slaughtered in Australia and the frozen, packaged meat exported. AUSTRALIA MUST TAKE AN ETHICAL STAND AGAINST THIS DEPRAVED TRADE. We should not accept animal treatment standards that do not conform to RSPCA guidelines. Please exert your political influence to stop Australia's involvement!
2006-02-27 Ryan Australia This is a disgrace and has to stop.
2006-02-27 Hayley Clemens Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-27 christina Lapointe usa Please Stop this cruelty
2006-02-27 lisa honeyman australia (enter comments here)I work for RSPCA QLD and I think that people honestly believe that animals are indispensible and that they don't feel.
2006-02-27 Melinda Crowhurst Australia The export of live animals is not something Australia should be proud of. It undermines the strong animal welfare rights adopted by Australians and is focused on profits, not animal welfare. I am disgusted that Australia is involved in such an act.
2006-02-27 KRISTY JANAWAY AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2006-02-27 Sheryl Watson Australia This has to stop now.
2006-02-27 catherine Hiller Australia live animal export MUST be banned.
2006-02-27 Michele Hiller France Ban live animal export.
2006-02-27 Heather Davis Australia Please stop the inhumane conditions these animals are suffering. Not just Australian animals, but all animals.
2006-02-27 Kathy Fowler USA please stop this cruelty
2006-02-27 Karen Black Australia I became physically ill after watching the slaughter of cattle in egypt. It makes me feel ashamed to be human. If only the greedy could forget about lining their pockets, and put the welfare of the animals first.
2006-02-26 Louise Jennison Australia Stop the export of live animals.
2006-02-26 Gracia Haby Australia Stop the export of live animals.
2006-02-26 Nicole Taylor Australia I have just viewed a 60 Minutes report on the live cattle trade from Australia to Egypt. I am appalled that our country knowingly allows to the torture of our animals in other countries. This must be stopped.
2006-02-26 Courtney McKee Australia This is torture. There is no excuse for it. Our country and it’s people are degraded in every moment that its allowed to continue. I call upon you, as my representatives, to end live animal exports.
2006-02-26 Cheryl Robinson Australia End live animal exports.
2006-02-26 Julia Maclean Australia please put an end to live export
2006-02-26 Brendon Dangar Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-26 Morgan Smith Australia The people who allow this sick gahstly treatment of animals, who allow the live export of these innocent souls are just as barabric as the people (like the ones I saw on 60 mins last night) who are torchering the animals, you may not be actually stabbing those animals in there eyes or slicing there tendons heartlessly but you may as well be.
2006-02-26 Lee McKay Australia An aborrhent practice that should be stopped immediately. It brings shame to Australia and Australian famers.
2006-02-26 Jane Veale Australia Please be of help in stopping the cruel and inhumane treatment of live-export animals. Please!
2006-02-26 Gill Rea Australia Please stop this inhumane & cruel practice. It is unnecessary and abominable
2006-02-26 Emma Adams Australia Stop this uneccessary export and torture of our animals!
2006-02-26 Jane Macintyre AUSTRALIA I support this petition that calls upon the members of the Senate to immediately, and without delay, ban the live export of Australian livestock
2006-02-25 Anne-Marie Dawson Australia I live near where live animals are brought by road to await live export from Brisbane port. The sounds comming from these helpless animals is dreadful! It is distressing to hear and see their scared cries and eyes. They have travelled many hours, in unbearable conditions, heat, dust, squashed on top of each other, no air, water, bumped and imjured and can sense the danger ahead of them. You only need to see this once in your life to know this is the truth. If we as humans, with beating hearts like these animals, and with the power to stop this barbarack practice, we have a duty to help them. They are born in our country, Australia, and are our responsibility! Do not send them to their death in an inhumane and cruel manner witch is ILLEGAL in Australia. You, as members of our Senate, who are put there by us to give us voices must listen, repeat and honour reasonable requests now. It is 2006 and we must stop these practices - STOP LIVE- EXPORT OF ANIMALS. And while I have your attention - STOP, IMMEDIATELY, ALL WHALE KILLING. As voter and tax payer I expect to be heard, paid attention to, and courtisely replied to, as is my right as a human being (read Basic Human Rights) and (mostly) proud Australian, who is also your employer, and expects all employees to act as instructed. Thank you. Anne-Marie Dawson, 29 Bolan Street, Balmoral, Brisbane 4171, Queensland.
2006-02-25 Kimberly Fung Hong Kong It is simply very selfish and not ethical at all for some people to let animals suffer from pains,hungers, uncomfortable, etc, just because they believe the taste of the meat will be fresher if animals are import ALIVE. Same for a lot of Japanese people, who like to put boiling oil on jumping fish, and then eat these fish alive due to fresher tastes; or cut sharks' fin, and then dump these bleeding sharks back into the sea. How can these people build their enjoyments on other creatures' great painful? Think of what will they feel if they were these animals? Simply selfish souls!
2006-02-25 Donna Passmore Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-25 Paul Tapp Australia (enter comments here)We are a western civilisation with an abiding respect for our animals, even with stringent slaughterhouse measjures to minimise their fear and suffering. Why should we turn our eyes to the east when it comes to sheep? The cruel, inhumane and disgusting way in which we treat our exported sheep, detracts from our standing and humaneness, as individuals and collectively as a humane race. Please push this matter into a conscience vote in our federal parliament.Abort the practise of live sheep exports!
2006-02-24 Tracy Schwalger Australia We have all seen what happened with the sheep, and i was physically sick when i saw on the news what happens with the cows, this should be stopped.
2006-02-24 Margaret Burt Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-23 Jolanda Challita Australia Why are people allowed to be so mean and so cruel to helpless animals. Its barbaric. It shouldn't be permitted.
2006-02-22 Trish Darcy Australia humane treatment for all of gods creatures please - these countries are receiving out best meat - but at what cost? gready capatalists with no thought for the poor animals
2006-02-22 jeannette lyon australia God gave us authority over animal kingdom, He blessed them and Adam named them. He certainly did not give us authority to bully, torture, disrespect His creation. Greed has taken over and farm animals are at man's mercy. How would you like to be a sheep for awhile and go through all the miseries they go through? I bet you would change your mind pretty quickly. Be righteous and stop the cruelty.
2006-02-21 Brendon Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-21 amy lipman australia let's stop the cruelty
2006-02-20 ronald j burton australia Dear Sir iam a meat eater but whem you see animals theated as was shown on current affair 19 6 02 channel 9 it was unhuman the way the moslims e kill there animals just shows you the way they think. to cripple a animal before the cut it throat and let it bleed to death in the name of religion what kind of people are these and we are just as bad to sent these animals to there death in such a manner if the animal is to be slaughterd it much be done as humanely as possible on our shores not sent overseas to these maniacs (enter comments here)
2006-02-20 Ronald Dale Australia Please stop live exports of all animals. I don't believe in the slaughter of animals for food but if it has to done, then let it be done in Australia with the controls we have here (which I would like to see toughened up).
2006-02-20 Julie May Australia Please put an end to this cruel, barbaric trade. You wouldn't do this to humans, then don't do this to animals. 60 minutes in Australia will be exposing this horrendous act on 26th February 2006. Be aware!! Shame Shame Shame on Australia.
2006-02-20 Allison Timmins Australia Ban export of live animals!
2006-02-20 Liz Pilkington Australia Thank God for 60 Minutes this Sunday. Yes you will feel uncomfortable and yes it may spoil your Sunday night and I hope to hell it makes you feel a fraction of the pain and suffering those poor beasts are ending their life with. Australia the caring country - not where some animals are concerned.
2006-02-19 June Cowley Australia I am sickened by the barbaric way our live animal exports are treated. As a country we should not close our eyes to the barbaric way they are slaughtered and treated. Where is our humanity!!!!
2006-02-19 Sarah Australia Me too Kristina, I also saw the ad for next weeks 60 minutes show and I was mortified. I makes you want to jump on a plane and go to these countries and try and make a difference...and I can think of many things I would like to do to these kinds of people. PUT A STOP TO THIS NOW. Everyone pass this petition onto your family and friends - lets get these votes up.
2006-02-19 Kristina Australia I'm not normally one to sign petitions, but a 10 second ad for next Sunday's "60 Minutes" program (channel 9 for the Victorians) featuring a story on the cruel and totally unnecessary pre-slaughter practices in some countries that receive live export Australian cattle, has left me in tears. We absolutely MUST stop the export of live animals from this country.
2006-02-19 Sean Bryant Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-19 Jason Darcy Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-19 Rebecca Australia There is no need for this kind of treatment
2006-02-19 Jacqualin Baldwin Australia Are we still so barbaric that we can not extend our sympathy to our animals. We have not come so far in history as we thought.
2006-02-19 Sarah Australia BAN LIVE EXPORT NOW
2006-02-19 Brenda Briggs Australia This is cruel and inhumane. Australia must STOP the exportation of live animals
2006-02-19 Tracey Duggan Australia The practice is totally unacceptable to all Australians, as our representatives you must listen and represent us appropriately by stopping this practice immediately
2006-02-19 vicki moulds australia I implore everyone to clamour for the Australian Government to immediately END LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT How could anyone condone such sadistic treatment of defenceless animals???
2006-02-19 sharon Australia I was horrifed to discovered that my country was not only transporting live sheep but cattle as well. These poor creatures are sent to countries that use barbaric methods where these living creatures suffer a cruel death
2006-02-18 Sherree Gordon Australia Put an end to this cruel trade
2006-02-14 Maureen Boddam-Whetham Australia The other petitioners have said it all, inhumane, barbaric equal to the slave trade etc.etc. come on Australian Government for once do something that is DECENT.No wonder that the world is such a cruel place for us humans to live. Look at the way we are allowing animals to be treated, it's our duty to protect all who need to be protected be they animal or human, PLEASE START NOW STOP THIS BARBARIC TRADE SHOW THE WORLD THAT AUSTRALIA IS A COUNTRY FOR THE FUTURE(enter comments here)
2006-02-14 Kristopher Rogers Australia Ban live Exports!
2006-02-13 Caroline Shanks Australia
2006-02-12 Emma Bell Australia
2006-02-07 Gehn Australia I think Live Exports should be banned.
2006-02-06 loretta clark australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-03 Kymblee McCrystal Australia (enter comments here)
2006-02-02 Patrick Vacchiano Australia Sticking our head in the sand and ignoring animal cruelty, doesn't help their situation! God gave us meat to eat, if we wanted to.But to have them suffer as well,..... I certainly hope that those at whose hands animals suffer, are not brought back by God into a world somewhere, where those animal handlers must wait their fate under duress and suffering.
2006-02-02 emily bennett england please stop the live exports of horses! its makes me cry x x x
2006-02-01 Gen Tomlinson Australia This is so cruel how peole could ever treat animals the way they do. Just because they dont have a voice doesnt mean they cant feel the pain they are put though. I want to help anyway possible because i am so passionate about all animals great or small.
2006-02-01 louise watson australia This is outragous and disgusting. We will never have peace on this planet when we continue to disrepect the planet and life form here. These middle eastern people are the most crulest beings on the planet and we should not sell our animals to them for torture. Sheep are just like a labrador for Gods sake, just because they have little brains why do people treat them with such intense disreguard. would we do these things to a dog? and what is the difference? Please you hold the power to stop this disgusting way of treating helpless defenceless animals. Louise watson
2006-01-26 Sue Landless Australia stop animal cruelty
2006-01-26 ikeyia usa the export of live animals is unhumane!we can entertain ourselves,we dont need animals!!!
2006-01-26 Gemma England I am only 15 and live exports is one of the most cruel things ever. Im doing this for a project in school. I have seen pictures, pictures which will scar me and other people for life. I wish i could stop this but me alone wont help much but i hope i have something to do with it stopped I love horses and all animals i dont want this to happen anymore its gone on long enough. People who are cruel enough to think of doing this should imagine someone doing the same to them. Tying their legs together and putting them in spaces not being able to breathe that it so horrible. Gemma
2006-01-24 Brianna Roberts Australia I am disgusted.
2006-01-24 Kristy Hayward Australia Modern society - dictates we need regulations onlive exports - to stop the spread of disease and animal neglect/instinction.
2006-01-22 Kylie Bridges Australia An extremely cruel practice that needs to be stopped immediately
2006-01-22 Laura Harding Devon I think that the live export of animals is appauling. Humans have the right to live that is why we were born. Animals were born to live aswell otherwise they wouldn't have been born at all. I am truly againgst the live export of any animals.)
2006-01-21 rebecca vargas usa save the innocents
2006-01-19 Sian Jamisyn Australia End the brutality now
2006-01-16 Tessa Upfal Australia This practice is so unethical and should be banned immediately. Please stop this practice. If not, well prepare for Judgement day.
2006-01-15 Kaitlyn USA This is inhumane and wrong! THINK about how the ANIMALS feel! Were they are is were they should stay because thats were they were ment to be! STOP THIS!
2006-01-15 Felicity Shand Australia I have seen footage of the killings in the Middle East. It was disturbing and barbaric. The animals lay bleeding from the throat while still alive and distressed, they began to cut the legs off while it was still alive. It is unacceptable that Australians profit from such cruelty.
2006-01-14 Justine Schulz Australia Please stop the suffering of animals. Live exportation of animals is cruel.
2006-01-14 Christopher Schulz Australia Having lived and worked in a third world country receiving live exports from Australia, I know the suffering these animals have to endure. Please stop!
2006-01-14 John Baxter Saudi Arabia Stop the cruelty!
2006-01-14 Anne Baxter Saudi Arabia Please stop this inhumane practice.
2006-01-13 Jayde Thomas Australia Poor about inhumane!
2006-01-11 Christopher Romanowski USA (enter comments here)
2006-01-10 Larissa Denysiv Australia (enter comments here)
2006-01-10 Mark Konkler U.S.A (enter comments here)This needs to stop now!
2006-01-08 Laurita Rayward Australia ALL Animals have more Love, Loyalty, Integrity, Dignity, Honesty and Morality than most of the homosapien species on this planet we call Earth. NO Animal should be allowed to suffer any inhuman act in any country. It is up to us, as Australians to lead the way to stop these barbaric, inhuman and illegal practices being inflicted on defenceless animals who have no voice. I speak for those Animals than can not... STOP THE SUFFERING...STOP THE PAIN....HELP ME!
2006-01-08 A Heidi St John Australia This must stop
2006-01-08 Stacey Desouza Australia Live exporting is unacceptable. Please stop this practice.
2006-01-07 Rosemary McDonnell Australia I am against all live trade export of animals to middle east countries, and hope the Australian government aact as soon as possible to outlaw it.
2006-01-06 Kasey Annice Australia (enter comments here)
2006-01-05 krystel australia (enter comments here)
2006-01-03 Laura England Animals should not be treated like this it is wrong and should be stopped
2005-12-31 Carolyn Doswell United States Cruelty to animals for fun and profit is a cowards way.
2005-12-30 cobie greece this has to stop...........................
2005-12-30 Maria Lee United States PLEASE take compassion upon these helpless creatures. Do no let them suffer like this. Please do everything in your power to stop this cruelty. I am very saddened to learn this is happening. Thank you.
2005-12-30 Nancy Gregory (enter comments here)
2005-12-30 Julie Klingsberg US (enter comments here)
2005-12-30 Melissa Wolfe USA (enter comments here)
2005-12-30 Natalie Glenn U.S.A. Please help stop the export of live animals.
2005-12-30 Holly Havlik USA Please end this cruel practice.
2005-12-30 Juliana Hernandez San Bernardino please stop this animals dont need to suffer they also have feeling like us. would you due this to your children.
2005-12-29 Andrea Thompson Australia (enter comments here)
2005-12-28 Fanou Burslem Tasmania People who participate in the perpetuation of pain to animals are commiting a crime as well as becoming if the situation is favorable potential human torturers and terrorists. Cruelty is cruelty
2005-12-25 ryan mckenzie USA why are we exporting animal in different country for what reason these creature deservce more respect than that
2005-12-23 Bruno Clapci Canada (enter comments here) We must respect everything in this world including animals they are also part of eccological system without them we will perish.
2005-12-23 JAMES RAFTREE UNITED KINGDOM (enter comments here)
2005-12-23 Sarah Robertson Australia (enter comments here)
2005-12-22 Christopher Hale Australia Please show compassion for these animals
2005-12-22 Karyn Hackney Australia Do it now! Please. Don't wait, now!
2005-12-22 Glen English Australia What is the hold up?
2005-12-21 Ann-Marie Potter Australia stop the Export of live animals! It's cruel and very un-Australian!
2005-12-21 Annalisse McHugh Australia I am shocked that John Howard allows animals to be treated this way regardless of any long winded explanation anyone could come up with - it's discusting - the animals are lucky to survive the trip, what kind of option is this? Whatever anyone else's morals dictate, Australia should never support any kind of activity that subjects any living thing to such torture.
2005-12-21 Shona Graham Australia no aniamal deserved to be tortured. should we torture you on your death bed.
2005-12-21 Danny Keating Australia (enter comments here)
2005-12-21 Karen Keating Australia The practice must stop.
2005-12-21 Ulrika Sandberg Australia
2005-12-17 rose mossop namibia Why this barbaric behavior towards animals in the 21st century. Have we as humans not progressed with our thinking? Me thinks not.
2005-12-17 Leigh-anne Turner Australia (enter comments here)This inhumane act has to stop. It should not even be an issue. We have no right to treat another living thing in this way.
2005-12-16 David Bishop Australia Extreme cruelty and barbarism is the socalled culture of the countries who pay for our live exports. It's time to take a positive stand even at the loss(?)of dollars. Australia sponsers and contributes to this illegal barbarism unless she stops the trade now! (enter comments here)
2005-12-16 Leonie Bishop Australia My first objection is the terrible cruelty to these animals during voyage and mainly at their destinations. However the second objection is that farmers, for a few extra dollars gain these at the cost of their own countrymens jobs.
2005-12-15 veronica gonzalez US they need to stop it!!! bcuz it leaves alot of animals without a home to stay in and to me that eans alot!!
2005-12-14 margaret pascoe-lambert australia In memory of the horses cruelly abandoned in the Middle East in WW1, and the dogs of the Australian Task Force cruelly abandoned in Vietnam, Please end this disgusting barbarity right now.enter comments here)
2005-12-13 Domenico Manicone USA People just don't understand that animals are living beings, and feel emotion, suffering, and pain just like people do. Why put them through so much cruelty. If there is a god, and I hope there is, he shall have his vengance!Pay back is a _____!
2005-12-13 Matthew Faerber Canada We are no better than the animals we abuse so treat them with the respect of your fellow man
2005-12-12 Karen & Ian Gibbons England (enter comments here)No living creature should have to suffer in this way, there is absolutely no need for live export and it should be abolished immediately
2005-12-11 Lisa Specht Australia (enter comments here)
2005-12-09 Kathleen Cole USA (enter comments here)
2005-12-06 Kristi United States ANIMAL TESTUNG IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-12-05 Elyce Bichel Australia
2005-12-04 Ross australia i dunno about cruelty, but its just poor bussiness practice... sell the beasts as meat... cut the quarantine problems in half... and create australian jobs.
2005-12-03 Nicole Fridolf Australia (enter comments here)
2005-12-02 Tessa Pauley Western Australia (enter comments here) Stop inhumane live animal exports from Australia forthwith -
2005-12-01 Amanda Paroz Australia This practise is cruel and inhumane.
2005-11-30 Shae Freemantle Australia These beautiful animals do NOT deserve to be treated in this way, this has got to stop!
2005-11-30 Kristel Stillman Australia (enter comments here)
2005-11-30 Warren Thoms Australia The export of live animals must be stopped
2005-11-30 Patricia Jones Australia Please stop exporting live animals it's disgusting
2005-11-30 Kirsty Thoms Australia PLEASE BAND THE LIVE EXPORT OF ANIMALS!
2005-11-29 Teri Goldsworthy Australia I believe that the live transport industry (both overseas and within Australia) is inhumane in the extreme. The mortality rates and suffering experienced by the animals is completely unacceptable; there is no economic argument that can justify this cruelty.
2005-11-27 Renee Dunks Australia the export of live animals sux.
2005-11-27 Sandy James USA This inhumane treatment of animals must be stopped before more animals suffer.
2005-11-27 Sue Davis Australia I urge you to please put a stop to live exports. No amount of money is worth the suffering these animals have to go through. This cruelty needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Please please speak up for them.
2005-11-23 Danielle Hooper Australia Humans aren't treated this way, so why are the animals?, humans are animals too....
2005-11-23 Catheine Douglas Australia Please stop this very cruel practice.
2005-11-23 Bob Paveau-x Uknighted Straights We are all hypocrites. So long as we don't see the extent of our hypocrisy, we can sleep.
2005-11-22 Ammi Knight Australia We need to stop the export of live animals!!!! It is cruel and unnecessary. Humans and their greed have so much to answer for.
2005-11-21 sarah wilkinson australia (enter comments here)
2005-11-20 pearl Ireland Reap.
2005-11-19 Debbie Macmillan Scotland Absolutely appalling!
2005-11-19 Angus Macmillan United Kingdom This trade in live exports should be stopped.
2005-11-19 Renai DWYER Australia This treatment of animals is inhumane and unnecessary.
2005-11-19 Stacy Smith USA Respect life!
2005-11-19 Sandra Australia This practice is downright barbaric & totally unneccessary, it is just another instance of animal cruelty to the extreme. One would think the Government would not support cruelty to animals, & so lead by good example.
2005-11-18 Rex Widerstrom Australia Perth, WA. Cruelty towards any sentient thing unable to defend itself is the mark of an uncivilised nation.
2005-11-17 Matt Thomas Australia
2005-11-16 Roswitha Strobel Holland Stop animal slavery!!!Everyone should know that whatever harm we inflickt on any living creature the same will be done to us one day,direct or indirect,the responsability is huge.Let Your souls not drown in an ocean of innocent blood,You will regret it one day and this day is very near.Sincerely .
2005-11-08 colleen finn Australia This disgusting practice must stop now
2005-11-07 Donna Australia
2005-11-06 Xeniia Astachkina Russia Please stop the export of live animals from Australia. The animals are being transported under horrible conditions and many do not survive their trip. They are also saubjected to suffering before and during their slaughter. This treatment would never be allowed in Australia, and should not be allowed to take place once these animals leave their country. Please stop the horrific physical suffering of these animals as soon as you possibly can. Thank you.
2005-11-05 Brian Cornish Australia To those who care. Please stop the cruelty!
2005-11-03 Gehn Australia (enter comments here)
2005-11-02 Anna Singleton Australia The continuation of live animal exports is an utter disgrace and totally inhumane!! You have the power to stop it! So please do something about it!!!
2005-11-01 carolyn bird australia This cruel and inhumane practice of sending live animals under such babrbaric conditions when it has been stated that carcasses are acceptable must cease. It is outrageous that a country such as Australia can allow this unacceptable practice to continue. I call upon you to put a ban on any further shipments.
2005-10-26 Jure Smerdelj Slovenia Humans can be so cruel. I'd rather see humans killing humans than humans killing animals. Though, animals killing humans could be a lovely view.
2005-10-25 Sean Johnson USA (enter comments here)
2005-10-24 Malcolm Forbes Australia
2005-10-24 Melissa Townsend Australia It's time mankind started to undertake its role as the guardians of the animal kingdom, and cease to destruction it.
2005-10-24 Anna Finger Australia A disgrace!!
2005-10-22 Gisele Ashekian Canada This sort of treatment is sick and barbaric and must be stopped.
2005-10-21 Markita Roche Australia In the 21st century the suffering of a condemned animal should not be prolonged.
2005-10-21 Shari Robertson Australia Compassion ... not cruelty
2005-10-20 Skye Australia
2005-10-20 Cinnamon A. Williams USA and we call our selves civilized? we mass produce these animals for our own good. we pump them full of of steroids and antibiotics, rape their mothers, steal their babies from underneath them, bind them in cages not allowing them to stand (as in the case of veal) where they will never see the light of day, ship them in overcrowded crates where they eat, sleep, and die in their shit so that they can be brutally murdered as their life is cut from their throats... all so we can have a t-bone steak for dinner? and we call our selves civilized... what fools are we.
2005-10-19 Kimberley Trigger Australia Positively Sickening
2005-10-18 Katie Weaver usa Animals have feelings and they can feel pain. They shouldn't be used for clothing and food.
2005-10-18 Lea Rodda Australia Cruelty should not be over-ridden by greed.
2005-10-17 Kristy Ayres Australia
2005-10-17 Jeremy Dickson Australia My girlfriend is a vegetarian - & the shocking truth about live exports is what partially drove her to make that decision. However, this isn't a debate about eating meat - it is a petition against live exporting of animals due to the inhumane treatment involved. All should be opposed - we need to come together to stop this barbaric act.
2005-10-13 Sarah Smithers U.S.A. Please stop this!! This is in-humane, and torture for those poor animals. THIS NEEDS TO END, please help them!! get your friends and family to sign this, there has to be another way instead of torture.
2005-10-13 Andra Newill USA (enter comments here)
2005-10-13 Iwona Hetherington Australia (enter comments here)
2005-10-13 Darryl Hetherington Australia
2005-10-13 Crystal Gaddie U.S.
2005-10-09 Claudia Becket Australia (enter comments here)
2005-10-09 Robyn Becket Australia When I first learned of live exports I was disgusted that my own country would torture animals like this for money.
2005-10-09 Erin Smith United States stop the cruelty!
2005-10-08 Barbara Cowell Australia cruelty to any animal should not be allowed sheep or any other.
2005-10-08 Lauren Wilson Australia (enter comments here)
2005-10-06 Adam Richardt Australia (enter comments here)
2005-10-06 Karen Quinn USA (enter comments here)
2005-10-04 Beckkii Muilwyk Australia Please stop the cruelty
2005-10-03 Adiran Guzman Mexico Save the animals!!!
2005-10-02 Jo McEwin Australia Australia prides itself on being a modern country with modern ideals..Why then is the transportation of live animals still being allowed to continue? Is it purely for profit? If so it makes no sense at all..not when jobs are being lost...when they could be created instead.This practice is medievil and in this age we as a compassionate people should know better..we are also thoroughly aware that this practice is also responsible for the transmission of zoonotic why does it continue?It makes no sense at all...
2005-10-02 Shannon langrish Australia (enter comments here)
2005-10-01 Katie Green Australia
2005-10-01 Trevor Donovan Australia
2005-09-29 Berkha Ahluwalia Australia I think this is inhumane and should be stopped immediately.
2005-09-28 Diane Goosen South Africa Im disgusted! Those are evil people, plus Austrailia should not send their animals over if they know how they are been treated!
2005-09-28 Lauren Kelly Australia During live transport the livestock which underpin our Australian economy are subjected to grossly inhumane conditions. These conditions have been proven to be uneccesary. Australia deplores these actions and sends a call to action to members of the parliament, use your authority to end these barbaric practises.
2005-09-27 Rebecca Harris Australia I cannot believe the goverment didnt change this before.
2005-09-26 Kathleen Lewis USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-26 Michelle USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-25 Yahanna Faith-Smith USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Ellen T. Malloy USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Heather Ustaitis USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Dorothy Watt USA Why don't we transfer some of the people by these means and see how they like it afterwards?? I bet they'd change their minds after that!
2005-09-24 James Ustaitis USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Sharry DeWoody USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Angela Butler USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Sheryl Brda USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Sue Boutiette USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-24 Daniel Tudor u.s.a (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Steve and Helen Rayshick USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Lu Haner United States (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Rachel Ory USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Robin Flynn USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 susan Querze USA please stop the export of Australian livestock this will help end some of thier sufferring
2005-09-23 Sheila Bindman USA Please ban the live-export of Australian animals; they are subjected to inhumane conditions resulting in high death rates and suffering. Upon arrival they suffer extreme cruelty and barbarism prior to and during slaughter- practices that are illegal in Australia. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to put any live being thru unimaginable pain and cruelty. Think about it.!!!!!
2005-09-23 Jennifer Roy USA No living being or creature should have to undergo such cruelty. Why kind of society are we when we makes the concious decsion to allow such suffering to occur when it is not necessary for this to occur.
2005-09-23 Stephanie S. USA Please stop this at once!!!
2005-09-23 Mary Palisi United States I have witnessed the difficult and extreme conditions under which these live beings endure during transport. Please do not continue live transportation of animals and allow basic rights for them.
2005-09-23 alisa k. usa (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Melissa Ortiz United States it's unbelievable how cruel these animals are treated, they aren't treated like living things, they're treated like items. are there any nice human beings left in this world?
2005-09-23 Mary Carroll USA (enter comments here)
2005-09-23 Cynthia Haigh USA Please stop this cruelty.
2005-09-23 donna harrington USA your actions on this issue will be seen as either incredibly courageous or backward and sinister. Please choose wisely
2005-09-22 Susan Monroe United States (enter comments here)
2005-09-22 Rosalynn Junqueira America We should help one other to stop the exportof live animals
2005-09-22 Alison Australia good on you and good luck!
2005-09-21 Kylie Bridges Australia Live export is disgustingingly cruel and I am horrified that it is still occuring. Have a heard and stop it now!!!1
2005-09-20 Susan Callahan Australia Please stop live animal exports. The animals suffer too much.
2005-09-19 sandee sousa U.S.A. All things including animals have their rights to be protected. Please let them have dignity...
2005-09-19 Trisha Roberts Australia "What do they know - all these scholars, all these philosophers, all the leaders of the world? They have convinced themselves that man, the worst transgressor of all the species, is the crown of creation. All other creatures were created merely to provide him with food, pelts, to be tormented, exterminated. In relation to them, all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka." Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978 Nobel Prize Winner
2005-09-19 Natalie Raffenot Australia Stop live exports now!
2005-09-18 Matthew Bird Australia This maltreatment of animals is unacceptable.
2005-09-18 Katrina Australia
2005-09-17 Jolien Deschout Belgium (enter comments here)
2005-09-15 brianna f united states everyone knows its wrong
2005-09-14 Melis Richards England The exportation of live animals is inhumane and needs to be stopped, to show that we as humans still have some degree of humanity.
2005-09-13 silvia bioli italia the export oflive animals is cruelty.STOP!
2005-09-13 Sophie Ribergaard Australia I think it’s a barbaric and blatant act of cruelty that needs to be stopped. People intentionally bring innocent creatures into this world therefore immediately have a duty of care to uphold towards these animals. What kind of cruel, heartless, callous, insensitive, malicious individuals can inflict this kind of horrific torment on a fellow living, breathing creature and then have the balls to, in whatever way, try and pass of what they are doing as justified. There should be tougher penalties on animal abuse; the sadistic bastards who get off on this kind of cruelty should be put in prison where they belong. If someone is capable of harming another creature what makes people think that they aren’t capable of harming a human being. Cruelty is still cruelty wether it be inflicted on humans or animals and the same tough penalties should be handed down for both. Today’s society has a blatant disregard for this sort of thing; we are a blissfully ignorant group of individuals who live in a world where people who can’t seem to or intentionally choose not to, provide the basic care required in owning an animal, are ultimately, allowed to have children. Child abuse, animal abuse, domestic violence, it’s all the same, intentionally harming or neglecting those that are unable to look after or defend themselves. I think we as Australians need to wake up, get off our ever widening arses and do something about it. And it’s us as the people that need to take a stand, our politicians couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the cause, or any other as a matter of fact that doesn’t end up, in some way, providing benefits to themselves or the size of their wallets. At the end of the day it just doesn’t pay for them to invest money into saving the lives of innocent, abused and neglected animals. The practice of live animal export is an intentional and ignorant form of animal abuse which needs to be stopped immediately. Keep Australia’s animals in Australia!
2005-09-11 Joseph Byrne Australia I believe that exporting animals so that they are more than likely to be slaughtered is disgusting!!
2005-09-11 Rhys Byrne Australia I believe that exporting animals so that they are more than likely to be slaughtered is disgusting!!
2005-09-08 Cortney USA I think animal cruelty should be illegal.It absolutly is terrible. Yet hardly any people get put in jail for this. I hope one day it wont happen.
2005-09-08 Anne-Marie Mitchell France (enter comments here)
2005-09-05 N. schmidt germany STOP THIS MADNESS!!
2005-09-05 Tenille Gibson Australia absolutely discusting!! Why do we let things like this happen? Would we do it to our own kind? No...
2005-09-02 Annie van Doorn Voois Nederland I hate the export of live animals, they have feelings, they are living and they must tried with love
2005-09-01 Chloe Harvey Australia (enter comments here)
2005-08-29 Darren Singapore STOP all EXPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-08-20 Rachel Phillips Canada Stop the inhumane treatment of animals!
2005-08-19 Lucy Hurrey Australia (enter comments here)
2005-08-10 Robin Flynn USA (enter comments here)
2005-08-08 Elizabeth Watters Australia Live Exports should be banned because the animals get go through more pain then they would if they were not transported live.
2005-08-07 valerie singapore live exports of live animals is extremely cruel.animals are living things too, do help them!
2005-08-07 Kristy Hayward australia Can we for once put the welfare of animals before profits.
2005-08-05 Genevra Halstead Cornwall (enter comments here)
2005-08-04 Stephanie Johanna Goldbach Germany (enter comments here)
2005-08-04 Niko Mangelmann Germany No animal torture anymore!
2005-08-04 Fitz, Ulrike Germoney (enter comments here)
2005-08-04 Goldbach,Tobias Germany Animals shall have the right to live in freedom and dignity!
2005-08-03 Rachel Radford Australia I think it is a travesty that our government allows live exporting of animals to occur, even though they know the extent at which the animals involved suffer!!!!
2005-08-01 Frank Hummel Germany STOP the export of live animals
2005-07-31 KEN RIPLEY AUSTRALIA I am ashamed to say I am Australian. This disgusting practice has GOT to STOP PLEASE!Are our pollies so stupid not to realise the damage they are doing to our reputation & our tourism dollar by the continuation of this barbaric practice.Prime Minister Howard you disgust me.How can you call yourself a human being.
2005-07-29 Emma Clauss Australia I think it is disgusting that this has been allowed to continue. It has to stop!
2005-07-29 Adriana Guevara Colombia Animal transportation is cruel, these animals goo to zoos, laboratories, and other kind of abuse places
2005-07-29 Victoria Walker Australia (enter comments here)
2005-07-27 Simone Watson Australia (enter comments here)
2005-07-24 Angela Hanly Australia I cannot believe that a country as rich, supposedly advanced as Australia allows this hideous, cruel practice to continue. I am ashamed that I live in a country where the almighty dollar is considered more important than the welfare of our animals. Disgusting!
2005-07-23 Radoslaw Renda Poland (enter comments here)
2005-07-23 Aneta Ostasiewicz Poland (enter comments here)
2005-07-23 Brooke Dziuma Australia If you have a heart, you will stop this terrible trade.
2005-07-21 Elizabeth Macaualy Australia
2005-07-20 Jeannie McCloud Australia All species have a right to be on this Earth and be treated with dignity and respect - just because we are the "higher" species doesn't mean we can denegrate and control other species, on the contrary it means as the "higher" species it is our responsibility to stand up for and protect other lower species. I'ts about time Governments stopped greadily chasing the dollars and started to do the right thing! We are the guardians of this Planet.
2005-07-20 Kathleen Newton USA (enter comments here)
2005-07-20 Sharleen Blenkinsop No animal should be subjected to inhumane treatment. Why do we import live animals from Australia?
2005-07-13 Angelica PuertoRIco i love animals an wat they r doing to them is sicks and wrong it should be ilegal!!!!
2005-07-12 Sianne Pedder Australia I support this petition one hundred percent. The live export trade is so unbelievably wrong, and I can't believe how the animals are treated.
2005-07-12 Yvonne Van Der Beek Australia (enter comments here)
2005-07-11 David Norris UK There is no justification for live animal exports. I have seen the ships and the lorries loading and it is sickening. Hella Gamper (1.10.2003) would have had a fit!
2005-07-11 brooke bailey australia it is cruel and horrible. it should be BANNED!
2005-07-11 Colin JOB AUSTRALIA Live exports also take jobs such as processing offshore ,therefore adding to unemployment in our country(enter comments here)
2005-07-10 Candice Nunns Australia No living creature deserves to suffer for any reason.
2005-07-10 Patricia Zonenblick UK (enter comments here)
2005-07-09 Catherine Davis USA (enter comments here)
2005-07-05 Alaine Eiffert Australia
2005-07-01 Barry TODD Australia (enter comments here)Surely the shipping of chilled meat is far more manageable than the shipping of live animals with all the inherent problems.The I saw on live animal shipping was nothing short of disgusting.
2005-07-01 colin vernon Australia Live sheep export is sick. Not only is it a terroble thing to do to an animal, but it is also responcable for fewer jobs (in this country) , and Aussie consemers paying higher prices in the shops .I say if other countrys want our sheep let them buy it after it has been boned out, packed, and boxed by Aussie workers.
2005-06-30 Simon Zonenblick UK (enter comments here)
2005-06-27 GLEN HUGHES AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2005-06-25 Clarissa van Marle United Kingdom stop the cruelty
2005-06-25 Mary Corin England I will never visit Australia again until this cruelty is stopped by the Australian government. It is a global embrassment to Australia and mankind
2005-06-25 Perla Oloarte mexico Please have mercy with this animals...Stop the export of live animals!!
2005-06-23 Christopher Romanowski USA (enter comments here)
2005-06-22 Núria Querol Spain For more information on the attrocities of live animal exports, please visit: in English: in Spanish:
2005-06-22 shane crouch australia The conditions these animals are put through are appauling
2005-06-22 Bridget Smith Brisbane, Australia Stop this inhumane treatment to innocent animals.
2005-06-19 Jenni McDonald Australia (enter comments here)
2005-06-17 muhammad shoaib latif pakistan i request that please stop the animal trade they r the gift of GOD please stop their trade becoz they r the beauty og nature i oppse all policies which is concern to trade being a social worker and a journalist i will take full stand for the right of animal
2005-06-17 Altug Ocak Turkey Please stop export of live animals !
2005-06-15 Devon Ellingham Canada Please! - STOP the export of Live Animals! It's cruel and they suffer from the way they are treated and especially from the way they are killed! Leave Animals Alone and in Peace! Please, STOP the export of Live Animals!!
2005-06-15 NICOLE GUNN AUSTRALIA stuid conservative lievrals stuff everyone around
2005-06-15 Liesel Evans Australia It makes me sick when I am travelling on the highway and I see trucks carrying loads of cattle. And to think that is only part of their journey! It has to stop!!
2005-06-14 ashlyn usa
2005-06-12 ciara oloughlin australia cruelty
2005-06-10 Christina Eavyn Warner USA (enter comments here)
2005-06-08 Raewyn Pene Australia (enter comments here)Quite some time ago I watched in absolute horror on 60 minutes show the story of thousands of sheep that were stranded in the middle of the ocean aboard some ship awaiting to be unloaded to some Middle Eastern port. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the pitiful condition of those animals and the lack of interest by this government. When you see helpless animals subjected to such cruelty you have to wonder what is wrong with this world? I am not an animal activist, I would not even call myself an extremist, but just a decent person that cannot stand to see such cruelty inflicted upon an animal that has no ability to help itself from the senseless cruelty from humans. Please try to use your position to make a difference and make some changes
2005-06-08 Tanya Australia if any of you are meat eaters, then you are a HYPOCRIT. even been to an abbatoir or chicken battery farm? I bet most of you eat meat without thinking about this at all.
2005-06-08 Megan Cutler USA (enter comments here)
2005-06-07 Kay Australia live animal export is discusting! poor animals. this is not right. how can we let this happen. the prices of lamb in australia is astonishing. we cant afford the lamb we sent to the middle east. so why do we send it. are they thankful for our animals? and we put our own out of jobs. what is this world coming to?
2005-06-06 Peter Singer USA/Australia (enter comments here)
2005-06-06 Tamara Inkster Australia It is unnecessary and cruel and I cannot believe it has been allowed to continue for so long.
2005-06-04 Kathleen Cole USA (enter comments here)
2005-06-03 Leanne Wilcox Australia Please stop the cruelty.
2005-06-02 Yvonne McLoughlin England stop it now!!! It is unnecessary and cruel!!!
2005-05-31 Francisco López Puerto Rico (enter comments here)
2005-05-30 Danijela Duric Australia (enter comments here)
2005-05-27 Rebeka Ziebell Australia I have been reading alot about this lately and i think it is absolutly terrible and i want to do everything i possibly can to help
2005-05-27 hayley renny australia STOP! ANIMAL CRUELTY IS WRONG
2005-05-25 Deborah Winter USA (enter comments here)How many animals must suffer or die for this to stop?
2005-05-25 Anne & William Redburn Australia This is an appalling practice that should be stopped now and relieve the animals of undue stress and cruelty.
2005-05-25 Michael Moore USA Please stop this cruelty!
2005-05-24 kathi cline usa An EYE FOR AN EYE, TOOTH FOR A TOOTH
2005-05-23 Sandrina Gilsoul Gembloux(BELGIUM) (enter comments here)
2005-05-23 Stanley Pendze U.S.A.
2005-05-22 hummayon pakistan (enter comments here)
2005-05-21 Melissa Australia It just makes me sick thinking of all the poor animals that die because of live export it is time to stop it!!!
2005-05-21 Annalisa Specter USA I am only 13 years old and still I am absolutley horrified with how you treat these poor defenseless creatures. You should be ashamed of yourself.
2005-05-20 angela elliott australia i have never been so ashamed to be australian after seeing what these animals have to go through. Animals have have skin, flesh, organs, nerves, a heart and a brain just like humans. If we treat these animals like this we too deserve to be treated this way. it's wrong in my eyes and in the lords eyes and should be made illegal.
2005-05-19 Laura Innoles England, UK
2005-05-18 Lydia Elrod USA End live animal export!
2005-05-17 jacqueline jewula UK stop this barbaric inhumane treatment towards animals!
2005-05-17 Sharon Hall USA Stop live-export of Australian animals. They suffer extreme cruelty and barbarism prior to and during slaughter - practices that are illegal in Australia
2005-05-17 Barbara L. Pillers USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-17 TAMMY MITCHELL USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-17 Toni Nesbitt US Stop the killing.
2005-05-17 david wright australia (enter comments here)
2005-05-17 Aja L Wickman United States (enter comments here)
2005-05-16 Dr Mari Alvig USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-15 Rachel Mason Australia (enter comments here)
2005-05-15 Susan Robinson Australia This trade must be stopped immediatley, it is totaly unnecessary, stop thinking of money, and think of the suffering of these animals.Open your heart.
2005-05-13 Joel newman Australia Please end this barbaric Live Export trade.
2005-05-13 heather nichols australia I dont think money is a good enough reason for these poor animals' suffering.
2005-05-13 norma nichols australia I definately dont advocate live export and its abuses...
2005-05-13 michele valente United States The SLAUGHTERING of ANY ANIMAL disgusts me, but to ABUSE and TORTURE any animal in an inhumane way must be STOPPED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-05-11 Stacey Dulin United States (enter comments here)
2005-05-11 Anjela Bignell Australia There is little need for the continuation of the live export trade, considering it is unnecessarily cruel and is still not beneficial to our economy. Keep the jobs within Australia and stop this prehistoric, barbaric practice.
2005-05-11 jackie baut philippines live export should be definitely banned!
2005-05-09 Carole Simcox Canada This has got to stop, have you no feelings? Would you want this to be you?
2005-05-09 Vicki Vaughan U.S. (enter comments here)
2005-05-09 madeline b. ditta USA The measure of a society is the manner in which it treats its lowliest of creatures. Until man extends his circle of compassion to all living things, he will not himself find peace.
2005-05-08 James L Hibbard USA How many critters die during transportation. Is the money worth it. Would you like to be transported like a slave. Think about it.
2005-05-08 Graham Smith Australia (enter comments here)
2005-05-07 Donald Scholten USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-04 be a vegan Australia oh for the love of GOD stop the torturing of defenceless animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-05-04 meghan costa usa what did animals do to deserve this. stop hurting the animals
2005-05-04 Nijn Esra Netherlands Try to be exported the way animals are, and you'd immediately do something about it... Please, start thinking!
2005-05-04 Annabel Somerville Australia (enter comments here)
2005-05-04 Lisa Vaughn U.S.A. This is very wrong and unacceptable behavour! How would you like to be treated this way? Who do we think we are to subject these poor creatures to this kind of action? How would you like someone to do this to your children? Think about it! They have feelings too!
2005-05-03 Travis A Lee United States Start CARING!!!
2005-05-03 tania baxter northampton please stop
2005-05-03 ali afaneh aman jordan (enter comments here)
2005-05-03 Debra Baringer US Your country is a disgrace to itself. I would never want to visit. I boycott all your products. You people need to get some educatoin and comr out of your caves more often.(enter comments here)
2005-05-03 Laura Russell USA Stop the cruelty and unconscious behavior. The animals have emotions and feel more deeply than humans.
2005-05-03 jackie huegn USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-02 Kimberly Wright USA
2005-05-02 Kat_Yazzie usa LEAVE MOTHER EARTH's ANIMALS ALONE!!!
2005-05-02 Vagner Oliveira Albino Brazil Please, consider this carefully, so that we might have a chance to make this world a better place to live someday, to all living species...
2005-05-02 Joanne Binkley USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-02 United States (enter comments here)
2005-05-02 Carolyn Bragg USA (enter comments here)
2005-05-02 Tana Dannegger St.louis I think what you're doing is great! I wish you the best of luck
2005-05-02 Alana Bliss USA equality to all earthkin
2005-05-01 Lia Shrewsbury U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2005-05-01 Giuliana Gorlei-Pittsey Italy (enter comments here)
2005-05-01 Jeanette Walden USA Please stop this! I love your country.I would hate to think less of it because of the way they treat the animals.
2005-04-30 Angela Martin United States Please step back and take a look at what is occurring. Is this humane? Is this a human way to act? I think you will find this answer deep within yourself.
2005-04-30 miaja cajnko Slovenia the poor things have to suffer for food no water no care.that's inhumane
2005-04-30 J.Rolfe UK If you cannot transport humanely then don't transport them at all.
2005-04-30 kam matthews orange (enter comments here)
2005-04-29 Danna Cruzan USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-29 Steven Dale Australia Please stop this practice of exporting live animals as they suffer as a result of this practice.
2005-04-28 Anne LORGEOUX france killing them is bad exports are a true SHAME!it should not be allowed!
2005-04-28 seaspirit england (live animal transport abroad is inhumane and shood be stopped
2005-04-28 cardona sandra France (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Tera Jones USA Please time I may have to scream STOP THIS INSANITY!!!
2005-04-28 thea united kingom (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Denise Lytle USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Catherine McClintock USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Cesar Jozami Trinidad & Tobago I agree with Adriana Da Cunha
2005-04-28 Nicole Twine Australia
2005-04-28 Jennifer Zarro USA I urge you to ban live export! Put an end to the cruelty.
2005-04-28 Jill Sherling USA Please keep in mind that these creatures should be treated humanely!
2005-04-28 Susie Wallace United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Laura Riveros Colombia
2005-04-28 Sotirios-George Kazantsos Macedonia, GREECE (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Dianne Robbins USA
2005-04-28 Candi Ausman United States Animals are not ours to use.
2005-04-28 Jan Z. U.S. (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 Alena Rossov USA We need to uphold our dignity and the dignity of animals and treat NO ONE as dirt or piece of property.
2005-04-28 Susan USA respect all gods creatures
2005-04-28 Wendy Steiner US. Animals have no one to speak for them and they too, deserve as much care and a life free from suffering as any other living creature does. Please stop the needless pain these creatures are enduring with their exportation.
2005-04-28 jane uk (enter comments here)not enough care or consideration for the animals, they suffer to much in transit.
2005-04-28 Ashley Raymond United States Every living creature has the right to live comfortably.
2005-04-28 Debbie Rubenstein USA Killing animals and transporting them to be killed is barbaric and pathetic. Please stop this now.
2005-04-28 Scott United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-28 kym ralston usa Some people still haven't learned to respect&care for others. This results in being cruel to a life that can't speak of the attrocities. In helping them, you help ALL life.
2005-04-28 jes weber usa end the savagery.
2005-04-28 Jessica B Australia i am proud of my country, but seeing the cruel acts that have been done to our own livestock in order to gain more money is appauling. do it for Australia... and stop the exports
2005-04-27 Gill Gardiner UK In the UK there are also many people attempting to ban this practice from our own country.
2005-04-27 Boon Yeong Goh Singapore (enter comments here)
2005-04-26 Lynda D. Hardman USA It is time to put a stop to this cruel and inhumane practice of live-animal export! We must treat our fellow creatures with better care.
2005-04-25 Kelly Fordyce-Simcoe United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-23 Chia-Yi Kuo Australia This is disgusting, it must be stopped immediately
2005-04-22 Elizabeth Caponera U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2005-04-21 Eddie fenwick England (enter comments here)Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in hevan
2005-04-20 Justin Canada I love animals!
2005-04-19 Christie Compton USA Stop the suffering!
2005-04-19 kim barnouin United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-18 merna bishop USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-18 Leigh O'Bryan USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-17 Jayna Chapman USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-17 donna casterline usa All animals including humans and their four legged counterparts have the right to dignity, respect and freedom. As we no longer will trade, sell or inslave our fellow humans the torture of our most precious animals must stop. Please allow this to happen. Thank you. Donna Casterline
2005-04-16 Kim Turner U.S.A.
2005-04-16 Kuba Canada
2005-04-16 Lucille Nelson USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-16 Jocelyne Slater Canada the animals should stay in their environment...however we do sell children also...ethic and moral has vanished from the vocabulary of the edeucated and the ignorants as well! poor humans..
2005-04-16 Lucy Tripp UK
2005-04-16 Paige L. Stonerock U.S.A. Thank you
2005-04-16 Janette Mejia USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-16 Cheryl Young United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-16 Janice Mulligan USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-16 Regina Reppert USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 isobel cowan England The utter horror of exporting live animals is so deeply, deeply unpleasant - that it is, in fact - unspeakable. That this continues beggers belief - that they are voiceless and treated - not as sentien beings - but as commodities brings the darkest shame to us all!
2005-04-15 Patricia M. Nelson USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 lavaune guenther USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Julia Krahnke United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 alison gottlieb usa (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Susan Oakey Dallas (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Valery Malin US (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Kia Eichert USA
2005-04-15 Catherine Frolich (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 alesha ballon usa (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 SUSAN ZAPOLSKI USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 renee cormillot argentina (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Patricia Jordan USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Betty Jayne Gregory U S A This should be stopped NOW!
2005-04-15 Barbara Tomlinson USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Rachel C. USA Please ban the export of Australian livestock.
2005-04-15 Thomas J. Classen US Stop the cruelty. Leave the animals alone.
2005-04-15 Allison Ashley US (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Donna Calvao USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 raquel fontes portugal all living beeings should be treated with dignity and respect, it's our duty to Life itself.
2005-04-15 burton weber usa please stop it not right
2005-04-15 Jelena Zaric Serbia “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.” –Alice Walker STOP TORTURING ANIMALS!
2005-04-15 Kathy Yurcak USA Stop the suffering, stop live-export of Australian animals!
2005-04-15 Carolyn Mullin USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Nancy M. Goodwin USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 dee gonzales USA practices of various countries, including USA, in livestock killing and processings would brake australian's heart, if they only knew half of it.
2005-04-15 Dreama Runyon USA This cruelty must stop!
2005-04-15 Marie Mackenzie U.S.A. Have compassion for all beings.
2005-04-15 Larry Temin USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Barbara Gale United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Anthony O'Brien Australia
2005-04-15 Eleanor Boyd United Kingdom This is an appalling way to treat animals. Please make this stop right away.
2005-04-15 Rory Freedman USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Jeanie England ban the live export of of this inhumane cruelty and suffering caused to these poor animals.
2005-04-15 Denise Bagwell United States
2005-04-15 Jennifer Burgin USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Kimberly Sypert usa (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Jennifer McMann USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Lianna Fielder USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-15 Jenni Kovich United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-14 Christina Dicker Australia The majority of Australian citizens reject this barbaric trade.
2005-04-14 Renee Snyder, Ph.D. USA
2005-04-14 Joan Harlin USA Please stop these barbaric live animal export of Australian animals. This is a disgrace that animals be made to suffer such extended cruelty.
2005-04-14 Enid Breakstone, The Queenie Foundation US (enter comments here)
2005-04-14 Carol A Tavani, MD USA Hard to call ourselves civilized whilst these atrocities continue. Let's band together, do the right thing, and refuse to support this cruelty.
2005-04-14 Shirley J Cofresi United States Banning the live export of Australian livestock will send a clear message to the rest of the world that the protection and humane treatment of animals surpasses profit and gain.
2005-04-14 Cheryl Young United States (enter comments here)
2005-04-12 karen mclean syracuse (enter comments here)
2005-04-12 Annette Fraser Australia (enter comments here)
2005-04-10 Jane Alexander U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2005-04-08 Jane Wisnieski USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-07 Frank Wendland USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-06 Belinda Barr Australia I think the export of live animals is inhumane and unnecessary.
2005-04-06 Elizabeth Mayne Australia The fcat that this behaviour is still going on in the year 2005 is unbelievable and it shoud,cease immediately.
2005-04-04 Kelly Wood USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-04 Layla Ellison USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-03 Cheryl.Wieden. Australia How would all these so-called humans like to be trapped in a crate; tortured, without food or water?? Wouldn't happen would it?? There'd be an up-roar;;; so why do it to poor defenceless animals?!!!
2005-04-03 Clair LaBar USA (enter comments here)
2005-04-03 Connie Reich United States I am urging you to please pass a law banning the export of live animals. I find this practice abhorrable.
2005-04-03 Tracey Couto USA Please help and do the right thing for those poor mistreated animals. They suffer just like people do and should be treated with the same respect. Thank you.
2005-04-02 Douglas Barron USA I have always thought animals deserved much better than this.
2005-04-02 Vanda Tor United Kingdom I heard about the petition from Conscious Evolution of which I'm a member.
2005-04-02 Terri Smallwood Canada (enter comments here)
2005-04-02 Danette S. Littel USA As a collective we are ultimately responsible for caring for the Earth and ALL of its creatures. This is a horrendous way to treat Gods gifts to us....Please do all you can to stop this torture!!!!
2005-03-18 William King USA
2005-03-17 James Hunter United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 Luder Guillaume Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 valcuende olivier switzerland STOP the export of live animals
2005-03-16 TARAS I. France (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 Saoirse Keogh-Moore uk (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 christina nicastri usa (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 Samantha Pottinger England (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 KRAUTH FRANCE (enter comments here)
2005-03-16 Aleisha Caruso Australia Disgustingly immoral.
2005-03-16 Rebato Stephanie FRANCE (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 daumas magali france (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 van meir veerle switzerland please stop this attitude. animals are not allowed to go through those awfull conditions.Thank you.
2005-03-15 chevalier catherine switzerland please stop this animal traffic alive!!!Unhuman attitudes!!! Thank you
2005-03-15 Judith Swain Wales, United Kingdo (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Lisa Simeoni Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Jocelyn Fragniere CH (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Christiane Benoit Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Benoit Simone Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Anne-Laure Baud Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Storrer Marc-Olivier Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 George USA (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 elena grisafi Italy (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Zelly Brighton USA (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Kerry Duggan United Kingdom The slaughter of these animals is bad enough - they don't need to endure this torture as well
2005-03-15 David Mantia United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Maxine Lambert U K I strongly urge you to to stop exporting live animals. It is inherently cruel and deeply frowned upon by International animal welfare communities.
2005-03-15 Anne CHAMPENOIS UK (enter comments here)Just stop the cruelty
2005-03-15 Soonoo Taraporewala India (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Clem Langton United Kingdom The amount of sheep that die from the journey surely is a waste of your money. So if we are talking money (which is always the issue with you greedy bastards)why dont you export them in better conditions so they dont all die in cramped spaces with no water before they have even got to the slaughter house? How would you like to be cramped up like that? Squashed in with your family to slowly watch them die. Id like to see that happen to you but not those poor innocent sheep!
2005-03-15 Patrick Pichot USA (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Nancy Janes USA Let's just give the animals a break for once, shall we? You know how hard conditions are for them to be transported, and how much they suffer. Have some compassion!
2005-03-15 Jacqueline Gordon Scotland
2005-03-15 farneault aurelia france ceci n'est pas humain! la diffrence n'inclu pas l'indifference!
2005-03-15 GARRY SHEEN UK Live transportation of animals has no place in any civilsed society. These animals suffer tremendously. There is no excuse for this abuse.
2005-03-15 erika van meir USA (enter comments here)
2005-03-15 Luder Delphine Switzerland (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 kirstine maclean United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 M.C. van der Geest Netherlands (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 Delphine Pichot United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 John Ebanks United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 John Gonzalez United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 Gary Hughes United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 Sandrine Pichot United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 Carol Mantia United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 D Mantia United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 K Brighton United States (enter comments here)
2005-03-14 Carol Mantia United States Animals are not cargo.
2005-03-14 Belinda Sharland Australia I think that the australian government is extremely hypocritical by making cruelty to animals in australia illegal yet sending australian animals to the same fate overseas.It is a disgrace what is happening in the live export trade and I wish to add my name to this petition
2005-03-14 Mayte Delgado USA Please stop the export of these inocent souls.
2005-03-13 Michael Rose UK (enter comments here)
2005-03-13 Marysia Waraksa Canada
2005-03-12 Gary L. Wilkerson U.S.A. We all turn a blind eye and pretend that animals cannot think or feel. How else could we justify what we do to them?
2005-03-12 Jacqueline Muth U.S. (enter comments here)Ban the live export of Australian livestock.
2005-03-12 Robyn Reichert USA (enter comments here)
2005-03-12 Daniel Cordero Fernandez Spain Please stop this brutality
2005-03-11 Mary Alice Pollard UK The time is long overdue - we must stop the cruelty of live animal transportation - if animals must be bred and consumed, then they should be slaughtered at the closest slaughterhouse, inspected - frozen and then shipped ! It is the best for the animals - and for the people who consume them ! Cornwall's Voice for Animals ( CVFA )
2005-03-11 Michael P Thompson UK (enter comments here)
2005-03-11 walid algeria (enter comments here)
2005-03-09 Tanja Forsek Slovenia (Live animal export is spread all over the world,so even though I am from Slovenia,I would like to say something about it. On the first place I believe that someone who can't give life is also not suppose to take it;but if he does,than he should do this in a human way;and live animal export,which has a mark of cruelty is certainly not the right way to it. enter comments here)
2005-03-09 Denise Moss USA Please stop killing and shiiping aniamls to killing houses
2005-03-07 Phil Ruddock Australia more live exports, means fresher meat. means more jobs for aus agriculture industry and cheaper meat for you aussies. basically the arabs subsidise us. win win. if you against live exports then become vegetarian. how many of u are vego?
2005-03-07 Lambchop Australia Sheep are cute cuddly animals just like any other pet. They don't deserve to be beaten, stabbed, left in hot temperatures without any cold water and good food to eat. All the government cares about is the money the get out of it. Saudi Arabian importers require sheep's appearance to be perfect in order to suit their ritual slaughter. So a white fluffy adorable sheep to have it's throat slashed for the ritual. What a waste of a good sheep and if they aren't perfect they are shipped back out for another 16 weeks on a stinking hot ship. Imagine how we would feel if we were put in a suitation like the sheep! No Water, No food, No good treatment, Beatings, stabbing, No sheep should be treated like this.
2005-03-07 Nicole Fields U.S. Please stop this inhumanity! It's an embarrassment to humankind! Put an end to the suffering!
2005-03-02 Tamyn Draper Australia It is disgustin and inhumane the people that do this should be handcuffed and put in jail!
2005-03-01 mary berkenkamp this is madness treating animals by beating on them shame on you, the ones that are doing this. this needs to stop now before its to late for the animals that can be saved I'm asking you please stop this. this is madness needs to stop.
2005-02-27 Mary Barron USA I support the live-export ban.
2005-02-24 Don Dal Cielo USA I am here to speak for those who cannot.
2005-02-22 Isabelle Canada Please STOP the export of live animals they do not diserve to suffort
2005-02-22 David Wilcox Canada Please STOP the export of live animals
2005-02-22 Joe Parise Canada Please STOP the export of live animals
2005-02-22 Ghislaine Parise Canada Please STOP the export of live animals
2005-02-22 Pierrette Marion Canada Please STOP the export of live animals
2005-02-16 Jennifer Gallo USA Stop it once for all
2005-02-14 Nikki Threlfall Australia I can't understand why it is still going on. Do you not care? are these people incapable of emotion and compassion? Money Hungry ASS holes!
2005-02-07 Jean-Baptiste El-Khara France J'adore l'exporte des animaux qui vivent! Il faut avoir le respecte pour des muselmanes. Moi, je mange seulement la nourriture halale. les australiens ne comprendent pas les grands avantages de "live exports".
2005-02-07 Mora El-Exporta Qatar you have no respect for other religions if you don't support live exports. you are costing farmers jobs in Australia. khara-cleb to you all!!
2005-02-06 Carolyn Payne Australia (enter comments here)
2005-02-06 Deborah Gillespie Australia I am very upset by live export and belive no animal should be made to suffer such extreme circumstances.
2005-02-05 Dr .Lucyna Larsen Norway If you have any ethical cosidration left, please stop this idiotic procedure as soon as possible
2005-02-04 Alex Australia Live export is so horiffic and must stop.
2005-02-04 Pamela Hayse Australia To put any sentient being through months of dehydration and anxiety for the greed of mankind is nothing less than criminal.
2005-01-30 robert m mcfadden USA
2005-01-28 lesley Thornton Australia There is no need for live exports. Give Australians jobs in the meat trade and let us humanely slaughter animals here if they absolutely have to eat meat.
2005-01-28 Ian and Leone Morrison Australia It is my sincere hope that those people selling animals into this trade suffer in a similar manner during their lifetime to encourage their appreciation of cruelty.
2005-01-22 michael c. bouchard U.S.A. I find it abhorant that australians would abuse thier natural resources this way.The unique animals that live there exist no where else.
2005-01-21 Janhett Tayler Windglows UNITED STATES Animals are sacred and full of innocent Light Energy and deserve to be cared for and loved, not taken control of and being taken out of their natural habitat then taken like they are nothing of value, made to be transported against their will under conditions that are threatening to their lives, sold for money, all the while not being properly cared for, starved, and left to suffer, tortured or killed. I was an animal health technologist years and years ago and can tell you right now that I have seen just about everything done to animals by humans, and have seen them suffer and die, get killed, and suffer from various types of diseases. If the people that are doing these horrible atrocities to the animals do not stop, all of this will come back to them and it will be their Karma payed back to them just like everyone has, so please be aware not of only what you are doing to the animals, but be mindful of what kind of reward you will get for this, back to you again, for what you send out always comes back to you. Heed these words, and think about what you are doing. If you do not care, then mabie this is a good time to start!!!!!
2005-01-20 Lucy England UK Help us stop this distcusting cruelty to animals
2005-01-20 Amy Volkmer USA All living things have rights...not just humans.
2005-01-20 Dan Edmondson USA
2005-01-19 Sabrina Vindum Canada I thank you for seting up this petition to put a stop to the cruelty of animals
2005-01-19 queene usa i dont feel that the animals should be killed for the purpose of what we belive in .. as i agree that they are beeing abuse in a wrongful manner. and its just not right
2005-01-16 Nicolas Balmelli France Luttons tous ensenmble mes frres!
2005-01-15 Jane Baccinelli Australia I am one of many people who are horrified to know what an Australian cow or sheep or goat goes through on its way to another country by sea. Please end this mass suffering by supporting trade in carcasses only.
2005-01-11 Joanne Amey Australia There appear to be viable alternatives to the current practice of shipping live animals for halal slaughter on other shores, it would appear discussions have already commenced, therefore is there really any need to continue with this cruel practice? This seems to be a good a time as any to begin the process of change for the better.
2005-01-10 Paquita Rankin Australia Please put an end to this barbarism and give animals the rights. Would you like to be treated this way? Didnt think so.
2005-01-09 Devan Brower USA Sure money is good, but shipping live animals, don't you think you have went to far. This is cruel and inhumane to inocent animals who should have a right to live just like everybody else.
2005-01-09 debra morris australia animals should have codes that protect them equally. There is no way that dogs would be subject to the violence that sheep endure. Such as mulesing and transport. Codes of practice must reflect the minimum standards of care stated in the ACT for all animals.
2005-01-05 rebecca canada do it before your hearts turn cold
2005-01-05 Rachel Kelly Australia Please take a moral stand and ban the live export trade of livestock.
2005-01-01 claudia United States stop
2004-12-30 Amanda Paige usa
2004-12-28 De Angelis Fabien Belgium
2004-12-26 jane kenyon usa Ban live export of livestock
2004-12-16 Rod O'Sullivan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-12-16 Alison O'Sullivan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-12-16 Antje Struthman Australia The shipping of live lifestock has to stop ASAP.
2004-12-16 Charlotte O'Sullivan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-12-16 Patrick O'Sullivan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-12-16 Daniela Hummel USA (enter comments here)
2004-12-16 Gail Gornick USA (enter comments here)
2004-12-15 Clinton Australia I agree with this,..and animals should be respected and treated well.
2004-11-24 Robin Flynn USA Please Stop!
2004-11-23 jemma coleman united kingdom im against all animal testing and harm and discrimation of any kind- it touches the bottom of my heart when i hear these cruel things....
2004-11-22 Wendy Lewthwaite Australia (enter comments here)Hey george how are you doing? Must run in the family hey? No wonder you couldnt find the weapoons of mass destruction your sitting on them.
2004-11-19 George Walker Bush Congo Republic this online petition is going to sway no politician. all the names could be false and there is no way of verifying them
2004-11-18 Chloe MacKenzie Australia (enter comments here)
2004-11-16 Anna Mulvey Australia Live expotation of animals in inhumane and unacceptable. We must set a good exapmle for future generations on decency and humility.
2004-11-15 Angela Strk australia (enter comments here)Stop cruelty to animals -
2004-11-15 Angie Jorgensen Australia Live exporting has to stop. It is so cruel and inhumane I cannot believe it is still happening. The Cormo Express made me sick to the stomach and no animals deserves to be treated in this way.
2004-11-15 Kate Luxford Australia The Cormo Express was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty i have ever seen. I will never get the images of these animals out of my head for as long as i live. This cannot keep happening and something needs to be done to stop it.
2004-11-15 Mark Winters Australia Humans are so cruel. Live exporting must cease and stop this torture of these innocent animals.
2004-11-12 penny australia it is the stupid liberal party that started the live export and alot of forms of animal cruelty. yet alot of stupid australians vote for them and they are just as bad.
2004-11-11 lucky obazee Nigeria (enter comments here)
2004-11-07 Claire Moody Australia (enter comments here)
2004-11-07 Brittany & Fiona Australia Melbourne Hi, we're doing a debate on why animal exports should stop. unfortunately, we are on the negative team. even though we don't like it, we have to be on the negative team which says that it should keep going. this is a cool site though! xx Britz and Fi
2004-11-07 lisa speedy australia i hate this animal cruelty! what a dumb thing! get a life
2004-11-07 Esther Lee Korea Bilbies rule and the depend on you to save them! SAVE THEM
2004-11-07 Ainsley Australia (enter comments here)
2004-10-31 Karen Page USA Please,stop the cruelty.
2004-10-30 Debbie Thornton Australia I'm ashamed to be called an Australian when you know things like this are happening in your own back yard. I would love to see the people who profit from this sort of behaviour treated in the same disgusting manner. I bet live transport would soon stop.
2004-10-28 Gayle Hutton Australia Stop torturing these animals for profit.
2004-10-28 Craig Sallaway Australia Live export is animal cruelty: its a sad reflection on us all.
2004-10-28 Steve H Australia Email petitions are not valid. better to write to your local MP or relevant minister.
2004-10-27 Jessica Van Woeart USA This needs to end!
2004-10-25 joseph yakoub australia i demand an immidiate end to the live export.
2004-10-25 fred ling australia the idiots that support the live export like warren trust and john howard should be ashamed of themselves and must be punished for there stupidity
2004-10-25 john australia animals deserve rights and those people who support the live export dont.
2004-10-25 fred australia the live export shows how corrupt and brainless our government is that it is willing to take an animals life and make it suffer before hand! how stupid!
2004-10-24 shantilal india (Please stop cruelty on animals)
2004-10-23 Tiffany Goss Australia Please treat all gods creatures as equally as possible. Unnecessary distress/death can be avoided.
2004-10-23 Geoff Goss Australia Animals do not have the choice but you do!!
2004-10-23 Jackie Schell Australia Please stop the cruelty.
2004-10-23 Yan Yan Liu Australia I'm debating on the topic that live animal exports should be banned and I've realised how cruel it is. Yep, it definitely should be banned forever !!!
2004-10-20 Mickey Mousee France i tink it is creul et pas mal!!!!!!
2004-10-19 sara morgan Canada live export SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-10-19 marla rahim canada i hate live export!!!!
2004-10-19 jaclyn lynde canada live export is NOT RIGHT!!!
2004-10-16 Mrs sarah scott united kingdom stop this madness leave the animals in there own country
2004-10-12 Katie Asplin Australia (enter comments here)
2004-10-08 Megan Sheehan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-10-08 Jason Yontz Jr USA I dont feel that animal should not be treated cruely. Firmness only comes with punishment.
2004-10-04 Carrie Gillich Canada (enter comments here)
2004-10-03 sue bowie UK Animals deserve better than the barbaric cruelty of long journeys abroad.
2004-09-29 marta italy (enter comments here)
2004-09-29 terrie templeton australia This cruel and barbaric trade reflects shame on all Australians and must be stopped immediately.
2004-09-28 Jackie Tiller Harris Anyone that would treat animals like this would do the same to a human. Exactly like abortion. These are God's creatures and he didn't intend for them to be treated like this. I just wish these people could feel what the animals a feeling. Jackie Tiller
2004-09-26 Serani Dodson Australia This does not make sense.
2004-09-25 Vivienne Sherman Australia (enter comments here)The export of live animals is a disgrace to Australia's reputation as a civilized country.
2004-09-23 Lynette Chen Australia (enter comments here)End to the suffering of millions of animals by end this appalling trade.
2004-09-23 Glenda Womsley Australia This is so wrong, the live export trade needs to end for the sake of the planet and of course, the animals.
2004-09-23 Phillip Powell Australia This needs to be ended immediately. What a horrible act!
2004-09-23 Michael Dale Australia
2004-09-23 A. N Australia Just for fun, how bout we transport refugees from those countries in the same boats and ill treated conditions, the same way as those poor defenceless animals, and see if they still want to come to our country. Countries like those dont deserve our exports, id let them all starve.
2004-09-23 Angie Dale Australia All creatures great and small deserve respect. Something has got to be done to protect our animals.
2004-09-23 angie ng New Zealand stop the inhumane treatment of animals.
2004-09-15 Helen England i think transporting animals live is horrible. they should be killed before having to endure cramped hot conditions with no space or food or water, sometimes even bedding. STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!
2004-09-14 Netta Steinburger Australia Stop the cruelty. I don't want to be ashamed to be an Aussie!
2004-09-13 BRENDA RISSER UNITED STATES (enter comments here)
2004-09-10 Laurence Glennie England i agree with someone further down the list that says they should at least be killed prior to shipping. having the attitude of "were going to eat them anyway, why not be as cruel as we like" is wrong, and im sure even non-vegetarians should be able to empathize and stop the suffering of these animals.
2004-09-09 femina u.s.a. (enter comments here)
2004-09-08 Roz Glennie england anyone supporting this practice should be ashamed, it is completely sick to treat a living thing as food and nothing else- they have emotions and shouldn't be subjected to conditions this bad.
2004-09-07 Christina Land USA Stop the cruelty now!
2004-09-07 Amrita Marino USA I am sure we can all agree that if these animals are destined for slaughter, wer can be humane and slaughter them prior to shipping. We owe them this much.
2004-09-06 Manish Jain India Practice compassionate life. Live and let live.
2004-09-06 frederic chevalier canada (enter comments here)i strongly believe animals dont deserve being treated like this they have feelings and should be respected!!
2004-09-06 Dave Plante Canada im on your side guys make sure this will go far we need more people with opinions like yours! Thanks
2004-09-06 mathieu massicotte quebec
2004-09-06 Francesca D'Apice Italy (enter comments here)
2004-09-03 peter smith australia (enter comments here)
2004-09-03 Marco Antonino A.Javier Philiphines this could affect every one
2004-09-02 Fleur Shack WA (enter comments here Let us set a good example to all those countries involved in live animal export, by showing compassion and mercy As 'human beings' please stop the fear & the pain. They cannot speak for them selves.
2004-08-30 Debbie Pierce USA Please put a stop to the export of live animals. Animals are God's Creatures Too!
2004-08-25 Bennett Nevton Australia this is outrageous and must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-08-24 Sara (enter comments here)
2004-08-24 Rachel H. USA
2004-08-23 Michael Bagner Australia To all those who say that animals have no voice or no feelings,I urge them to take a tour of a Slaughter House & then make the same statement after they have heard the screams of an animal that knows it's fate.I can't imagine the sounds that these poor creatures make over the weeks & sometimes months they spend in hidious conditions.THIS MUST STOP NOW!
2004-08-23 rick maher australia (enter comments here)
2004-08-22 Anandjohn Sidhu India It is barbaric to subject mute animals to this atrocity, We must stop this and respect all of Nature's creation's right to live with dignity. Lets stop this shameful display of human greed NOW.
2004-08-22 sonia glanville Australia (enter comments here)
2004-08-22 Jess Domrow Australia This is inhumane and it must be put to a stop, even if it is through killing the animal here in aus!!
2004-08-17 Helena Smith Australia stop the live export trade.Animans feel pain, just like you and me.
2004-08-12 Sue Dawe Australia (enter comments here) Come on Australia, this is embarrassing.
2004-08-12 Grant Courtney Australia (enter comments here)
2004-08-09 Julie De Adder Canada (enter comments here)
2004-08-08 wendy bayldon australia (enter comments here)
2004-08-05 Arlene Laquidara USA Please use whatever means you have to stop the live-export of Australian animals. Have pity on these animals who cannot speak for themselves and have feelings like humans have. Thank you.
2004-08-04 Sarah Hall Australia Words cannot describe how much I pity the people behind this. IT MUST BE STOPPED
2004-08-03 Elizabeth Shield Australia I implore all members of the Senate, in the interests of represneting not only the values of the community whihc are opposed to cruel and unnatural treatment of animals, but for you to act on behalf of the creatures who can experience a range of feelings and pain, yet cannot speak. Please ban live export now!
2004-08-02 Emma Richan Canada
2004-08-01 Tara England It makes me physically sick to imagine those poor, noble and intelligent creatures being abused in such a way. There is no excuse for animal abuse!
2004-08-01 Fran Barber Australia Why has nothing been done to stop this barbaric trade,would the members of parliament like to travel this way instead of their first class air travel
2004-08-01 Carolyn Scanlan Australia (enter comments here)
2004-07-30 Frances O'Conor Australia This is a totally unnecessary practice. Australia is better than this.
2004-07-26 emma richards australia
2004-07-23 Lucy Gray UK (enter comments here)
2004-07-22 ashley saxby australia hey my name is ashley and for my year nine assement speech i chose todo animal rights. one of the subjects i included was live animal export the things and facts and pictures i came along we appling. its an outrage that the goverments are not doing anything about this inhumain act. someone needs to put a stop to this
2004-07-19 sarah hall uk This is a barbaric trade which will be stopped, so just stop it now!
2004-07-17 kirsten hilger Egypt/ Germany (enter comments here)
2004-07-15 Lindsey Walton Australia Do you know that in 2002 some 73,700 sheep died and nearly two thousand cattle due to live exports
2004-07-12 Eleanor Australia It is absolutely disgusting, I can't believe they are allowed to do such an awful thing to those poor animals. It has to be stopped, it is cruel and inhumane
2004-07-11 Juliet Von Wittenberger Australia
2004-07-07 chantelle england
2004-06-28 Heidi Weinreich USA (enter comments here)
2004-06-28 Tim Gardiner Australia All cruelty is a reflection on the Society that permits it, whether it be to other human beings or animals.
2004-06-26 Rebecca Russo Australia (enter comments here)
2004-06-23 Yvonne Kappagh New Zealand I am an Australian currently living in N.Z. I love Australia and hate to see Australians involved in such an appalling, cruel and disgusting activity as Live Sheep Exports. I have campaigned for more years than I care to remember to stop this disgusting abomination to no avail, except N.Z. was forced eventually to stop the exports to Mexico purely as a result of bad publicity in America. "What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul." How can humans possibly expect peace and plenty in their lives if they deny basic kindness and respect to other species.
2004-06-21 Debra Seemann Australia (enter comments here)
2004-06-21 Ann Petrie Australia (enter comments here)
2004-06-21 Lisel Allen Australia (enter comments here)
2004-06-21 Suzanne Treagle Australia This trade is inhumane and unnecessary. The method of transportation, distribution and the slaughtering practices in middle eastern countries are abhorant to 21st century sensibilities. I am not anti the meat trade - just the live meat trade.
2004-06-21 Emily Dixon Australia "To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men" - Edgar Alan Poe
2004-06-20 Judith Brody USA (enter comments here) Please -- let's behave humanely.
2004-06-19 brittany reilly usa sick
2004-06-18 Amy McGrath United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2004-06-18 Joshua Ranchhod Australia The callous behavior of live animal exports must stop.
2004-06-16 Ellie Fletcher England The export must stop
2004-06-16 Maureen Collier Australia We are supposed to be civilised people living in a forward thinking country and yet we allow this to happen to millions of sentient beings. This is utterly barbaric and should be stopped immediately.
2004-06-15 Celeste Evans Australia What can I say? It's beyond belief that this is allowed to happen.
2004-06-13 Mira Candada This should stop , it's horrible.
2004-06-10 Erin Erdman USA (enter comments here)
2004-06-09 m verschure holland stop the live-export of animals!
2004-06-08 stewart blaine united states (enter comments here)
2004-06-06 Emma Carpenter Australia Animals have feelings, The Live export trade is CRUEL. Have a heart & end the inhumane ways we export these creatures
2004-06-03 stewart blaine united states (enter comments here)
2004-06-03 Satrina Brandt Australia The practice of exporting live animals is blatant cruelty. Not only are the transport conditions inhumane but the risk of exposure to disease is high and the methods of slaughter at their destination does not satisfy Australian standards and is often barbaric. How can the Australian government possibly justify this cruelty to animals?
2004-06-02 Katie Nash Australia Live export is an issue that needs decisive action. There are halal butchers in Sydney and other areas so there is no excuse for continuing to transport livestock to the middle east and other regions. As a vet student, I believe the current methods of transport are unnecessary and cruel.
2004-06-01 Richard Kelly Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-30 Vikki Drew Australia This is Australia's shame and must be banned. Anyone would think we live in the Dark Ages - it is abhorent and totally embarrassing to Australia. How my heart bleeds for those poor, innocent lives & the terrible suffering they endure all for the mighty dollar - i'd rather be poor. thank you for your trying to do something - about time the country voted on this issue.
2004-05-30 KL HUTCHINSON AUSTRALIA This is a barbaric. Surely there is a reasonable alternative!
2004-05-29 Penny Stapley Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-28 cem tuna Turkey Animals are not commercial metas! They have right to survive! Animals were created to serve human being to balance nature! Every creature has a important duty in nature! Respect Animals!
2004-05-27 kyal weed australia animals deserve more rights
2004-05-27 moron abc (enter comments here)
2004-05-26 Eva Laurenson New Zealand (enter comments here)
2004-05-26 Matthew f nz When is this world going to wake up?
2004-05-26 Julie Australia This is a wrong thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-05-26 Julie Smart Australia THis is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-05-26 Bianca G Australia When is the world going to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-05-26 Mr. Alpaca Alpacaville Poor Alpacas
2004-05-26 Jessica Chang Australia This is disgusting. The thought of the sheep's plight makes me sick.
2004-05-25 betty to shoes usa (enter comments here)i luv u
2004-05-25 Cejfs Australia This is animal cruelty at its worst! Why does everyone know about the Iraqi prisoners being treated badly but no-one thinks about the sheep!
2004-05-24 Sam.Bennett United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2004-05-23 Grace Saucey New Zealand It is gross, and inhumane what those suffering sheep went through. It is even worse that it is still hapening! I trust that you will act to stop this horible cruelty. Now!
2004-05-22 christine reynolds canada (enter comments here)
2004-05-22 Jed Dziuma Australia Absolutely disgusting. Stop the trade!
2004-05-19 jenny ha new zealand can't people see the suffering of these animals, why should people pay for them if they're going to be treated like that anyway!!!
2004-05-19 Iris Australia When the animals are imported from another country then on the wa they might get sick or get germs then later people eat them!!!
2004-05-19 Rolf and May Vaessen Australia We promote vegetarianism and a stop to all animal cruelty. There will be no animal killed in heaven.
2004-05-17 Brendan McKeown New Zealand I think that it's very disgraceful.
2004-05-16 Zak Robertson Australia My dad was the vet on board that ship. The saudi arabians had already decided to reject the ship load before it even landed.
2004-05-11 Dianne Seneviratne Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-11 Kavi Jayasinghe Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-11 Kirsty Mactear UK I am disgusted at reading this. Do something abouut it NOW!
2004-05-10 Amanda Smith Australia (enter comments here)Please do something about this. My son and I cried for about an hour after seeing the story on 60minutes. My son is 16 and for him to cry about this means a lot. This is breaking our hearts and please put a stop to this inhumane treatment of these sheep. It may be Arab traditions to slaughter their sheep, cattle inhumanely, but it is not Australia's way, and why is our government supporting this, because of the $$$$. Shame on the current Australian government, they wont get my vote.
2004-05-10 Kare Etchels Australia Please end this cruel trade immediately. A consistant standard for the slaughter of animals should be applied to all animals produced by Australia, regardless of whether they are killed in the country or not. Live trade must end because we cannot meet such standards.
2004-05-08 Ryan Douglas Australia Ban live export, or your failure to do so WILL be remembered at election time.
2004-05-07 Ashley Martynec United States (enter comments here)
2004-05-06 CAROL CURNOW AUSTRALIA I am disgusted and appalled by this practice. It must stop!!!
2004-05-06 Robbie Stuart Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-05 Melanie Vilnis Australia How is the treatment of livestock transported by sea not a type of animal cruelty? In 2002, more than 73,000 sheep and 17,000 cattle died on board export vessels due to disease and starvation etc. How is this justified and how can the Australian Government be immune from feeling responsible? I know that if these animals were treated as such in a backyard that the RSPCA would be called and the offender charged, so how is it 'ok' for animals to be treated as such on ships?
2004-05-05 Annette Powell Australia Ban livestock exports. Stop the horrific animal torture. Give our rural areas back their jobs and lost businesses - all the animal bi-products creates businesses and jobs. Ban live exports.(enter comments here)
2004-05-05 Kaye Gordon Australia God please help us adults to teach our children to grow up to make wiser and kinder decisions to protect our animals and children of the world.
2004-05-05 Norma Faulkner Australia How many petitioners does it need befofe something is done to stop the export of live animals to these countries? Is money our only incentive? I think it was Ghandi who wrote that a country is judged by the way it treats their animals.(enter comments here)
2004-05-05 Gail Browning Australia I strongly disagree to the export of any Australian animal and demand the Government to completely ban Live Export
2004-05-05 Desleigh Pender Australia Why in this day and age are animals being treated like this. What is the point of exporting animals when they are nothing at the other end! Isn't it a waste of money!! It just seems stupid. I am not a vegetarian and therefore understand animals get killed for us to eat etc and for other reasons, but why do they have to go through so much pain. PLUS what use are they at the other end in teh conditions they arrive!
2004-05-05 raelene dawson australia Is it that animals don't speak our language that we think they don't feel the pain.
2004-05-05 Belinda Giusti Australia This barbaric treatment should be stopped now!!! It is apalling that this continues, has anyone got a heart. Live export needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is cruelty beyond belief.
2004-05-05 Kylie Wade Australia (enter comments here)
2004-05-05 Liam Australia Would you like to be treated like this???
2004-05-05 sylvia raye australia Humans are the most cruel species on this planet
2004-05-05 Kellie McLauchlain Australia
2004-05-04 Dawn Herd Australia
2004-05-04 Simone Australia STOP LIVE EXPORT!!!! STOP THE IGNORANCE!!!!
2004-05-03 kerry smith australia This practice makes me sick to the stomach. It is barbarick that any Australian would permit these illegal acts to occur on our animals. In essence they may as well be done on our land! We do not tolerate our people being maltreated on foreign shores, why should it be the case with our animals!
2004-05-03 lucy robertson australia this is just so disgusting it needs to stop!
2004-05-01 flavia italy (enter comments here)
2004-05-01 Jason Arlaud Australia I have a background in science and I am now a veterinary science student. The conditions that these animals experience are disgusting and if proposed for an experiment in Australia would be rejected by any ethics committee reviewing such a proposal. So my question is how can the Australian governnment support and encourage such an industry. Instead of all the grants to exporters the funds should be diverted to prosecution of such companies and make the directors personally responsible along with the relevant ministers
2004-04-30 Tess Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-30 Nicola Lewis England (enter comments here)
2004-04-30 Heather Harding England This evil and inhumane cruelty must be stopped NOW!!! I hope the people who do this to the animals get stuffed into a tiny space or get their eyes ripped out so then the evil bast*rds will know how it feels!!!!
2004-04-29 Murray Farbridge Canada (enter comments here)inhumane practise should stop immediately
2004-04-29 Stephen Bradford Smith USA (enter comments here)Please add my voice to the cry of outrage against the treatment of animals in the Middle East. I have joined and contributed to PETA as a result of having seen this treatment, and as a conservative republican this is saying quite alot. If I am this upset by these practices, many others will be also, and will boycott anything contributing to the support of this torture.
2004-04-27 Kristel Sturton Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-27 Nelly Gelich Australia Please stop this needless suffering. It is barbaric. It is surely cheaper to slaughter the animals here in the approved way for this export and send the carcasses refrigerated. A lot more meat would reach the destimatiom that way. Please be humane.
2004-04-27 Daryl Trembath Australia This method of sending meat overseas needs to be stopped. Send frozen instead!
2004-04-26 H.Thompson Australia (enter comments here)For a couple of centuries Australians have been the FEEDLOT for the rest of the worl. We destroy the land by running cattle and sheep, we destroy the water. By shitting in our own nest we will destroy ourselves. You are currently the Agent of that destrction. Stop the live animal trade. STOP EATING MEAT.
2004-04-25 JODI GORDON AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2004-04-24 xiola schaefer u.s.a "Look deep into the eyes of any animal, and then for a moment, trade places, their life becomes as precious as yours and you become as vulnerable as them. Now smile if you believe all animals deserve our respect and our protection, for in a way, they are us, and we are them."
2004-04-22 Nerida Fearnley Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-22 Melina Tensen Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-22 Stacey Rosenbrock Australia There is no need to export live animals to other countries, this must be stopped now, I'm ashamed that our country delivers innocent animals to these sadistic people.
2004-04-22 Lisa Critchley Australia This trade is cruel and unnecessary. The animals could be killed in Australia and sent frozen. I urge you to stop live exports and end the misery of the animal. Thank you Lisa.
2004-04-21 riveau france (enter comments here)
2004-04-21 Petra Gillan Australia Please ban this gut wrenchingly cruel practice of live exporting.
2004-04-21 Karen Colman Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-20 Erin Ferguson Australia It's sick. There isn't anything else to say. I just wish I could do more, but at 14, no one would even give me a second look.
2004-04-20 Kylie Szolnoki Australia
2004-04-19 Glenda Womsley Australia This has to stop! It is terribly cruel.
2004-04-19 Andrew Costa Australia It revolts me that this horrlble trade continues to this day. It can only be desribed as barbaric and i simply do not know how people can sleep at night knowing what is happening to our animals. Its un-exceptable and should be stopped. One day we will look back on this horrible trade and ask ourselfes "what were we thinking" -like we now do with old lead-base paints. I pitty the Australian government for not taking action sooner.
2004-04-19 Ann Whybrow Australia (enter comments here)It is a blot on Australia that we allow this cruel and barbaric practice to continue! I am ashamed of our government for condoning it. It's about time they listened to their real electorate and stopped pandering to the big companies who are only interested in making money and care nothing for animal welfare.We like to think of ourselves as a civilised nation. Let's prove it by banning live exports and setting an example to less enlightened countries.
2004-04-19 jessica terry australia live animal exports are absolutly disgracefull i want to barf
2004-04-19 ethel me thang new zealand animal exports SUK!
2004-04-19 ida wilson australia The capacity for compassion for other living beings,is a good indicator of higher intelligence, & the cruelties which we currently allow through greed & ignorance show us to be truly one of the least intelligent species.
2004-04-18 Michele Warner Australia As Gandhi stated 'the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'. The live trade in animals brings great shame on Australia and belies our claim to be a civilised nation. You can't put a price on morals and compassion.
2004-04-18 lucie fischer australia the creulty must stop
2004-04-16 Claire Sefiane United Kingdom The cruelty and suffering that goes on is unexcusable. This must stop immediately.
2004-04-16 Colin Edward Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 Lesley Ferguson Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 wendy saligari australia I have been a farmer and know some of the things which go on in the industry. Iwould like to see something done about this terrible cruel practice.What would happen if they (the sheep) were humans. Maybe this would change minds.
2004-04-15 Mia Steele Australia I am appalled at the conditions which these animals are forced to suffer. How can we call ourselves a developed nation if we countenance such misery purely for commercial gain? Congratulations to Sixty Minutes for keeping this issue at the forefront of national attention.
2004-04-15 Madeleine Coates Australia This cruel and barbaric treatment to our animals makes me sick to the stomach. Animals can't speak for themselves so let's do it for them. STOP exporting our livestock.
2004-04-15 Christine Marsden Australia Please stop all live animal exports without any further delay. As a country we must show leadership in this matter.
2004-04-15 Kathryn Archer Australia How can we live with ourselves when we treat animals in this way - and all for profit. For goodness sake have compassion and ban the live export of animals to at least allow them to be slaughtered without the suffering.
2004-04-15 Emma Shaw Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 Sonnta Ammond USA (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 Elisabeth Angwin Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 Elizabeth Bowie Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-15 Joseph Manton Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-14 Margret Holmann Austria (enter comments here)
2004-04-14 Glenys Hierzer Australia Can't greed be put aside in favour of compassion ? Let these creatures die humanely
2004-04-14 Marie Jankovic-Salongcong U.S. (enter comments here)
2004-04-14 Amanda Kool Australia We are better than this. We *should* be better than this. Stop this atrocity and *prove* we're better than this.
2004-04-14 Geraldine Teichelman Australia "BAN LIVE EXPORT" that is my comment .
2004-04-14 Annie McCulloch Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-14 Lisa Black Australia STOP LIVE EXPORT NOW!
2004-04-14 Jill Pamplin Australia I cannot believe that this petition is even necessary. Any person with ANY sense of decency must be outraged and sickened by the treatment of our live export animals. This practice must cease immediately. An industry that treats it's own livelihood with the distain and complete disrespect displayed by The Australian Livestock Industry can NOT be tolerated any longer. Common sense rather than the almightly dollar must prevail.
2004-04-14 Lisa Wright Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-14 Darren Hall Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-13 Helen Clark Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-11 mike hunt Australia keep doing it
2004-04-11 eric shaun aus say my name quickly out loud
2004-04-11 andrew groves croydon Australia who cares their only sheep keep doing it we get a lot of money out of it!
2004-04-08 kylie hogan australia it's just wrong ...
2004-04-07 Asha Shiba Australia i am ashamed of our country in this issue. It is immensly cruel to the animals. Not only are we taking thier lives, we are causing them to suffer cruely before killing them. I know that abatures have codes of killing. one example of this is to ensure one animal does not see another one getting slautered. it is blatently obvious to me that we NEED a similar rule to stop animal being crammed in a boat without room to move and animals dying all around them. Just because the countries we are exporting to have lesser morales and pathetic human/animal right laws does not mean that we should lower ourselfs to thier level. lead by example. i believe in this country. there are so many things that this govenment does right. please dont let me down with this...
2004-04-07 Anne Hutton Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-07 Monica Ohlsson SWEDEN STOP the cruelty of this live export. Shame Australia...
2004-04-07 Saveeta Rana Australia What more do we need to see or read to put an end to this shocking industry? How is it that we can allow our animals to be subjected to such unspeakable cruelty? There is no excuses this industry must be stopped now! I have every confidence that Australia will make the right decision and save these innocent helpless creatures from such a terrible death !
2004-04-07 patty mark australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-07 Vlado Mazevski Australia
2004-04-07 Pamela Keramea Australia Im disgusted in what we as Australians can do to such innocent animals, I can expect this from other country's but how such a developed and educated county like Australia. I hope the poeple involved in this exportation of live animals can live with themselves and sleep at night knowing what they do is so WRONG!
2004-04-07 Kate Graham Australia It is disgusting that animals are treated with such cruelty.
2004-04-07 Julie Johnson Australia (enter comments here)There is not much to say, it is such an obvious disgrace to human nature.
2004-04-07 Vinti Verma Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-07 Robin Graham Australia I'm ashamed to be a human being that this intolerable cruelty still goes on, and that our Australian Government allows it - shame on you, John Howard and the Liberal Government
2004-04-07 Vegans Australia network Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Antje Struthmann Australia the cruelty to live export has to stop imediately.There are far better ways to ship live stock meaning - in shape or form of chilled carcasses
2004-04-06 Lynda Staker Australia How dare any human being place these live animals in such jeopardy. Every living creature looks up to us to at least treat it 'humanely'. What type of demonstration does this reflect on the Australian Government who can ignore the suffering of so many animals? The Australian Government should hang its head in shame. This type of apathy makes me ashamed to be an Australian.
2004-04-06 Dr Iris Bergmann Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Leonie Webb Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 max katterns australia stop this cruel trade in tooture and death
2004-04-06 Sienna Blake Australia (enter comments here)Ban this cruel and unnecessary 'industry'.
2004-04-06 Michelle Bolte Australia I think this is absolutly and discusting and shamful to us Australians that this was never stoped earlyer. If they were Humans this would never be still happening(enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Danielle M Archer Australia It is truely a sad day when I feel ashamed to call myself an Australian. We are a nation who brutally abuse our animals in the name of economics. This inhumane trade has made us an international joke. This trade must stop! OPEN YOUR EYES!
2004-04-06 Shane Ulyatt Australia When is this world going to wake up?
2004-04-06 karen thompson australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Peta McGee Australia (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Tara Wheatland Australia
2004-04-06 Rose Moss UK Please stop this cruel practice and end animal suffering.
2004-04-06 Melissa Deacon Australia SHAME AUSTRALIA SHAME
2004-04-06 Georgina Brunyee Australia
2004-04-06 Venicia Bush South Africa I am a permanent resident of Australia and I urged you to completely ban the live export of Australia livestock
2004-04-06 Dietrich Haugwitz USA (enter comments here)
2004-04-06 Jenny Banks Australia All living creatures feel pain - in the year 2004 our society must recognise and be responsible for the cruelty it inflicts on our animals.
2004-04-05 Dean Tan Australia To the members of the Senate. I write in order to educate you on the inhumane treatment animals are exposed to due to Live Export Trade. Further more do you Senators know that when sheep and cattle are exported, jobs are also being exported to overseas countries? It is simple logic and maths. Abattoirs are closing and money is being lost. Think of regional abattoirs closing and unemployment skyrocketing when question time comes up!!! Stop the cruelty to animals and human unemployment in Australia.
2004-04-04 Roksanda Ristich Australia If a religion permits such cruelty to other species that share our planet, then that religion should be seriously questioned. Religious beliefs and customs should only be respected and tolerated as long as no one gets hurt in the process - whether that one is human or non-human. No religion, custom or livelihood should be allowed to remain sacrosanct if it involves suffering to another living being - whether that being is human or non-human.
2004-04-03 July France If only we could do the same things to the humans who commits that, I bet they would stop
2004-04-03 Jennifer Birch Australia I will only vote for a government that bans live animal exports.
2004-03-31 Talia Balzan Australia Australia has laws aganist the halal butchery mithout sunning but are willing to send their cattle overseas and have it done with no stuning we have laws against child prostitution and it is like saying go overseas and do it the way in which the animals are treated can only be described as barbaric. People in sauidi Arabia say that they do not have the refrigeration to accept frozen meat yet the sacrifices are made in slaughter houses and are refrighertated before being given to the poor
2004-03-31 linda sylvester australia (enter comments here)
2004-03-28 Donna Dabala Australia The live export trade has to stop. By maitaining this cruel and unnecssary practice (given modern food transport and reridgeration methods) we, Australia, are complicit in the inhumanity shown towards these animals in their places of destination - inhumanity that we would not condone here.
2004-03-25 Serena Adams USA (enter comments here)
2004-03-25 h shaw uk I should like to make a donation to any charity whose aim is to get this trade abolished. Can you please advise me of one. Harry Shaw
2004-03-25 Richard Hindmarsh UK Inhumane animal treatment must stop now. Support this group in any way that you can to help achieve this aim. In a democracy everyone has a voice and if enough people join forces they can make a difference.
2004-03-24 Monika SCHMIDT Australia PLEASE do something to STOP this, we wouldnt treat each other like this. This is NOT what GOD intended ... Please please please stop it.
2004-03-23 Nicolette Plant Australia Obviously money and material wealth means more to fat ugly buisness men and woman than being a human!! imagin what your kids will think when they know you killed innocent animals after you basicly tortured them for months.. your lucky these animals can't do the same thing to you!! you ignorant "beings" would be the first ones to ask..."why me?" well, i believe what goes around comes around..and when it does, and when you ask "why me".. you know why! i suggest you all stop being so cruel and inhumane.. just because they cant speak the same language as you, they have feelings, you might as well be racist.. you probably are. If the world is against racism, why are they accepting this, as far as im concerened this is way worse... WAKE UP!!
2004-03-14 Joel Brophy australia What is Life? Life is everything from coming from your moms womb till your last breath of air. Us our humans have pain killers and all types of drugs to get up through pain. Why should Animals such as sheep and cattle have to put up with induring pain just to save supplys money. Though animals are here for us to eat and make us grow they should not have to be subject to large amounts of pain just because the demand for them. People need to grow a conscience and start standing up for animal rights
2004-03-14 Rebecca Gottliebsen Australia cruel, barbaric, disgusting, must be stopped or changes made to see they are stunned first like they are in Australia
2004-03-13 Karla Baker Australia This practises are unspeekably in humane aqnd barberic, it made me cry just reading it !!
2004-03-10 laura holmes england i have looked at websites that shows pictures and i am discusted how they treat all animals just for money
2004-03-09 Sophie Belmuir Australia people who do this to animalss are pigs and should get shot on sight!
2004-03-03 Gemma Davis Australia I will do anything to stop live trade. You name it!
2004-03-02 Marilyn Mangione Australia I have written that many letters to that many people, I have read that many disgusting reports of cruelty to animals in the livestock trade, including lambs as young as 6 weeks old, that I am totally disgusted with the Australian Government, for its condoning this trade, taking jobs from Australians, organisations like the Victorian Farmers Federation which I no longer intend to be a memeber of, is all too much for me as a caring human being. As a farmer I have taken steps to ensure that my animals take a short trip in a truck to the closest Abattoirs in the state of Victoria. Live export will never get my sheep. Never. I am also hoping to encourage other farmers to do the same as myself. Marilyn Mangione.(enter comments here)
2004-03-02 Karen Wilding New Zealand This is a very cruel practise and should stop!
2004-03-01 tara kennedy australia meat is gay butchers are gay and animal liberation rules !!!!!!!!
2004-02-29 Wendy Chouinard USA Let's stop the needless suffering of these innocent victims.
2004-02-29 Mrs Jordan u.k Please ban the export of live animals and put an end to their suffering.Research has shown they suffer horribly during transit,Isn't it enough that they have to die for us to eat,which in itslef is completely uneccesary.
2004-02-29 buddy long australia
2004-02-29 buddy long australia i am disgraced, no appauled by this treachery of this animal exports both because of the disease that could be spread over the globe. It should be band at all cost
2004-02-26 Brenda Kemp Australia Stop the live export trade today. There is no reason to allow its continuance.
2004-02-25 Helen Rosser Australia (enter comments here)
2004-02-23 Eileen Webb Australia (enter comments here)
2004-02-22 Ella Australia Ban live export. It's a sickening display of so-called humanity
2004-02-21 Aire Norell U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2004-02-20 Monika Australia I think the live export trade is disgusting. Its bad enough the way Australia treat our native animals but they cant even treat their profit giving animals any commpassion. It makes me sick!
2004-02-19 Elisha Sullivan Australia It is sick and disturbing - put the exporters on one of those ships living in there own feasies for several days! Then they will realise there damage!!!! BARSTEDS!!!!!!!!!!
2004-02-19 Arunima Subramanium India I was horrified to read of this cruel treatment of cattle. Its truly sad that humans who have an understanding of cruelty and pain can be so utterly inhuman to inflict such pain and suffering on living beings who cannot fight fight for their rights.
2004-02-19 Matthew Finn USA Hi my name is matt. I agree with the fact that animals should not be treated badly. It goes against my belief.
2004-02-13 Angela Australia
2004-02-13 emily warfield australia (enter comments here)
2004-02-12 Aliya Alidina Australia (enter comments here)
2004-02-12 Sarah Williams Australia Ban Live Livestock Trade!!!!!
2004-02-12 Erin Rikus Australia
2004-02-09 Kime Brittain usa live animal exportation is cruel and inhumane. its a wonder this type of business is legal
2004-02-05 Steve Mathewson Australia Replace with a carcass trade
2004-02-04 Constance Errol USA STOP IT !
2004-02-03 Lisa Milhollan USA Cruelty and suffering should not be allowed in a civilized world. Regardless if the animal is to sadly end up on someone's dinner table, they should NOT have to suffer. The slaughtering of these animals that you export are done with methods that your own country deems illegal, why would you send them somewhere to be treated as your country has decided is wrong? Please do not allow this to continue!
2004-02-03 Deborah Loring USA
2004-02-03 Wendy Lewthwaite Australia (enter comments here)Attention all. My name is Wendy Lewthwaite and I formed and run PALE. The animals need group leaders and volunteers to form ban live export groups especially in Queensland. i will supply fax pack videos and ongoing support to anybody no matter how little or how much time they have to contribute. We are in need of port watches. Northern Queenslanders particularly are asked to help. You can contact me by email at or call me reverse charge if you wish on 07 55270052 AH 07 55392369. For all of you who have signed the petition my wholehearted thanks from both myself and LINDY RHEN who worked tirelessly to make this petition possible. Please foreward my contact details to friends and family, and remember you will be surprised at what a small group of good people working together can achieve. It is better to light one candle than sit in the dark. LIVE EXPORTS: AN ACT OF GROSS INJUSTICE CARRIED OUT UNDER A MOCKERY OF LEGALITY.
2004-02-03 Ann Whybrow Australia (enter comments here)Mahatma Ghandi once said 'The moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals.' I don't think anyone could put it better!
2004-02-02 brett svendsen autralia (taking jobs from austrailianenter comments here)
2004-02-01 susan e. bradford, m.d. U.S.A. please stop the inhumane transport of live animals. thank you(enter comments here)
2004-02-01 tracy rose usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-31 connie guziejka usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-30 Victo Humphries Western Australia what would the general public do if they saw truckloads crammed full of dogs , cats, kangaroos,Koala bears,etc: sheep are no different,it has to be a world wide ban, similar to the ban on whaling.a new abbattior should be built in WA, so that the Live sheep trade can be halted, and that the sheep have no pain,a modern clean abbattior, complete with a freezing plant,and if certain RELIGIONS cannot accept our methods , then let them become vegitarians,as we will all become in the end because , of the ever increasing disease in animals.
2004-01-30 jackie waywell uk (enter comments here)
2004-01-30 claudine GARNIER FRANCE (enter comments here)
2004-01-30 Stacey Rosales Medford I think that this web site is right becuase they have the right to stop abusing and killin animals
2004-01-30 Melissa Gallagher Medford, NY This site is right because we should stop hurting animalsbecause just like humans they have rights.
2004-01-30 Denise W. Brown U.S.A. Please, please have compassion for these helpless creatures and stop the insanity now !!
2004-01-29 Renata Bond Australia Have already contacted Mr Truss's office but did not get a satisfactory reply.
2004-01-29 Christopher Wilson U.S.A
2004-01-29 David and Nancy Coleman U.S. (enter comments here)
2004-01-28 Chrisley V. Pickens USA show these animals respect!
2004-01-28 Greg Bernucca USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-28 Deer Thailand (enter comments here)
2004-01-27 Lee Buck England Please stop it, you know it's the right thing to do.
2004-01-27 Dawn M. Lauryn USA
2004-01-27 Melanie deHaan USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-27 Laurette Timms USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-27 Marilyn Winfield United States How can people be so cruel? I call upon you to stop this horror and to ban the live export of Australian livestock. Please do everything you can to bring a halt to these inhumane conditions and barbarism. comments here)
2004-01-26 Greg Frankfurter United States
2004-01-26 Zarah Hedge USA
2004-01-26 Bethany Suchowiecki USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-26 Jennifer Furches USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-26 Azalea Lee USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-26 cayce c. cole United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-26 Kerri Shirts UNITED STATES I think it's wrong that we export live animals.
2004-01-26 Christa United States
2004-01-26 Denise Nelson Australia this is unbelievable cruelty!!
2004-01-26 Marcella USA Live trnasportation of live animals is SICK! IT's WORNG AND MUST BE STOPPED!
2004-01-25 Dr. Andrew Knight Australia As a veterinarian who has studied this issue I am certain that live exports, followed by feedlotting and slaughtering to normal Middle-Eastern standards, are both inimical to the welfare of the animals involved, and also so offensive to widely accepted standards of good animal care, that this industry would be immediately ended were most Australians and politicians aware of the conditions these animals endure. The live export trade should be phased out in favour of a chilled meat export trade in the short-term future.
2004-01-25 michelle fuller usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-25 Alice Huang USA How can you condone activities in other countries that are themselves illegal in your own?
2004-01-25 Eva Berriman Australia The live export trade is inhumane. This has been amply highlighted on Sixty Minutes and elsewhere in the media.
2004-01-25 Armaiti May U.S.A. This atrocity must be stopped at once!
2004-01-25 Kathleen Johnson USA
2004-01-25 vincnet merida,dvm philippines I couldn't believe that a country as civilized as Australia actually condones this barbaric act!
2004-01-25 Kristina Bradsher USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-25 Brian Bradsher USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-25 Sandy Hafner USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-25 Jackie Hafner USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-25 Jasmijn de Boo The Netherlands (enter comments here)
2004-01-24 Sandy Hidajat Singapore
2004-01-24 Aloysious Ong Singapore Sickeningly cruel trade. It should stop asap!
2004-01-23 amy clarke los angeles
2004-01-23 jim calrke los angeles (enter comments here)
2004-01-23 June E. Fitzgerald U.S.A. (enter comments here) This is a cruel procedure and only leads to wasteful use of animals and a dangerous food supply.
2004-01-23 Allison Ebrahimi USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-23 Marcie Berman USA
2004-01-22 Caroline Ford United Kingdom (enter comments here)It is bad enough that animals are born will no sole purpose in life apart from being killed. Everything living needs to be treated with respect and dignity. I strongly object to animals, Australian or other, being transported live. Please ban Live Export so that these poor creatures do not have to endure a painful, terrifying, degrading lead up to their death.
2004-01-22 Lisa Rex and Nicola Hillier Great Britain It isn't fair that make-up is tested on animals before use by humans. Animals shouln't be used for testing at all because they too are living things just like us. Why do people abuse their animals to bring themselves entertainment?
2004-01-22 Megan McGuire USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-22 Juliana C. Mujica USA We need to stop this horror, and get oriented to our progress, and that is , together with the technological advance, the promotion and protection of life, not death
2004-01-21 Diane Lawley UK I find the continuation of livestock exports abhorrent and cruel in the extreme. Your apparent indifference to the suffering of the animals refused entry to Saudi received worldwide attention. I will not be visiting your country until you stop this barbaric practice. What is wrong with exporting meat and not animals??
2004-01-21 Donna Diduch United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-21 Peggy Cullen USA This is absolutely heartbreaking and hard to even comprehend that there are people willing to inflict this extreme cruel inhumanity on animals. This is sheer madness! I urge everyone to please pass this petition on to everyone to sign. PLEASE
2004-01-20 dena mohnani USA I am apalled at and disgusted by the horrible treatment that the animals receive, and I only hope you have enough sense to stop this
2004-01-20 Heather Hynes USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-20 Shannon R. Bean USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-20 Adriana daCunha USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-20 josina makau united states (enter comments here)
2004-01-20 Angelique Manwill Australia (enter comments here)
2004-01-19 Toni Baker Australia I think that live animal exports are so cruel. It puts stress on the animals and the conditions and space that they are in are terrible. Thank-you to avery one who has also signed this petition. It is a great help.
2004-01-19 Adriane Argenio USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-19 Eve Sypniewski United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-18 Luis Gonzalez usa We need to stop treating animals like products. As human beings we have a responsibility to not walk away from such atrocities (we created them after all). We are in no position to judge animals as "lesser-beings". There is no reasonable criteria for such a judgement. Even on the basis of something like "how much more conscious we are than other creatures"...that is not acceptable since the phenomenon of consciousness is not understood. We are very arrogant creatures capable of solving difficult Physics problems but we are also capable of slaughtering 5 million Jews. Let's re-think our attitudes towards animals. Maybe, if we can learn how to treat the Earth and other living creatures, we can dream of world peace...otherwise, our world is doomed. Thanks
2004-01-18 Betty DeLand USA humans are monsters.
2004-01-18 Rilee Fagan USA
2004-01-18 Brenda Kemp Australia There is no reason for Australia to continue its live export. Currently Australia exports around 60 thousand tonnes of frosen carcass meat to the Middle East--so much for them not having refrigeration. This market could be easily expanded, this would see greater economic returns for Australia, increased employment opportunities in rural and regional Australia--but more importantly, animal welfare standards could be applied, monitored, reviewed, and enforced. Ban live exports.
2004-01-17 Greg Murphy Australia Its amazing how money talk when it comes to inhumane practices, I feel we as Australians should be ashamed of the way we torture these poor creatures.
2004-01-17 Ms. Joey Matthews USA Animals have feelings - to treat them cruely creates negative karma for the human beings who do so.
2004-01-17 Rene C. Kline United States
2004-01-17 Julie Bates USA This practice is inhumane and must stop!
2004-01-17 Dylan Italy (enter comments here)
2004-01-17 Valerie Ray United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-17 Vicki Kilmer-Rinker USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-17 Dawn Eaton USA This behavior toward gentle, sentient beings is unconscionable. Please ban the live export of Australian livestock
2004-01-17 Stuart Schnitzer USA This is a horrible, horrible practice. I am appalled and ask that you will immediately end this disgusting slaughter of innocent animals.
2004-01-17 Yoko Sagorsky USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-16 Kathy Dunkman USA horrible, must be haulted at once!
2004-01-16 Margie Widmann USA If this is illegal in Australia, how come you're allowing it to happen to your animals in another country ???
2004-01-16 Dale Trimm USA This must stop. These are living creatures. Remember the holocaust???
2004-01-16 Nancy Mulvany United States I expected better from Australia!
2004-01-16 Ursula Scherlich South Africa We are all God's creatures.
2004-01-16 Caroline Everett USA Please stop this practice immediately, it is inhumane and cruel! Australia is NOT a third world country!!
2004-01-16 Gale Rhoades United States I also suspect that sick & diseased (and probably already dead) animals are entering the food chain as a result of this practice. Anyone who is this cruel probably has little interest in the health issues.
2004-01-16 Lloyd Rhoades United States Beyond belief that Australia could be allowing this!
2004-01-16 Becky Cardegna USA This is absolutely unbelievable. Australia has an overall reputation for being very civilized and socially responsible - what happened here?!
2004-01-16 Lien Limbos Belgium
2004-01-16 Karen Brooks South Africa (enter comments here)
2004-01-16 janie Davila usa forgive them, they know not what they do.
2004-01-15 Ann Huynh USA STOP THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!
2004-01-15 Samantha Beck USA This practice of live export is hideous. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
2004-01-15 Laura Jacobs U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2004-01-15 alexandra goro Sarasota (enter comments here)Stop sending these poor helpless animals now.
2004-01-15 Lori Kibbe USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-15 Amanda Andrade UK (enter comments here)
2004-01-15 Meredith Maske USA I wish that someone would poke YOUR eyes out, you sick, cruel assholes!
2004-01-14 Lindy Hunt Australia Please,please abandon the export of live animals. It is a cruel industry and to date the only argument that I hear from the livestock industry is that the cessation of this hideous trade will result in job losses and trade $$$$$$$. Lets take time to consider the plight of the animals involved!
2004-01-14 william belden usa Take responsibility, exercise your authority and stop this outrageous practice!
2004-01-14 Janet Qubeck United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Kim Andrew USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Heather LeGrand USA Please stop this horrible practice. Animals deserve a life free of suffering at the hands of those who should protect them.
2004-01-14 Jeffrey Shapiro USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Anna Peries USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Frances Sharpless USA (enter comments here)Please stop the mistreatment of these animals if you have any concern for living beings at all!
2004-01-14 K Hager USA InHumane and sad. These animals feel just like we do. Respect all walks of life!
2004-01-14 Reenie Mooney USA
2004-01-14 Ashley Auer U.S.A. Please stop this barbaric practice immediately!!!
2004-01-14 Viv USA
2004-01-14 garson grimm usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 brett kreutzer US (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Gregory Corning USA Australia is a civilized nation. It is imperative that she act in a manner fitting that status. Thank you.
2004-01-14 Ileana Croatman USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 kevin glick united states (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 caryn maguire usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 michelle reuter USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 tracy kardell usa animals are live beings and should be treated with respect!! enough is enough, i am tired of hearing all the horror stories, why can't people have respect for animals?? would you treat your kids this way? think about it!!
2004-01-14 mike u.s.a stop the slaughter now!!!!!!!!!!! fight for the rights!!!!!!! we will never be stoped!!!!!!!
2004-01-14 Emily McHenry United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Dave Weiner United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-14 Nicole Calixtro USA I don't even know what to say. I am stunned at the cruelty shown to a live animal shipped on these boats.
2004-01-14 Izabela Bartoszuk United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 B. Reid USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 Cassie champagne USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 Connie Scott USA Stop the live export of Australian animals.
2004-01-13 Barbara Lacy U S of America (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 Stacy Bursuk USA Not acceptable!
2004-01-13 Janet Sharpless U. S. A. I find this practice cruel and unacceptable. We must take every possible action to stop this.
2004-01-13 Jody Belden USA Unfathomable cruelty!!
2004-01-13 sherry bloom usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 Isabel Marlowe USA (enter comments here) I was appolled to hear of the suffering your Austrilian animals are subjected to when shipped out of the country. There is no excuss for the inhumane treatment of these animals that happen when shipping them alive. I hope to hear that you find a more compassionate way of meeting your purposes.
2004-01-13 maria ives usa "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" -Mahatma Gandi
2004-01-13 Sumner D. Matthes USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 Brooke Chandler United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-13 William H Farrell United States I feel that the live-export of animals under the current conditions is unacceptable for a humane society.
2004-01-12 leela india (stop this crualty atonce!!! enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Peggy A. Werner United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Paul Halpern USa (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Christian Rosado Stop this ridiculous behavior.
2004-01-12 Kavita Rajasekhar USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 jack gordon usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Shannon Harper USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 sabrina Habib USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Kisha Robinson USA
2004-01-12 Magali Tort USA
2004-01-12 Mehmet Ozcan Turkey (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Rebecca Loveless United States Stop the hurt of these animals! They feel the pain!
2004-01-12 Farida Foster USA Please treat all animals with diginity, they have feelings of pain and suffering just like human beings. Do not allow anyone to treat the animals in an illegal manner.
2004-01-12 Carolyn Mullin USA Animals have rights. Respect them.
2004-01-12 Amy Waz USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 MARJORIE J GEIGER USA Tragice problem that should be addressed...enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Elizabeth Chandler USA Stop the madness! Stop treating these animals as if they have no soul, no feelings. They can and do experience pain and if you must ship them and slaughter them, at least give them dignity while they are alive. Thank you.
2004-01-12 Kate Rder USA This practice totally makes me sick, I am having a hrad time even commenting on it.
2004-01-12 June and Don Hollingsworth USA Respect for life - all life - is entrusted to each one of us who share the planet with other animals. Please take immediate and continued actions to ensure all animals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Peace To all Creation.
2004-01-12 Chachi Paez USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 jane blanchard usa Though it may cost a little more, slaughter the animals prior to exporting.
2004-01-12 Robert and Beverly Manly United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Becky Stone USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Pam Colmus-McGee United States Please stop the unnecessary suffering of these animals!!
2004-01-12 Dennis Blanchard USA If those customers really want the Australian meat, then why not provide jobs in Australia and have the slaughter houses there package the meat and ship it to Asia.
2004-01-12 Larry Grose USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Douglas Gemmell USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Kim Vogel USA Please stop this horrible & inhumane practice of transporting these those who can not speak for themselves.
2004-01-12 Julie Hayes USA Horrifically Cruel!!! Please help these animals and stop the suffering!
2004-01-12 Gabriel Rudavicius USA Please help stop this cruelty to animals.
2004-01-12 Aine USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 C.R. Beaufait USA How such an 'enlightened' government condone such barbaric practices is way beyond my comprehension. I was planning a trip to your country - I just cancelled my reservations - I will not support an economy that condones these inhumane practices.
2004-01-12 Lisa Ogden USA This is yet another vile example of our repeated disconnectedness to life itself.I hope this, along with other cruel treatments of animals will be stopped!
2004-01-12 Melanie Doucet USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Heather Carpenter USA
2004-01-12 Heather Carpenter USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Carolyn Repeta USA When the shipping of live animals becomes more INHUMANE , than the slaughter itself, with 90,000 animals dying annually, this behavior and business must cease.
2004-01-12 Gael Murphy USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Susan E Powers USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 mary ray hoffer USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Susie Aycock United States Please make the moral decision by eliminating live animal export from Australia to other countries. You will help prevent needless cruelty to thousands of animals.
2004-01-12 Vanessa Williams United States It is hard to believe that these practices are allowed in "civilized society". Maybe they should use those practices on the human element of that society instead!!! Think then they would get the point????
2004-01-12 John W. Schaut U.S.A. (enter comments here)Animal mistreatment of any kind is an abhorrent to me....I am 84 years of age, been a lacto-ova vegetarian for the past 26 years, real reason being my concern for our "lessor" creatures.
2004-01-12 Steve Johnson USA This must stop!
2004-01-12 Carol Lahy USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Myra H. Jones USA (enter comments here) can't we, the richest countries in the world be a little more civilized? The level of our society is marked by how we treat our most vulnerable beings. Please stop being unnecessarily cruel to animals, just because you CAN do it. Stop the export of live animals.
2004-01-12 Kelley Rice USA I am quite certain that if anyone takes the time, there are a lot more humane ways to handle these live creatures. Take the time, you should all be ashamed.
2004-01-12 Elise Lullo United States
2004-01-12 Emily Rodriguez USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Jacob Bean USA
2004-01-12 Carol A. Munch USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 Michelle USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-12 David Poole USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Cynthia Little USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Isabell Spindler U.S.A. This is 2004 and we should be civilized, so how can such a barbaric situation still exist?
2004-01-11 Frances Harbin USA I oppose all cruelty to animals and this is among the worst.
2004-01-11 Don Lutz USA Please stop the senseless, cruel and heartless practice of buying and selling animals for export
2004-01-11 Adina T USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Dara Eddy U.S.A. (enter comments here)I will pledge to boycott countries that practice such cruelty until this ends
2004-01-11 Jason Clapper U.S.A. (enter comments here) UNFORGIVABLE
2004-01-11 jenine pigati usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Lana Eddy USA (enter comments here) BOYCOTT CRUELTY
2004-01-11 Sherry N. USA (enter comments here) DISTURBING!
2004-01-11 Anna M. USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Keri USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Robert Bell United Kingdom So much for a modern civilized democracy - can Australians really honourably and ethically allow this to happen?
2004-01-11 Kelley L. Anderson USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Brittany Dixon United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 June Heald USA Please stop this barbaric treatment of live animals immediately. If these animals are for meat they need to be humanely slaughtered in Australia. If they are to be used for live stock then your government needs to see that they are exported under strict, humane and more sanitary conditions. This is inexcusable. I thought Australian citizens were Civilized! Shame on you.
2004-01-11 Gertraud S. Elsley U.S.A. Please stop the cruel Export of live Animals now. Thank you.(enter comments here)
2004-01-11 eileen mandujano usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 louis&monnie bettuo usa please,stop this.Thank you,in advance,nothing should be treated in this manner,louis and monnie bettuo(enter comments here)
2004-01-11 monnie bettuo usa (please stop this thing.enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Brittney Sobol USA
2004-01-11 Nick Carter USA
2004-01-11 Julie Franklin USA, Singapore (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 adelefranson USA (enter comments here)The situation requiring this petition should never exist, in a humane world. They do exist and I for one say STOP, please STOP this atrosity.
2004-01-11 Robert Cooper United States Barbaric. I'm digusted.
2004-01-11 Laura Bevan USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Ms. Amelia C. Blake USA Please,as people of good conscience, act to end the needless cruelty of current live export practices.Thank you.
2004-01-11 Michael Stone Australia (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Lacey Levitt USA The animals of the world deserve protection!
2004-01-11 Lyndall Brezina United States
2004-01-11 Alexa Foley USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Vanessa Andrade United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Marilyn Kreger USA These animals are feeling creatures, who feel pain and discomfort as you and I do. It is just as cruel and un thinkable for the animals to travel under these conditions as it would be for people. Live export of stock, mammals as you and I are, should be banned. (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Joyce Valentino Citrus I support and request the Senate to ban the live export of Australian livestock.
2004-01-11 R. Seid-Arabi USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-11 Carolyn Qubeck United States Some of what we do to gain financially these days is despicable. Please think of these animals, think of them as if they were your own cat or dog. Would you treat them in this way? They are intelligent, compassionate animals and you would know if you've ever spent any time with them. You have the power to make changes, please try to make their existence a little more bearable. Thank you!
2004-01-11 Becky Johnson USA I am shocked at how animals are treated! If you think that this is humane, then maybe you should air live footage of your exporting of these poor defenseless animals across the world and see the reaction!!
2004-01-11 William Johnson USA This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004-01-11 Shaun Runkel United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Melinda Fox USA This is appallling and needs to be looked at as a serious issue with animals rights and fair/humane trade activists.
2004-01-10 Tom Matthews USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Anthony USA Please stop the killing !
2004-01-10 J.C. Kirwan United States based on the information contained on this website, I am against the live-export of australian animals.
2004-01-10 Melissa Dehntjer USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Camille West USA These disgusting acts must end immediately!
2004-01-10 Ted Terry USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Sally Ouimet USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Marie West USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Laurie West USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Drake Emko USA Let's please stop this extraordinarily cruel practice. How can we call ourselves a "civilized" people, while allowing this barbaric and unnecessary treatment of animals to continue?
2004-01-10 chas chiodo usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Nicole Perez USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Lisa D'Souza United States To all members of the Senate, please take some action against such cruelty. It is inhumane and senseless, not to mention absurd. As representatives, please do your best to irradicate such practices
2004-01-10 Cynthia Flanagan USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Jennifer Kranz United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Darcy Fawcett USA
2004-01-10 Gail Nagan USA
2004-01-10 Claire Knowles USA This is wrong!
2004-01-10 Ashley Cross-Rappaport USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Lynn Peck USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Carla Sperry USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Theodore Jones United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Rachel Matthew What a disgustingly horrific practice!
2004-01-10 Jessica Cooper USA Please consider pain and suffering instead of just the bottom dollar figure.
2004-01-10 ana del alamo usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Dana Byrd USA No live animals to be transported!!
2004-01-10 Taira Blankenship U.S.A (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Michelle Johnston U.S.A. This needs to stop!!
2004-01-10 Mary Kay Cribbs-Habit U.S.A.
2004-01-10 Rossana Passaniti USA
2004-01-10 Jennifer Fabregas USA This needs to stop immediately... animals ar not meant to be tortured. PLEASE STOP
2004-01-10 Lissette Fabregas USA horrible people
2004-01-10 Marlene Fabregas USA YOU are acting disgusting
2004-01-10 Jeovel Buitrago USA too bad these animals cant do something worse to you
2004-01-10 leah taylor canada (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Annette Papizzo USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Craig Mazer United States Fight animal cruelty -- go vegan!
2004-01-10 peter pilot usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Ellen Tchartorisky USA Please do not evade humane treatment slaughter and other animal protection laws by exporting Australian animals to barbaric regions under horrific conditions. BE a model for the 21st century of humaneness and humanity for the world rather than another dreary example of corporate greed and profit at any cost. Thanks
2004-01-10 Sara Beniamino United States There is no more room in this world for cruelty and animal abuse. Practices like this must be stopped if we ever hope to attain even the slightest amount of peace. Human and nonhuman animals deserve better. I strongly urge Australia to rethink the way they treat and handle other sentient creatures.
2004-01-10 Jennifer Magioncalda United States To whom it may concern, even though I am from the United States. it still concerns me that animals are being treated this way in other countries. cmpassion has to start somewhere, why not with you. Thank you for reading and considering what is at hand, Jennifer Magioncalda
2004-01-10 Brian Manowitz USA please...
2004-01-10 Elaine Sherman USA It is a shame when societies bow to the interests of business, rather than heed the call of decency. This is what you are doing by allowing this cruel industry to continue. That blood is on your hands. I will not visit or buy Australian products as long as this most egregious trade of misery continues.
2004-01-10 Elizabeth USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Lourdes usa STOP THE ABUSE!
2004-01-10 Michael Tees USA Please take the first step in the right direction. Lead the world in doing what is humane, morally right, and best for the planet.
2004-01-10 Sally Riewe US
2004-01-10 Piyush Mathur India (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 lisa dyer united states (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Linnea P. USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Kristin Powers USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 angela yocum united states (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 j. berkman usa farm animals need rights!
2004-01-10 Thomas Grubaugh USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-10 Elizabeth Williamson USA Stop the slaughter!
2004-01-09 Diana Yasin USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-09 Basil Yasin USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-09 jami tolpin usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-09 Michelle S Brittan USA
2004-01-09 Jennifer Godfrey USA Please think of you or your children as one of these animals. PLEASE HELP!!!
2004-01-09 Jessica DeRosa USA This is one of the MOST disturbing things I have evr heard in my entire life. The animals are living, loving creatures of God. The feel pain and crave tenderness just like humans. Those who participate in live animal export deserve to be treated in the exact same manner. I would personally enjoy removing their eyes with my thumbs. This must be regulated and stopped. UNTHINKABLE that people can treat animals in this matter!
2004-01-09 Sky Valencia usa (Transporting live animals that long distance should be outlawed.The things that people will do to our will to our animal friends is beyond me!We also know that once they reach their destination they will be treated horribly.commentshere)
2004-01-09 Bethany Ionta USA Do you like to travel on a plane for 1 day or even more than 4 hours? Imagine being in the animal's place and having to endure a long voyage only to be thrown from the ship to the dock? This practice is blatent animal cruelty. Now that you are aware of this practice, please put an end to it. Thank you.
2004-01-09 Brian O'Connell USA Obviously needs to stop...
2004-01-09 Serena Geokan U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2004-01-09 Jim Shobe USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Suzanne Cass Australia End this sickening trade. Hundreds of thousand of animals are leaving Australia in appalling conditions, and meeting brutal, savage deaths. Greed has overcome the powers that be, and morality. Shame on us all.
2004-01-08 Chuck Pitman US Stop the suffering. I thought Australia was a civilized county, not a barbaric underdog without any morals.
2004-01-08 David Musser United States Please put an end to the torture and suffering caused by live exportation of animals!
2004-01-08 william travis rea USA disgusting
2004-01-08 Veda Stram USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Meral Tunador USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 eliza ilano usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 James Moran USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Darcy Hudgens USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Judith A. Youngman USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Lisa Renae White USA I don't know whether to peuke or cry. I think maybe I'll just sign this petition and pray.
2004-01-08 Dawn James USA
2004-01-08 Julie Mehan USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-08 Sigrid Boehm USA Please stop the barbaric treatment of animals.
2004-01-08 Dena Snedden USA Live animal export is always certain to bring animal suffering and death. It must be stopped immediately.
2004-01-07 Eddy Hernndez Ortiz Mxico Remmenber the animals are live. We are animals.
2004-01-07 John Watson U.S.A. The treatment of these animals is unjust,evil, and to me, unforgivable. From seeing how these poor livestock are treated, I can see just how corrupt the Senate and Parliament are. If this sin is continued, I will be broken in heart and soul; may God forgive all who take part in this sin. - John Watson, Age 16
2004-01-07 Holli Kendall USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-07 Vanessa Ramirez Alachua (enter comments here)
2004-01-07 Greg Richey USA I am against cruelty to animals
2004-01-07 Isabell Csaki USA It sounds to me like the slave transport before slavery became a thing of the past. This torture also needs to become a thing of the past!!!
2004-01-07 Beatrice Cody USA I am horrified to learn how food animals exported live from Australia are treated. We must work to ban this practice!
2004-01-07 Mike Mahler USA Please stop the unnecessary suffering of animals.
2004-01-07 Willaim Criswell USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-07 Kate Brown Australia This grubby trade degrades all of us as human beings. We need to become more enlightened and see further than the almighty ECONOMY.
2004-01-07 Vanessa McDaniel United States
2004-01-07 Catherine Legg Australia (enter comments here)
2004-01-07 Danielle Katz America (enter comments here)
2004-01-07 Marion France Pensez tous ces pauvres animaux!!!
2004-01-06 Janet Murphy USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 Nicole Huntley USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 LaTosha Csonka USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 Sharie Harriram USA All life is sacred, whether human or animal, all beings have a soul and FEELINGS. Animals do feel pain. WHEN MAN CAN STOP THE WAR WITH THE ANIMALS, THEN ONLY CAN THERE BE PEACE BETWEEN MANKIND.
2004-01-06 Kelly Sperber USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 Zsuzsa Blakely USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 Mary Catalano USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-06 christopher kish USA fight the power!
2004-01-06 Steven L. Levy United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Karen M. Sheppard USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Judy Smith UsA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Mary Kennedy USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Grace Walker USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Carlin Ellison usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Sarah Newman USA
2004-01-05 Sharon Rodman United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Judith Anderson United States After reading this I felt physically sick to my stomach. To think that this is going on today is "Totally Inexcusable" not to mention down right Horrific.....this "Must Be Stopped".
2004-01-05 J Farrell USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Linda Fleming USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Ashlie Witt USA I am begging you to extend your sensibilities to include all of the earth's inhabitants! Violence and suffering is wrong regardless of the end result because animals, like us scream and bleed when pain is inflicted upon them. They're not criminals or terrorists, just innocent victims of plain old greed and desire for flesh. And humans are supposed to be the most evolved of creatures so then why do we still act like savages?
2004-01-05 Lisa Kimball USA My family and I will not travel to Australia or purchase any Australian products until this issue has been humanely resolved. I will encourage friends and coworkers to boycott your country also.
2004-01-05 Harvey Stabbe USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-05 Delia Domingo USA
2004-01-04 Jamie Epperlein United States (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Alex USA The live-export is blatant mistreatment of living, sentient creatures which must be abolished. Any form of animal cruelty must be put to an end in a civilized world.
2004-01-04 Angela Quong USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Merry Bates USA "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." Abraham Lincoln
2004-01-04 Linda M. Higgins USA (enter comments here)The greatness of a nation is judged by its treatment of animals - how does Australia want to be judged?
2004-01-04 Jeannette V. Rivera USA What a sin. This is a huge shame.
2004-01-04 Victor A. Vega USA Ban the live export of australian livestock!!!
2004-01-04 kim hart new zealand (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Melanie Greenaway Canada (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Maggie McCain U.S.A. (Stop immediatly
2004-01-04 Leigh Lingard USA (Aust. expat) (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Pamela Jeter USA Please stop this animal exportation abuse - slaughter practices are unacceptable.
2004-01-04 Heather Robinson USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-04 Jon Paley United States It's the truest example of man's inhumanity for anything that's money oriented.
2004-01-03 S.R. Martin USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 Julie Cooper USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 Peggy Carlson, MD USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 sherri franklin usa please try and respect all forms ofife on this planet.
2004-01-03 Tina Perrotta USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 H.Ninnes England (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 Cerys Hardy USA Every so often I break down in tears, maybe in the street, thinking about the unimaginable suffering of these animals. Australia I condemn you for allowing this cruel trade to continue! And what about your farmers? do they care what happens to their cattle? how could they! How could we as human beings sink so low! I'm ashamed, offended and bloody angry! Please halt these horrible exports immediatly! You are under heavy scrutiny and the world is watching.
2004-01-03 E.Kilby England please stop! this is just wrong,its barbaric, do you not have a heart???
2004-01-03 Megan Basham USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 Kerri Zimmerman Canada It is time to end this outrageous form of animal cruelty.
2004-01-03 Caroline Harrison USA PLease stop this horrible practice!
2004-01-03 Melissa Hartley United States This is horrendous treatment of these animals. It must stop.
2004-01-03 Thia Artemis USA My business is Animal Answers, where I educate worldwide re animal care and training. I will have to tell the public about this barbaric and inhumane practice if it does not cease soon.
2004-01-03 Susan Lehman USA
2004-01-03 Dr. Weston F. Cook, Jr. TSSF USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-03 Soni Nandoskar United States
2004-01-03 tiraz birdie usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 Glenn Kentwell Australia Subjecting animals to cruelty by exporting them and placing them in the hands of those who will treat them badly is just as terrible as ill-treatment in Australia. Live exports of livestock must not be permitted.
2004-01-02 Cameron Priem Australia
2004-01-02 pam usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 William Branch USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 Mark Gross USA I won't holiday in Australia until the live export of animals is halted!
2004-01-02 Michelle Gramza USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 Amy Broad USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 Melissa Olen USA Please stop this horrific practice!!!
2004-01-02 L. Yacobucci U.S.A. We must learn that those that we use for food feel pain too. We must be humane in all of our practices. Please stop this torture. Thank you.
2004-01-02 Lisa Camasi United States Comments? The unbelievable cruelty in this practice is greater than words can describe.
2004-01-02 m. saperstein north america (enter comments here) live export!? what, are you people nuts - are you maniacally trying to 'ensure freshness' or something comparably ascinine? they invented refrigeration quite some time ago. and then we have the concept of humane killing/stunning which should not even be a second thought.
2004-01-02 gail adrian usa (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 patricia dyson usa The countries to which you are shipping have very little regard to Human life, just imagine what happens to animals.
2004-01-02 Linda S Brinen USA Please.... ban cruel practices. You're a better nation than this!
2004-01-02 Jean Lindgren USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-02 Mary T. Argo USA This practice must be stopped. No animal should be subjected to this kind of treatment.
2004-01-01 Sonya Tarjanyi Osceola Animals have feelings and should be treated with respect no matter their purpose or final destination.
2004-01-01 Sherri Andrews U.S.A. All should be done to insure the humane treatment of creatures everywhere. Animals destined for slaughter should be no exception.
2004-01-01 Lana Bolin USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-01 leslie shapiro usa Please stop the export of live animals NOW! Treat animals with the respect all living creatures deserve. Shame on all the governments and the people involved in this cruel and barbaric practice.
2004-01-01 Victoria USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-01 Tony Lee USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-01 Barbara Lamb Canada Please put an end to this terrible trade.
2004-01-01 Sharon Thompson United States
2004-01-01 Glenn du Preez South Korea In today's world of civility, why should we, although we were given the God-power over animals, make ourselves guilty of barbarianism by mistreating our fellow terrestrial creatures. Please, Gentlemen and Ladies, start thinking about the consequences of the regulations which you put into action!
2004-01-01 Sheila Mahon USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-01 Lara Colley USA (enter comments here)
2004-01-01 Andrea Nandoskar United States This is horrific cruelty and must be stopped. When the world population goes vegetarian these practices and this mindset will permanently be laid to rest.
2003-12-31 Dan Reed USA
2003-12-31 Peter Wood United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Miyun Park USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Anabelle Lachatte Germany
2003-12-31 Daniel Gutknecht Germany (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Maynard S. Clark USA Animals should not be exported from their native lands.
2003-12-31 Connie Campbell USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Connie Campbell USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Kara McKinzie USA A plea from the United States: I respectfully ask that you please set an example for a higher standard of ethics with regards to the humane treatment of animals. Governments around the world will take notice!
2003-12-31 Chelsie Kobza United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Melanie Lofstedt USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Pete arlan usa Australia sees fit to condemn the practices mentioned above; the United States should condemn these practices as well, and adopt policies of humane treatment of animals.
2003-12-31 Deborah Arlan usa There should never be acceptance of inhumanity against animals, and therefore the laws should never permit cruelty, explotation, or suffering.
2003-12-31 S Welsh USA A plea for humanity: There should be a higher standard of ethics with regards to the humane treatment of animals.
2003-12-31 Heriberto Martinez USA When you can place a price of a life, nomatter who or what it may belong to, you have just lost the value of your own.
2003-12-31 Eleni Vlachos United States Please stop this horrific practice.
2003-12-31 Tara Kligman USA there is no room or need for cruelty in this world. studies have shown that animals experience pain like we do. let's have more compassion towards others, inlcuding animals, for a more peaceful world.
2003-12-31 Marcia Slackman USA Please use the power and influence of your position to halt this appalling treatment of animals. Science leaves no doubt that these animals are sentient beings - please imagine the terror, pain, and misery they are being subjected to. A great measure of a civiization is how it treats other helpless beings - completely at our mercy. I intend to boycott Australian products and spread the word through email until a halt is called to this live export of animals. Please demonstrate your leadership through ending this horrific practice. THank you.
2003-12-31 Emily Saxton USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 Margaret Baumann USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 liseetsa mann usa
2003-12-31 kanda boykin United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-31 kelly syhre u.s.a. please stop this practice!!
2003-12-30 Joanna Lucas USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Patricia Dickson USA Please, please stop this agony for God's creatures.
2003-12-30 Christopher Hoff USA STOP NOW
2003-12-30 Tammy Friedman U.S.A. This is an emergency!!!!(enter comments here)
2003-12-30 rhonda c wittorf usa i became a vegetarian when i learned how horribly farm animals are treated when intended for human consumption. i don't think it's a sin or morally reprehensible to eat meat, but i do think that subjecting animals to inhuman conditions and treatment IS morally reprehensible. please stop the export of live farm animals from australia. thank you.
2003-12-30 Lori Hall USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Jacqueline Stone USA The treatment of these defenseless animals is abominable!!! Please change the laws as soon as possible.
2003-12-30 Scott Milstead USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 salpy semerdjian usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Monica Reedy U.S. The Australian government should not allow any animals to be exported in this cruel manner.
2003-12-30 Jeff Priest USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Myk Gall U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Kim Singer United Kingdom The suffering is so horrific - and now so well publicised - that an increasingly outraged public opinion will inevitably bring an end to live animal transportation. Australian politicians would gain far more credit by acting sooner rather than later to comply with the mood of the people by bringing an end to this ending this barbaric practice once and for all
2003-12-30 Linda Cramer USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Irshat Madyarov Russia (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Randi Sweinhart U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Beverly Breeland USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Marian Negri USA (enter comments here)Theres so many damn reasons to go vegan/veg-this is just one-I have nooo regrets after 9yrs vegan! To read/see/hear these animals suffering will stop some people cold an go vegan more & more it seems! I was 40!It's the best decision I've ever made!
2003-12-30 Kayla Worden USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Jacqueline B Good United States This is horrendous and will only get worse b/c of US mad cow disease. Please stop now.
2003-12-30 Christopher J. Good USA Makes no sense shipping live animals. You know these animals are not getting fed on board. Let the people of the country do the slaughtering if they do the profitting.
2003-12-30 susan hoover usa (enter comments here) a thousand heartfelt words could not convey the depth of sadness at the un- forgiveable cruelty at play probably call yourselves christians too. SHAME ON YOU..I WISH YOU COULD TAKE THE PLACE OF THOSE POOR CREATURES YOU HAVE NO CONSIDERATION OF...much less the very human quality of compassion...what went wrong with you???
2003-12-30 Heather Williams USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Debbie Nelson USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Erica Erhardt USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Erica Erhardt USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Terry Dominoski U.S.A. This must stop now!
2003-12-30 Marilou Craft Canada
2003-12-30 Jon Duke USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-30 Marisa Hendron USA
2003-12-30 Shauna Gamsey United States
2003-12-29 Stewart A. Metz, M.D. United States Australia is rapidly accruing a reputation as an increasingly animal-unfriendly country. Your "Pols" consistently ignore this-- best be careful: your Tourism industry is increasingly under attack for the same reason.
2003-12-29 Victor Przysiezny USA There is too much pain and suffering in the world and it is all too often things like this that can be changed. Please ban the live export of all Australian livestock. Thank you, Victor Przysiezny
2003-12-29 Leilani Mullen Puerto Rico
2003-12-29 Pamela Stephens USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Eleni Simmons United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Sally Tully-Figueroa Puerto Rico Please stop the export of live animals from Australia which results in horrifying treatment of these animals, contrary to Australia's humane laws.
2003-12-29 jill herman USA (enter comments here) To say the treatment of animals in the world is appalling would be an understatement. I look forward to the day when humans will treat all animals as they would wish to be treated, themselves. I will continue to sign petitions to that end.
2003-12-29 Charles Kogge USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Pascale Philibert France
2003-12-29 Julie Plovnick USA
2003-12-29 Nury A. Scala USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Michael Milstead USA Incredible!
2003-12-29 Frances Reale Cook U.S. The described practices can only continue if it is allowed. This cruelty must be stopped.
2003-12-29 Anne Montgomery United States Please stop the live export of Australian livestock.
2003-12-29 Travis Moose USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Marie Napolitano USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Dena Hunt USA The question is not whether animals have souls, but whether you do!
2003-12-29 Timtohy J. Wright USA Although I oppose all use of animals for human gain I understand that until we as a species become enlightened enough to stop using animals we must make every attempt to treat them well. Recent articles and releases detailing the horrendous treatment of Australian animals make it very clear that your country has a very long way to go in terms of treating animals in a humane matter. Please ban live exports now!
2003-12-29 Amy Williams USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Allison Ezell USA Please end cruel live export.
2003-12-29 Brittney Sobol USA This harsh treatment is shared by most of those animals that die for humans to eat. Stop all forms of torture!!!! NOTHING DESERVES THAT!!!!!
2003-12-29 Kim DeWester USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Mary Draper USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Kelly Cunningham U.S. (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Michelle DeWester USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Holland VanDieren USA The live export of Australia's animals to the Middleeast is protracted torture on the way to crude, unthinkable modes of death -- and their meat feeds a coarse, cruel, terrorist populace, which spreads its violent practices.
2003-12-29 Fran Hutcherson U.S.A. This is a disgrace for a civilized country to allow these barbaric practices to continue. I will boycott all things Australian until live exports come to an end.
2003-12-29 Anita S. DeWester U.S.A. I have always had the highest regard for your country - until I heard about this. Please stop such uncivilized practices and have compassion and respect for your fellow living creatures.
2003-12-29 Brandi Valladolid USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Alexandra Reed UK
2003-12-29 Dian Hardy US Surely we can do better than to further torture innocent animals by these barbaric methods! Australia has set high marks as a nation with its stands on nuclear power and whaling. Please be as conscious with regard to what you consider to be "livestock" and whom I see as sentient beings.
2003-12-29 Barbara Geiger USA (enter comments here)Why create agony where there needn't be any?
2003-12-29 zhang Lei PRC Stop killing animals!
2003-12-29 Gayle Morrison USA (ex-NZ) (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Sue Hodson UK The practices described are barbaric and unworthy of any human being. This traffic must be stopped.
2003-12-29 Michele Pallas USA STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Animals are not ours to exploit and abuse!!!
2003-12-29 Mark Feldman US This practice must be STOPPED NOW!! I urge you to take the voyage with the animals and see what takes place and then you will understand first hand how they suffer.
2003-12-29 catie smith usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Nancy Pennington USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Elise Straub USA
2003-12-29 Kayla Barrientos United States that's so wrong!
2003-12-29 Jen Toth USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 elizabeth jezorski usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 james bryan usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Libby Simons USA Please, please stop this incredibly cruel export.
2003-12-29 Tara Treasurefield USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Nigel Paul Roberts UK This practise is shameful.
2003-12-29 Gayl de Boer New Zealand Disgusting behaviour. This makes me ashamed to be a human being!
2003-12-29 Maureen D. Page United States (enter comments here)this situation should be disclosed - with pictures - to the whole civilized world so that those responsible for this barbaric practice be brought to justice. If true this is a crime against humanity because those wjo engage in cruelty to animals results often have total disregard for human suffering.
2003-12-29 Maureen Page United Kingdon The real tru of live-export of Australian animals should be disclosed - with pictures - to the whole civilized world so that those responsible for this barbaric practice be brought to justice. If true this is a crime against humanity because those who engage in cruelty to animals often show total disregard for human suffering.
2003-12-29 Richard H. Thorngren Jr. USA (enter comments here) I always thought of Australia as a civilised country but the export of live animals in this manner is truly barbaric.
2003-12-29 D. Clauser-Palumbo USA It's time to END the BARBARITY against God's precious creatures to whom we are supposed to show care and compassion, not terror and pain! NOW is the time to stop these horrific practices!!!!!
2003-12-29 Melissa Bailey U.S.A. Stop their pain!
2003-12-29 H. Tippett USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Christine Sanchez USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Lynda Tae Reed U.S. of A. Animals, who have not the ability to describe, to communicate as we humans do, their horror, their pain, suffered through the immoral and illegal passages of export from your beloved country. We would appreciate and publicly announce your efforts to stop live animal export and inhumane treatment.
2003-12-29 Leigh Adams U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Elizabeth peek USA Stop live exports!
2003-12-29 Susan Johnson United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Veronica Nicholson USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Beth Callender USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Sarah Scouller UK
2003-12-29 Maria Oernstrup Denmark (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Dennis MacDonald USA A nanny goat can provide nourishing milk that can also be made into cheeses for most of the lifetime of the goat. How shortsighted to kill a goat for its meat. It's like the old saying, "Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. TEACH a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime." I'm sure other petitioners have addressed the cruelty to the cows & sheep as well so I will say nothing further.
2003-12-29 Barbara Vickers United States Please end this horrible treatment of sentient beings immediately.
2003-12-29 tamara sprouse united states this need to stop now!
2003-12-29 Rachel Egan Canada Gladly signed
2003-12-29 Christina FoolBear United States
2003-12-29 kanya bugreyev united states (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Camilla Fox US (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Jenny Carter USA As someone who lived in Australia for 3 months and looks forward to frequent returns, I was disheartened and disgusted to learn of Australia's horrific practices involved in agricultural animal exportation. No matter how important to the industry, such inhumane practices cannot be justified. If necessary, help farmers with subsides or diversification to put a stop to these inhumane conditions. Sincerely, Jenny Carter
2003-12-29 Gela Altman USA (enter comments here) Stop this cruel practice
2003-12-29 Don Sloan USA (enter comments here) END the BRUTALITY!
2003-12-29 emily usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 linda krausen united states What men make their souls go through for money - I hope their consciences trouble them day and nightn. Stop this inhuman practise - those are your children you a throwing off the ships. Linda Krausen
2003-12-29 David Shaffer United States Please stop the sufferings of these innocent beings
2003-12-29 Pankaj Joshi USA STOP the export of ALIVE animals from Australia.
2003-12-29 Patricia Kelen United States (enter comments here) For the love of God please stop sending these poor animals to such an atrocious end. This is outrageous.
2003-12-29 Kathryn Hsieh USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Katherine Anderson USA How we treat the "lower" level of life form is the true test of our worlds humanity.
2003-12-29 Amanda Shannahan United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Cori Canada
2003-12-29 Jessica Wolfe USA Its amazing to me how cruel people can be in the name of money.
2003-12-29 Deborah A. Redell USA Please stop the inhumane treatment of animals.Animals were created by God and are dependent upon man who is supposed to have a mind and a heart to rightly care for the creatures of the earth. here)
2003-12-29 Marina Ward USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Dan Wells USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Heather A. Hembrey USA Exporting live animals is an inhumane and unnecessary practice that no 21st-century nation should conduct. The ffering that the millions of innocent animals who are subject to this treatment suffer is cruel and shameful. The Australian government should ban this practice for the sake of all their animals who it allows to be so inhumanely treated.
2003-12-29 Julie Skolnik USA This is just wrong.
2003-12-29 Melissa Glikes United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 megan roberts united states this should be stopped!! everything should be reviewed and controlled. this is just wrong!
2003-12-29 Marin Contreras United States ban live export now!
2003-12-29 Sarah Littell Hong Kong (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Chris Littell Hong Kong There is absolutely no reason or justification for the transport of live animals in this manner. Chilled transportation of carcasses is perfectly sufficient.
2003-12-29 Patricia A. Vinet USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 Ruth Harris USA A society can be judged by how it treats its animals.
2003-12-29 Terry P. Magioncalda U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 sarah USA i hope this helps...
2003-12-29 Evan Walters United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-29 tanis pound united kingdom
2003-12-29 Farrell Tripp U.S.A. Screw that! Can we please fix this?
2003-12-29 Jessica USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Jean Hollowell USA This is an inhumane practice that by its very nature cannot be tolerated by a government as advanced as Astralia.
2003-12-28 Sharon McNair USA (enter comments here)Kindly alleviate animal suffering by implementing a ban on exporting live, sentient animals. Thank you
2003-12-28 Andrea Mowrer USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Paul Vozzella USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Ellen Emerson US This needs to stop - its truly barbaric and inhumane. Its time to show some decency.
2003-12-28 Holly Pearson U.S.A. Does Australia want to be associated with inflicting this kind of protracted suffering on innocents?
2003-12-28 sharon lewis usa stop this terrible practice now!
2003-12-28 Pamela Dein USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Hailey Broderick USE
2003-12-28 Tracy Coppola US (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Carrie Beckwith US (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Becky Bohnyak USA This has to be's horrible!
2003-12-28 Karen A. Tucker United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Amy Feldman USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Jean Mongeon USA
2003-12-28 Sarah Stoltenberg USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Monica Farrington USA The world is watching. We expect better of Australia.
2003-12-28 Kaela Plant USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Carrie Sabin USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Leslie Wei United Stantes We must treat animals as our equals!
2003-12-28 Megan Machuca USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Eileen Weintraub USA I have become aware of this issue since the 57,937 stranded sheep from the Australian vessel were on sea for months. It is time this type of extremely cruel live animal trade was banned and the international community has every right to request this.
2003-12-28 Mr. Terry Harlow USA (enter comments here) Animals are sentient beings,it's horrendous enought the other sentient beings slaughter and eat them. But to subject them to extra inhumane treatment that equates to torture is in itself unconsiousnable and dispicable. Please do all that you can to put a halt to this inhumane treatmtnet. Thank you!!
2003-12-28 elaine sloan usa Animals MUST be treated humanely and the pratices of animals shipped overseas must be stopped.(enter comments here)
2003-12-28 elizabeth U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Jordan Vanderkroft Australia
2003-12-28 Curtis Taylor USA Stop the cruelty!!!
2003-12-28 elizabeth hansen usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 T.McSweeney USA This really disgusts me.Why has nothing has been done to stop this barbaric treatment of our farming animals????????????
2003-12-28 dave cox canada
2003-12-28 Miriam & Howard Rudnick USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Ava Morgenstern USA
2003-12-28 Becca Miner USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Ruchita Burman U.S.A
2003-12-28 Robyn Goode United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Kate Power USA Please stop the cruel practice of live exports, which so often result in inhumane conditions and death for many animals. The animals need your help-please help them. Thank you.
2003-12-28 Madeline Stoeri U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Susan Grisham USA
2003-12-28 Lori Haley USA I am sure when this matter is brought to the attention of the appropriate ministers and officials they will surely do what they are morally called upon to do, that is; ban the live export of Australian animals.
2003-12-28 seymour sub usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Island Communications European Syndicate Iceland This is the stuff great news stories are made out of. Thank you.
2003-12-28 Sarah Epstein US Hopefully this potition will do good.
2003-12-28 Michelle Salgueiro Canada
2003-12-28 Robert Andrews USA Live export has to be one of the most cruel ways humans abuse non-humans, and must be stopped.
2003-12-28 Rev. Kathleen R. Eickwort, PhD USA The way we treat animals is a test of our humanity. This lack of compassion is a very serious sign of societal breakdown. Please stop these cruel practices.
2003-12-28 Sara Canada This is atrocious. What the hell kind of world is it where people treat innocent animals like this?
2003-12-28 Lisa Berg USA There is no reason to subject animals to these types of abhorrable conditions and slaughter. Your laws should apply to your animals whether in or out of Australia.
2003-12-28 Andrea Meade USA Please stop this practice immediately.
2003-12-28 Boyce Taylor United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-28 Jessica Thompson USA This should be outlawed out of common decency.
2003-12-28 Daisy Ambia United States In order to advance the human race, we must learn to respect all life and treat them with dignity.
2003-12-27 andrew stepanian united states of ame Live export and the practices of animal husbandry are cruel, passe, unhealthy, and ecologically unsustainable. If we choose to embetter our human society we must do away with thses practices, and without doubt the animal nations deserve their basic right to coexist.
2003-12-27 Jennifer Rashkind USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Celia F. Martinez United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Colin Weatherall Canada If this is true there must be a LITTLE person in charge who is looking for someone or thing to pick on.
2003-12-27 Jerry USA No comment
2003-12-27 Katherine Bath United States Something must be done about the inhumane things done to our animal brethren on this planet. Stop the export of live animals now!
2003-12-27 Dr. Mary Ray Hoffer USA This practice is UNBELIEVABLE AND UNFORGIVABLE!!!! It MUST be stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! It is truly unbelievable that human beings could act like this!!!!!
2003-12-27 robin rashkind usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Katie Cicatelli USA This is absolutely horrifying.
2003-12-27 Valerie Meers Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Cassandra Dufresne United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Barbara Specht USA You all have been placed in great authority to do what is right..which includes the prevention of unnecessary suffering. We are watching and praying that your hearts have the capacity to hear the cries of the animals exported live from your country, and act to stop such pain. We are watching and waiting - for the suffering to stop, and for each one of you to take your place in history as great men and women who had the courage to do what is right. Kind regards, Barbara Specht
2003-12-27 Donna Zajac USA There is not reason for such cruelty!
2003-12-27 elizabeth whiteaker united states THAT IS SAD!!
2003-12-27 lesley milstead USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Kenzie Lewis USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Amanda Page USA I am sickened by the treatment of these innoscent animals. It is disgusting and outrageous that these practices are being possible and even promoted because of certain money hungry people in Australia. The government is just as much to blame for allowing it to go on. In my opinion, these people are lacking a soul and I am scared for what suffering is to come to repay the suffering they have caused.
2003-12-27 Josh Bryant USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Ronda Ferrell USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-27 Amelia Bruce Indonesia (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Debbie Ettinger USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Debbie Wells United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Veronica Ramos USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Rosa Naparstek USA Those who chose to eat meat would not do so if they knew this is what you area doing. People care. This can be done differently. Our humanity is wholly comprimsed by this treatment of animals.
2003-12-26 Gail Tauber (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 sarah hood united states
2003-12-26 Eri Japan (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Janith Loewen Germany (enter comments here) I shudder to think about what this treatment of the animals is doing to the souls of the human being carrying it out.
2003-12-26 Kirston Stannard canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Nahir O USA Be kind to all living beings on this earth!
2003-12-26 Diane L Moreau USA This barbaric behavior must stop! My plans to visit your country have been suspended since I learned of this horrific abuse. It is nothing less than shameful.
2003-12-26 Stormy Grushka USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Ron MacKenzie U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Jessica Dexheimer USA Obviously the Australian government realizes that this is wrong- why else would they outlaw it in their own country? Exporting their animals and then turning a blind eye to their slaughter makes them just as guilty as the Asians and middleeasterners
2003-12-26 Maura Gaughan usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Mary Bennett USA What goes around comes around...
2003-12-26 Julia Waller United Kingdom Please stop this barbaric trade and do as New Zealand does. It is quite feasible and more sensible economically to have a Halal slaughterhouse in Australia which stuns the animals also - this would be not only infinitely more humane but be better for the meat trade.
2003-12-26 Stephanie Wood United States Please end this terrible practice! There is no reason to put these animals through unneccessary trauma.
2003-12-26 Stacey Schwarz United States
2003-12-26 YLIANA ROBERTS UNITED STATES Animals are living beings with feelings! Stop the export of live animals from Australia immediately!!!
2003-12-26 Maria Martinez USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Sacha Krug USA Ban live export immediately!
2003-12-26 Philip Lambert USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Philip Schein Canada/USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 shannon kimball USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 STACI HARRIS USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Shelley Couture United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 erika bennett usa
2003-12-26 Farren United States (enter comments here) i hope this helps!
2003-12-26 Alyson Dawe USA This is disgusting. It must be stopped.
2003-12-26 Melissa L. Christy USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Sarah USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Britta Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Paul Swenson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Pelle Swenson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Anna Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Ake Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Britta Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Mischa Norway (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Elizabeth USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 lavaune guenther USA the way people treat animals are horrendous. i hope that some day they will feel just a little of the pain that they have made animals endure.
2003-12-26 Stephanie Tabashneck United States Please examine this issue further.
2003-12-26 John Raubach USA This must stop.
2003-12-26 Michaela Kaiser USA That's just horrible. I hope that this will change, and soon!
2003-12-26 Emma Gaines U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Katie Potter United States I hope we can all stop this!
2003-12-26 Chance Holton USA What goes around comes around.
2003-12-26 Nick Hancock America (enter comments here)
2003-12-26 Jessica Krell USA
2003-12-26 United States h
2003-12-26 amanda holloway usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 Christine Shannon United States This practice, among many others pertaining to the treatment of other species we share the earth with, must be halted.
2003-12-25 William John Divney USA animal transport in this fashion is cruel abd inhumane.
2003-12-25 Dr. Ranjit Konkar, Ph.D. India Animals are not commodities to be traded across seas.
2003-12-25 Laura Lungarelli U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 paulo portugal yo man i love animals they are delicious so stop cruelty to them k
2003-12-25 Shannon K USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 Laura Anderson USA
2003-12-25 Allison Lee Solin United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 Charles Terry Rogers USA This breaks my heart! Another example of the extreme heartless inhumane cruelty that is actually promoted and carried out by our fellow man. UGGGHHH! Please stop this horrible act against the creatures that share this beautiful planet with us! We are supposed to be their caretakers, not their worst nightmare!!
2003-12-25 Cue Martinez USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 John R. Harrington Jr. USA The practices toward animals described in are unbefitting of humans. If the aforementioned Web site is making false or misleading statements about the practices of Australian animal exporters then kindly point me to sources that set the record straight. Otherwise you can expect me to be an active agent in the effort to stop this barbaric treatment of sentient species.
2003-12-25 shauna reith USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 sharon olson usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 Joan Newton USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 Tami Myers USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-25 carol marshall UK I think it is disgusting what happened to the living being being transported to Asia
2003-12-25 Emily Kastrul United States
2003-12-25 Holly canada I don't understand how someone could do something so inhuman to animals, without animals we would survive. I really want them to stop this.
2003-12-25 Judi Colby United States (enter comments here)Stop live animal exports.
2003-12-25 Jaclyn Skafas USA I want to cry...and will.
2003-12-24 SAUMITRA PRAKASH INDIA It is a disgrace and is really pathetic and prepostrous that countries who boast about humanrights and claim themselves to be developed and leaders of human rights, so disgracefully fail to provie for the very basic things any living beings need to survive. This practice shpuld be stopped with immediate effectb and those guilty should be punished.(enter comments here)
2003-12-24 saskia santos usa This is the most disgusting thing I've heard to date.
2003-12-24 Michael Gross USA Animals have rights too!
2003-12-24 Christel Santos Germany We cannot possibly tolarate such barbaric conditions on creatures which cannot defend themselves against people without empathy. There must be a lot of them in order for such suffering to continue to go on.
2003-12-24 Kaye Axon United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Jason Little USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Kamen USA I am a demi-pro from this kinda stuff, but im against so much stuff being packed into one little place...
2003-12-24 R Ramanujan INDIA (enter comments here) It is shocking.We are supposed to be the most intelligent and creative of all species.Do we have to be so cruel to other living beings?We have created enough problems for the animals by taking over their lands for our own use.I personally do not see the need to kill and eat other animals.Others may disagree but the least we can do is to be more humane in slaughtering them,if that is possible.
2003-12-24 Barbara G. Cox USA The inhumane treatment of sentient animals requires people to be less than human, as the word "inhumane" implies. Indeed, it requires that they be of a lower order than the animals upon whom they inflict suffering.
2003-12-24 Veronica Thomas USA
2003-12-24 michael amish USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Marla Gold Canada
2003-12-24 Leila Martini USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Patricia Casey USA Please show compassion and put an end to this suffering. There is enough suffering in the world.
2003-12-24 Dawn E. Fox USA I am saddened and sickened by this barbaric treatment of living creatures. It MUST STOP!!!!!
2003-12-24 Kquvien Jennifer DeWeese USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Erin Ehmke USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Dana Fennell USA Live-export of animals in inhumane conditions should not be tolerated! They are living beings and should be treated with respect.
2003-12-24 Madison Chin Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Ann Chronic United States
2003-12-24 Kristin Dennis USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Patty vershay United States (enter comments here)Hey,why not do the same to the people who are doing this to these poor animals. Lets gather them together and coop them up in urine and feces infested ships. Treat them the same way they do these animals and i bet they would think twice the next time. I would love to drop one of them SOB's off a ship and see how they like it!
2003-12-24 james morgan usa
2003-12-24 Kerpal Osanji Canada That ain't right man... let's save the animals.
2003-12-24 Claire Keeley Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Karla Koebernick USA I would be ashamed to admit we could not and should not do better for these sentient animals. Commerce does not excuse cruelty. We must do better.
2003-12-24 Brad Stadler USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Lu Haner USA Please stop live export of animals to other countries.
2003-12-24 Sharon Nataline USA Where is your compassion? Are these animals not sentient beings? I strongly encourage a change in heart.
2003-12-24 Kristina Granger USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Elise Owens USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Mary USA How would you like to be treated like this
2003-12-24 Carolyn Stasik USA What do I say? Does anyone down there understand the meaning of 'compassion'? If not, how about the words 'simple caring'? You give 'humanity' a bad name.
2003-12-24 Jessica Whitmore United States (enter comments here)The treatment of these animals is unacceptable. If they are going to die to be eaten, they should be treated with respect.
2003-12-24 susan gross UNITED STATES (enter comments here)THIS MUST STOP
2003-12-24 ROBERTA WRIGHT USA This kind of treatment of animals should need no law to prohibit. If only people weren't so ambivalent about animals, but they are, so we need laws!
2003-12-24 Linda Dionne USA
2003-12-24 Dorothea Mueller USA (enter comments here)Please do what you can to help stop the suffering endured by these animals.
2003-12-24 patrick weekley usa god will make them pay for the cruel things they are doing, i hope all get reborn as ants under the magnafieng glass of some 8 year old boy.
2003-12-24 Marie Le Boeuf USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Gustavo A Cardona V Colombia, USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 Gustavo Adolfo Cardona Velasquez Colombia, USA We all deserve to live and die in a humane way, no ater what our purpose is.
2003-12-24 Laurie Meszaros U.S.A. If those people don't know how to humainely transport and or kill an animal, then Australia should stop sending the poor animals. The people that transport the animals who are so cruel to them, should be tortured and then strung up on a meat hook to die, the bastards!!!
2003-12-24 Char United States of Ame People like that are cruel. I do not mind the slaughtering part AS much, but don't make these animals live no life in a black "box" with thousands of other animals crammed in there! That is just sick.
2003-12-24 Stephanie Linton USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-24 craig geiger us (enter comments here)please stop
2003-12-24 leone newmark us (enter comments here)please stop this inhumane treatment
2003-12-24 Charles Hunter USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Ashley Soard USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Ashley Cross-Rappaport USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 peggy spiezio united states How anyone with an ounce of compassion could let this heinous,inhumane practice to continue is beyond comprehension.Please,in God's name stop.
2003-12-23 Jessica Mosiuk Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 zeljko rajcevic germany ...
2003-12-23 Fiona Pereira UK (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Shane Eastwood India What should there be to read here? It doesnt take much conscience, or ability to consider what is the matter, does it?
2003-12-23 Heather Scholes USA That is awful.
2003-12-23 Nina Horstmann USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Bill Barfknecht USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Aubrey Muscaro USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 shane lanzendorfer usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 freddie a johnson usa This is an oportunity to help define human beings as having compassion and reverence for life.
2003-12-23 Janice Valois USA Horrible....Stop PLEASE>>>> These creatures have feelings....
2003-12-23 K Burke USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 George H. Tedford USA This practice of handling animals must cease. Only in the 21st Century would would such treatment exist. And we are supposed to be a developed culture. If our advancement brings about this kind of treatment to animals, this I call a digresstion.
2003-12-23 Jack Abid USA I strongly urge the end to abhorrent practices such as these.
2003-12-23 Cindy Kuester USA This is totally unacceptable treatment of animals. How can people be so cruel
2003-12-23 Cindy Kirmss USA This is barbaric and unethical treatment
2003-12-23 Maryanne Conlan US Please stop the suffering of these animals. Stop this barbaric treatment of animals!!!
2003-12-23 cindy siplis US (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Emily T. Allen USA Reading this report brought me to tears. What is wrong with the human race? We must stop these atrocious torturs of sentient beings. I am ashamed to be human. No other species on earth behaves like this! Thank youfor offering those of us who care about the suffering and fate of all animals this chance to have an impact and a voice speaking together.
2003-12-23 Leah Bryan United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Teresa D'Amico USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Jennifer Erwin USA stop the export of australian livestock now!
2003-12-23 Victoria Meshcheryakova United States ()
2003-12-23 Helen Rayshick USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Beth Meditz USA Stop this extremely cruel and barbaric treatment of innocent animals who feel pain and suffer from live export. Human beings need to open there hearts and eyes to the mistreatment of other species.
2003-12-23 Shane Carwile United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Craig Bell USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Benjamin Redden Georgia Nothing will ever change if a brave few don't try to change it!
2003-12-23 Darlene W. Norris United States And you call yourselves a "civilized" country! stop this now!
2003-12-23 Meghan Hardy United States It really sickens me how people can treat animals this way and think that they are good people. Animals are innocent, beautiful creatures and deserve just as much respect, if not more, than humans. We have to put an end to this!!!
2003-12-23 Alexandra Lozano USA Please take steps to ban the export of live animals to foreign countries. Be humane!
2003-12-23 Cathleen Young USA Please ban live export now!
2003-12-23 Paul Nahay USA I am horrified to learn of the treatment of Australian animals. Please ban the export of Australian livestock immediately!
2003-12-23 JENNIFER DELGADO USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Lucy Stevens UK This is a vile trade which mistreats and causes unnecessary extreme suffering to millions of animals who endure horrific conditions during transit and then the horror of slaughter without pre-stunning. All this just for meat in belly. Until Australia stops its live exports it will NOT get my tourism and I will continue to boycott their goods until they stop presiding over a trade which is a bad example to the rest of the world. Everyone! please do the same as a show of repulsion towards this morally bankrupt country.
2003-12-23 Catherine Hess USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Jolie Sweinhart & Cameron Simpson USA This is cruel and must stop!
2003-12-23 Steve Kozak USA Please stop the nightmare. thank You
2003-12-23 tim cruz USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Samarra Khaja United States This is absolutely barbaric and needs to be stopped. All beings need to be treated with the utmost care and respect, even if they will be killed for food. Noone deserves to be tortured. Stop this now! Thank you.
2003-12-23 Debbi Dixon USA Please have kindness in your heart Thank You
2003-12-23 Christopher Goddard United States Let's treat animals with some of the same compassion that we are supposed to have for our fellow human beings. Animals can suffer, and they don't deserve it. Animals are friends.
2003-12-23 Cori A. Menkin USA This is absolutely atroscious! This practice must be stoped immediately!
2003-12-23 Justin Solomon USA why are we treating them like this?
2003-12-23 Esta Lewin USA It is an embarrassment to a progressive country such as yours to continue this grossly inhumane practice. Please put an end to it.
2003-12-23 Sonia Roubeni USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Marion Lane USA I find it hard to understand how the Government of Australia, which is so proactive in maintaining a sanctuary for whales and in protecting its coral reef is at the same time so unconcerned about the humane treatment of its farmed animals. I do hope the Senators will review our petition and redress this greivous situation.
2003-12-23 James C. Bassett USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Mary Alice Maynes United States
2003-12-23 Trudy Fernandez USA
2003-12-23 Nicole Haaf US Ban the live export of Australian livestock.
2003-12-23 Anuradha Ramanujan U.S.A./India
2003-12-23 Jewel C. Johnson USA Put the greed aside, and use a little compassion.
2003-12-23 abbe sutton usa this is a tragedy which needs to be stopped. If we are ever to save and respect our Earth, we need to also include our fellow animals!
2003-12-23 laurel atwood USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Susan Carlucci USA
2003-12-23 Madelyn Filipski USA Being kind to animals makes the world a better place to be. Those that give there lives that others may live deserve better treatment.
2003-12-23 LaureleeBlanchard USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Shawnta Shaw USA
2003-12-23 Valerie Worthen USA
2003-12-23 Elizabeth Canada
2003-12-23 Anne Tilton USA Please ban the live export of Australian livestock to Asia.
2003-12-23 caitlin hughes United states of Ame (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Ashley Kennedy US (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 chris mandell usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Kanika Batra India Atrocious
2003-12-23 Michelle Ladd USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Sunshine Hatfield USA
2003-12-23 Ashley Sparkman USA
2003-12-23 Lisa Forster USA
2003-12-23 Jacqueline Keller USA
2003-12-23 Gina Eichler United States Please stop this cruel practice. The animals and I thank you.
2003-12-23 Diana Cartier USA I am outraged by the cruel treatment of export animals, as I am sure are the majority of Australians. The government must take steps to enforce humane standards!
2003-12-23 Dr. John Michael Nahay USA This atrocity should be stopped by a United Nations coalition of military forces, the same way Saddam Hussein had to be stopped!
2003-12-23 Aaron Gregory USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Cassidy Hoffschneider USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Ryan Feinberg USA I beg of you to stop the unnecessary suffering of those that can suffer.
2003-12-23 Amy Horstmeyer USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Brett McKay Canada
2003-12-23 Ted Howard USA I've got to imagine there can be found a more humane way to meet the needs of both man and animal in this regard. Is it not enough that they die to provide us sustenance, must they also suffer in the process?
2003-12-23 Barbara Lacy U S of America animal cruelty is unacceptable(enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Hal Lacy US of America Stop the suffering(enter comments here)
2003-12-23 John Cheatwood USA I understand that cattle farmers in Australia need to make a living, but the conditions for live cattle export are intolerable, even borderline sadistic.
2003-12-23 Kira Pfeifle USA
2003-12-23 Laura Chytra Canada this is disgusting, and must stop!
2003-12-23 Hope Round USA Absolutely unforgivable
2003-12-23 Sarah USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Margo Johnson USA societies can't move forward to humanity until it treats those that can't defend themselves with compassion.
2003-12-23 Kasey Coyle USA
2003-12-23 Susan Tierney USA Please have compassion for these lives. They suffer and feel pain just like you or I. There are more humane ways achieve the end you desire. I will make sure that everyone I know is informed about this inhumanity.
2003-12-23 Ronni Deckard United States stop the inhumanity NOW!
2003-12-23 barbara harrison usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Gregory Tierney United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 ELizabeth Bingham USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Nancy Price USA (I am surprised that Australia would allow and condone such treatment of any animals. Could you not buy from a humane supplier?
2003-12-23 Angeleen Neely USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Melanie Pozez USA (Having visited Australia and conducted business there for over 10 years, I am shocked and saddened to learn of live animal export and the horrible conditions that ensue. Please immediately inact legislation to prohibit this kind of inhumane action. A civilized nation does not5 treat its animals in this manner. Melanie Pozez 2655 Nichols Canyon Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90046
2003-12-23 Chelsea Toby USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Stefan Barnas USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Cheryl Nassar USA stop cruelty to animals.
2003-12-23 Bharati Kasibhatla USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Regina Rheda USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 James M. Mejuto USA What more can I say than that I'm disgusted with this exportation of live animals. STOP IT !!!!!
2003-12-23 Mynette Boykin USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 rachel rodriguez united states (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Danielle Lubrano USA That is absolutly appalling, I am completly dissappointed sometimes in the human race.
2003-12-23 Margaret Gall US (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 tyler bradshaw USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Bernard A Trumpler USA (enter comments here)Considering your treatment of Aborignals this is not at all surprising- Boycott Austrailian goods and services!!!!
2003-12-23 Lynee Zajac US it is time to stop this cruel practice, as a world community we need to develop standards for the care of animals. In fact, let's just stop eating these animals so that we will not have to transport them!
2003-12-23 Robyn Leonard US (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Nicole Wilshire USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 maggie morse u.s.a. please stop hurting these poor animals..
2003-12-23 Dara Lyn Varona United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Nisha Varona United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Kevin R. Athearn U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Will Peavy USA GO VEGAN!!!
2003-12-23 Nicole Gentile USA These animals do not have voices, so please at least represent our echoes of concern as we sign this in hopes of ending such conversation with actual ACTION.
2003-12-23 Amanda Dudley united states ban live exportation of animals from australia
2003-12-23 Linda S. Bresch USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Melissa Prior USA
2003-12-23 Zdanna King USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Nancy Loewen U.S.A. I urge you to use the power and influence that you have to ban the live export of Australian livestock. This practice is horrific, and causes terrible suffering to these animals. It does not have a place in the humane and civilized world which we wish to create in the 21st century. Please do all you can to stop this practice. Thank you so very much. Your leadership will be admired and hopefully copied around the world.
2003-12-23 Laura United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 ariana tanabe usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Anne Kisilewicz USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Ara Vitale U.S.A (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Heidi Hummel USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Heather Mahoney usa Animals feel fear and physical pain just as humans would under these conditions. Please end their suffering.
2003-12-23 Todd Kaanta USA
2003-12-23 Constance Sutter USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Jill Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Kim Urie USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Deirdre Guelke USA I was looking forward to visiting Australia. But with this type of inhumane treatment going on there, I will cancel my plans.
2003-12-23 Celine Gandolfo USA
2003-12-23 Lisa Barnes USA This is criminal activity! Please make this practice illegal immediately!
2003-12-23 claudia guy usa stories like these make me cry
2003-12-23 Anna West USA
2003-12-23 Nikki Hering USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Janet Palmer United States Those who can treat living creatures in these torturous ways have lost their souls, and their lives will go badly for them.
2003-12-23 Chuck Levin USA (enter comments here)This issue is another no-brainer. What turns you on about animal suffering and abuse? Please do the only right thing: terminate this practice of live-exporting sentient intelligent animals by the millions who suffer an unimaginably cruel fate as a result.
2003-12-23 kimk-khanh van USA It is wrong for us to continue to mistreat animals.
2003-12-23 Marianna Pinto Canada Just when I think I can't hear anything worse...Please stop this inhumane practice.
2003-12-23 Susan Loewen USA Please stop the insanity. Peace at all costs!
2003-12-23 Timothy J. Taylor U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Shaunti Kiehl USA Just one question: How would you like to be treated this way?
2003-12-23 Zoe Satorie USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Kate Turlington USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Lanna Berkun usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Marguerite C. Stanbrough USA Stop the suffering!
2003-12-23 Danielle Australia (enter comments here)
2003-12-23 Heather Cumming United States DISGUSTING
2003-12-23 Alexi russia i know this incredibly cemacious chick called danielle(well i havent actually met her) but anyhow she wants me to sign this petition so here i am... oh by the way whateva ur doing to animals is cruel and how can u live with urselves ? oh yeah and peace out you guys seem really high-strung.
2003-12-23 Patricia Panitz USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Burkart Lydia Genve/Suisse Stop!
2003-12-22 Ingrid Newkirk USA Australia's disgrace!
2003-12-22 F.W. Mitchell USA please stop this cruel torture immediately. You do great harm not only to the animals, but to the reputation of your fine nation by allowing such treatment of animals.
2003-12-22 Poorva Joshipura USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Dan Paden USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jennifer Knox USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Angela Modzelewski USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Donna Albergotti USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 martin mersereau USA have these people no souls?
2003-12-22 ted mcdonald usa
2003-12-22 Coleen Kearon USA Please stop the cruelty.
2003-12-22 stephanie lee usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Joe Taksel U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Shadow USA I think that in this day and age we can be more humane than this. Would you like to be crated and shipped somewhere - more than likely to die in the process? Please stop this horrendous practice.
2003-12-22 Tracy Reiman USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jennifer O'Connor Canada This is barbarism beyond any comprehension and must be stopped.
2003-12-22 Robyn Wade USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jeff Trussell USA Please stop exporting Australian animals.
2003-12-22 Jennifer L. Woods USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jamie Childers USA This is a barbaric and unjustifiable practice that has no place in a civilized society.
2003-12-22 Amber Wilt USA
2003-12-22 Jane Vaughn USA What happens to the animals in transit is a disgrace. It should not be tolerated by any government, and you would set an example for the world by doing the moral thing in this case.
2003-12-22 Brad Goldberg USA The international community must act now to put a stop to this flagrant violation of basic animal welfare standards.
2003-12-22 Christy Griffin USA Please stop the cruel practice of live export now!
2003-12-22 Teresa Lynn Chagrin USA
2003-12-22 Eric Allen USA
2003-12-22 Sarah Withrow USA If you wouldn't do this to your dog, why would you do it to a sheep?
2003-12-22 Daniel Mahon USA
2003-12-22 Leslie Armstrong USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Howard Edelstein USA This is a barbaric practice that should not occur in a civilized world.
2003-12-22 Hannah Schein USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Nicole Blum USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Joel Bartlett USA
2003-12-22 Stephen Young USA I am currently boycotting Australian wool and encouraging friends and family to do the same.
2003-12-22 Carole Backler UK
2003-12-22 Bob Pomilla USA How can a government, that i'm sure considers itself civilized, behave in such an indifferent and yes, depraved manner when it comes to the torture and suffering of animals.
2003-12-22 E. Duvert USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Ashley Beard U.S. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Kelsey Siekkinen US
2003-12-22 Laura Brown USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Allison Smith USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Heather Moore USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Brandon Van Deinse USA Please choose compassion.
2003-12-22 Lisa Barnes USA
2003-12-22 Matthew Penzer USA Surely, it is well past time that our compassionate social ideals embrace all beings capable of suffering.
2003-12-22 Shelly Breitbeil US (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Candice Rader USA (enter comments here)Please stop this torture now!!!!!
2003-12-22 Mary Beth Sweetland USA I will never purchase anything made from Australian wool until you stop the live exports!
2003-12-22 Andrew Butler United Kingdom Decency, compassion, ethics. You'll find these words in the dictionary - I suggest you look them up and apply them immediately!
2003-12-22 Roxanne Conwell USA All I can say is that I am disgusted and ashamed to be of the same species of those who are allowing this to happen!!!
2003-12-22 Tarina Keene USA This is abhorrent! Please stop the slaughter and the abuse!
2003-12-22 Bob Chorush USA
2003-12-22 sangeeta usa Please do the right thing and relieve these innocent animals of unneccessary suffering.
2003-12-22 Victoria J. Carey USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 JOHN MACHUZAK USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Arathi Jayaram United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 gail usa please help the animals
2003-12-22 Diana Campuzano usa This is utterly disgusting!!! I find the treatment of these animals barbaric! Would you do this type of thing to your children? I think not!!!!!
2003-12-22 Freeman Wicklund USA Please end live exports. I am boycotting all wool products from Australia until this legislation is implimented.
2003-12-22 sarah hardy U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Austen Koecher Canada
2003-12-22 Matt Prescott USA This live trade must end!
2003-12-22 Meg Caskey USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Mark Wiesenfeld U.S.A. While my fondest wish is that we humans leave our animal brothers and sisters in peace, and for all countries to stop confining, mutilating and killing them, banning the export of live animals would at least address one particularly egregious form of cruelty.Please, at the very least, take this compassionate step. Thank you. Peace and Love unto All Beings, Mark
2003-12-22 Sammie Lewis USA STOP live animal export NOW!
2003-12-22 kiley blackman usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Ritchie Laymon USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sara Radovanovitch United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sue Perna America (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jessica Sandler USA (enter comments here) Stop this barbarism NOW!
2003-12-22 Alexis Curry USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Irfan Ali USA As Muslims my family and I oppose this cruelty. We will publicize this travesty and corruption of our religion.
2003-12-22 Joshua Miedema USA I demand that you put these poor animals on airplanes! Let them ride 1st class and serve them nuts and wine! Seriously though, humane treatment and consideration of animals raises is a real issue. All concsious life deserves humane treatment, not matter the end it serves. We raise the bar of compassion when we treat an animal with respect. God knows, the human world can use more of this ethos. Please relieve these animal's suffering. It won't guarantee you more votes come the elections, but it will actually make the world a better place. And isn't that what you set out to do all those years back before the real world of power and politics jaded you?
2003-12-22 Teri Arnold USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 cathy goeggel usa please do the right thing- stop the atrocious cruelty resulting from live export
2003-12-22 danielle hy dennenberg usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Laura Frisk USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 munchi lok united states More than 6,000,000 Australian sheep and 1,000,000 Australian cows, horses and goats are shipped to South East Asia and the Middle East every year ALIVE. These animals are crushed together on ships for long sea voyages, taking weeks or months to arrive at their destination. They are subjected to heat stress, sea sickness, disease, injury, starvation, inadequate supervision and care, ammonia poisoning, on board fires, ventilation breakdowns, storms and rejection of shipments. In 2002, more than 73,000 sheep and 17,000 cattle died on board export vessels. Those who survive the arduous voyage suffer even crueler practices prior to slaughter: Instead of being herded onto wharfs, they are often thrown from the ship, sometimes landing 5 metres or more down into waiting trucks, or concrete loading bays. Those too ill to walk are winched by chains tied around their foreleg, or by crane-hook inserted into their chest. Often their eyes removed by human thumbs, leaving the suffering animal in enormous pain. Slaughtering finally takes place by slashing of the throat, and without prior stunning. These are methods that are illegal in Australia. I kindly urge you to stop the live export of Australian animals. Or we will boycott all Australian tourist and products.
2003-12-22 Alfredo Kuba USA STOP this atrocity at once!!
2003-12-22 Scott Brown USA stop the trade
2003-12-22 Bobby Chin USA Please stop the live exporting of Australian animals and livestocks. The conditions that these animals are subjected and must endure are unimaginableand horrible.
2003-12-22 Michelle Davis USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Tedd Kanakaris USA
2003-12-22 Amrit Hansmeyer United States it is wrong to let this cruelty continue.
2003-12-22 Nancy Calegari USA Please have a heart. We must not condone such actions to helpless animals.
2003-12-22 Louise Simmons USA Stop the export of live animals.
2003-12-22 Rich Patt USA
2003-12-22 Melynda DuVal USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jenny Stein USA I'm appalled at how these animals are treated. Please, have a heart, and end their further suffering by banning live exports.
2003-12-22 David W. Perle U.S.A.
2003-12-22 Maria Brenner USA
2003-12-22 Derek Lorenz United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Clair Whittet USA No animal diserves to be treated as these sheep, goats and cows are.
2003-12-22 jill ragovin usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Anny United States
2003-12-22 ARNOLD SHAPIRO UNITED STATES (enter comments here)For the civilized country of Australia to permit such barbaric cruelty towards living creatures is beyond comprehension. Until it stops, my family will not be spending any money on Australian products, nor traveling to Australia. I will organize as many people as possible to ban anaything Australian until they stop this inhumane activity. It's shocking beyond belief.
2003-12-22 Christa Wagner Hawaii, U.S.A Such inhumane atrocities should not happen in a supposedly civilized country !
2003-12-22 Ann Summers USA (enter comments here) Barbaric & horrendous!! I wouldn't want their karma. There is no reason why such conditions should exist in a modern, relatively sophisticated world. Shame on those who would allow such barbarism to continue! Those with the power to stop it have a moral and human obligation to do so.
2003-12-22 barry whittaker U.S.A.
2003-12-22 jennifer kelly usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Cholly Molthan USA
2003-12-22 Katie L Weekley Canada
2003-12-22 Sherry Phelps USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 matt bear usa humanity starts with humane
2003-12-22 Rebecca Amelio USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Daniel Hanley USA
2003-12-22 Reg Pycroft UK Australia is a fine country ... why tarnish your image and reputation with this cruelty? PLEASE stop or at least introduce some welfare regulation. PLEASE!
2003-12-22 Pierre Grzybowski USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Tamara Lackey USA Please put an end to this suffering.
2003-12-22 Michelle Bell U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Priya Kumar Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jill Hahn USA Please stop this cruel treatment of animals!
2003-12-22 Leslie USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sadhana Dhruvakumar USA Please stop the export of live animals! They are subjected to immense suffering and cruelty during transportation and at their destinations. Do not turn a blind eye to this atrocity, and please do everything in your power to stop it.
2003-12-22 Stephanie Corrigan USA Please stop this cruel treatment of animals.
2003-12-22 Maxine Schein USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Margaret Parkinson USA
2003-12-22 PixiePunk US
2003-12-22 Michele Alley-Grubb USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jessy Losee USA this should be stopped!
2003-12-22 Amy Marie Bejm USA Exporting Live Animals is Wrong. Period.
2003-12-22 Claudia Delman United States Please end this cruel practice, live-export is barbaric.
2003-12-22 Elizabeth Tampe USA please stop this!!!!!!!!!!!
2003-12-22 Louise Holton USA Please put an end to this horrendous cruelty
2003-12-22 Gregory Oschwald USA
2003-12-22 William R. Rivas-Rivas USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Daria Karetnikov USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Kim Seidl US (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Neal Barnard, M.D. USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sandra Cooper USA If these practices are illegal in your country, it is obviously because you have enough compassion to know that it is wrong. So why would you let others do it to the animals? Please stop. Thank you.
2003-12-22 Kelly Jo Ernst USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Steve Kane USA How about a little compassion from down under? Please stop this barbaric practice. Thank you.
2003-12-22 Rich Cook USA Please consider this important action to limit the pain and suffering of sentient lifeforms on this planet.
2003-12-22 Kimberley UK It's quite shameful that this should go on. Go Vegan!
2003-12-22 Matt Flanzer USA I agree with this Petition
2003-12-22 Sandra Chu U.S.A. Please ban the live export of livestock. I am disappointed that this continues to occur and hope that you will take the immediate and appropriate measures to put an end to this.
2003-12-22 Dr. T. Tamburello USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sisley Aragon-Milroy USA (enter comments here)Please put an end to this horror.
2003-12-22 Merlynn Brown USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Julia Davis USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Steve Milroy Australia/USA As both a citizen of Australia and the United States I request of you to please put an end to this horrific practice so I can again be 100% proud of the beautiful country I grew up in.
2003-12-22 Lisa Wathne USA This is a sickening situation that Australia should be deeply ashamed of. Please put an end to it immediately.
2003-12-22 zak davis usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Johanna McCloy USA Farm animals are sentient beings who suffer and feel pain. Please stop this exportation of live Australian livestock immediately.
2003-12-22 Lyndsey Marie Schneider United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Julie C Tozer US (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Colleen Patrick-Goudreau USA It's amazing that human beings pride themselves on being compassionate and "civilized" but yet we've come so far from any definition of the two that we have to have petitions to beg a government to stop torturing animals. We're so far removed from true compassion and kindness. The animals have it all over us!
2003-12-22 Judith K. Canepa United States of Ame Please realize that these animals are suffering greatly, and that there is no humane way to export these creatures.
2003-12-22 Michelle Hendrickson USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jody Johnson USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Patricia J. Jennings USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Hiren N. Kara India (enter comments here) A humble request on behalf of the innocent animals to stop the live export of animals.
2003-12-22 Dave Welch USA
2003-12-22 aryenish birdie USA I urge the Senate to take into consideration the pain and suffering endured by these animals and ban the live export of Australian livestock. These creatures suffer just like your dogs and cats, please act on this.
2003-12-22 Sarah Mugford USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 claribel Meserve Honolulu What we do to animals is a reflexition to our life. Please stop the abuse.
2003-12-22 Dr. & Mrs. Steven Gross United States The cruelty of transport and the suffering prior to and during slaughter is shameful. Certainly not something that the decent people of Australia should perpetuate. Please help ban the live export of Australian livestock. Indeed, a worldwide ban would be best.
2003-12-22 Amy Lanou USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Emily Canada
2003-12-22 tiffany ritchie united states something needs to be done besides stopping the export or you'll be depriving people of food they wouldn't otherwise have.
2003-12-22 Caleb Wheeldon United States I am boycotting all Australian products of animal origin. As the political leadership in Australia you must recognize that the public in your own country, and indeed around the world are looking to you to make the compassionate decision in this matter. Ban live animal transport!
2003-12-22 Lynda Potter England (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Kelle Kacmarcik US I will not spend my tourism dollars in Australia until this horrific practice is stopped!
2003-12-22 Lindsey Wood Canada To The Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled, Please ban the live export of Austrailian animals. Much of the cruelty that they are subjected to is illegal in your beautiful country. Please do your part, and ban live exports. Thank you
2003-12-22 Kymberly Marr USA Please stop this cruelty.
2003-12-22 Daniel Kinburn USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Bernard F. Cullen USA I love Australia and in the past have looked forward to visiting. Unfortunately, do to this cruelty toward animals I and my family can no longer do so. I am the founder of a non-profit show business orgznization, the American Vaudeville Museum. WE have a number of members in Australia who receive our quarterly, Vaudeville Times. Although they, like us, are not involved with animal protection duties, I am sure they will be as appalled as we were to learn of these cruel methods of shipping and offloading. We know that the source for this information is highly reputable and above question. We implore your good selves to remdy this matter. Respectfully, (Bernard) FRank Cullen American Vaudeville Museum, POB 200772, Boston, MA 02120 USA
2003-12-22 Donald C. McNeilly USA Please use your good offices to end this barbaric process of live transport. When I learned of this, I was shocked that a first world country I had enjoyed as a tourist would condone such cruelty.
2003-12-22 Yami's Angelwings USA This has GOT to end!
2003-12-22 Eleni Milas USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 perry phillips usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Judith Renfroe U. S. A. Please stop the practice of live exports. There is no excuse on the face of the earth for these animals to suffer in this manner.
2003-12-22 Jessica Vignola USA
2003-12-22 Rechelle Ramirez u.s.a (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Patricia Shields U.S.A. When I am made aware of the persistent cruelty against other forms of life, I am ashamed to be a part of the human race. And we are the ones who are supposed to be more highly evolved? I think not!
2003-12-22 Joshua Blistein USA Animals have feelings just like us.
2003-12-22 Marjorie Conn USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Lauryn Williams USA END THE CRUELTY NOW!!!!!
2003-12-22 Leah Lambert Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Chris Ford USA End this now.
2003-12-22 Miriam Sakura Germany A friend of mine told me about this and I'm gladly signing it, in hope it will help somehow.
2003-12-22 Stephen J. Scala USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Vick Ryder England Please consider ending this inhumane practice.
2003-12-22 Daniel Burgess United States
2003-12-22 Christina casella USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Nikesha Abdool USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Melissa Choo USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Paul Maras USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Gabriel Cook USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 BridgetBartolini USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Juliana Bartolini USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Emily Khan USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Richard H. Schwartz USA as compassionate people, we should end all unnecessary abuse of animals.
2003-12-22 Debra Magioncalda United States Australia is such a beautiful country, one that I hoped to make a destination for study abroad. This is horrific, I can't believe it.
2003-12-22 Brianne Canada People these days.
2003-12-22 Dave Canada
2003-12-22 Ranjana Basu Canada (enter comments here) This is uncivilized and barbaric
2003-12-22 Renee Deuplisea USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Eleanor Robins USA Stop the Madness!
2003-12-22 Tara Lowe United States
2003-12-22 Cindy Horvath USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Benjamin Frazee United States blarg...
2003-12-22 Bryan Harrell USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Gaye Smith UK Live exports is so very cuel. I cannot bear to think about how much these poor animals suffer. I am ashamed to be a member of the human race when (we) commit such crimes against the animal kingdom. Where is our compassion? where is our mercy? where is our humanity? Please stop.
2003-12-22 Cynthia Smurthwaite Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 William Bailey U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Nadine M. Zimmer United States This is a barbaric practice that should be stopped immediately! The world is watching!
2003-12-22 Dr. Timothy DeZastro usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Chelsie Bardoni USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sean Sarajina USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Pauline C Patten UK I am horrified that this should be happening, please let 2004 be a significant year for a nend to cruelty(enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Erik Glyttov U.S.A.
2003-12-22 Richard Griffin United States Animals are not ours to use.
2003-12-22 Jessica Fortney Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 anne brinton usa what comment can i make other than condem the barbarity of such a practise. i'm sure these purveyors consider them selves civilized...consider again.
2003-12-22 robin hartman united states (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Abby F. USA
2003-12-22 Jen Bies USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 The Meinhardt Family US This (exportation) is barbaric beyond words. It's the reason we've boycotted travel to Australia for the last ten years.
2003-12-22 Christopher Greenslate USA LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE.
2003-12-22 Julie Ahern United States
2003-12-22 Jamie Uder USA
2003-12-22 stella maris magni Argentina I feel strongly against of the export of live cattle. In a modern society like i thought Australia was, is incomprehensible that the ethics are less important than finantial gain. Those animals exposed to the cruelest treatment and with a luck of respect. Please, review your ways and stop trading live animals. Sincerely Stella Magni
2003-12-22 mary de la valette USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Dana Valois USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Christine Morrissey USA
2003-12-22 RogerLee UK This is barbaric, why not slaughter the animals beforehand?
2003-12-22 Patrick McVicker USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Lorena Rodriguez Canada Stop this inhumanity!
2003-12-22 maura japan (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Pulin Modi USA
2003-12-22 Jerica Tamarin Meditz USA I cannot believe it, I've been learning about, witnessing and protesting legal animal cruelty for almost my entire life, and still, I cannot believe it. Please, just make it stop!
2003-12-22 Brienne Mayer Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Nicole Bellet Chile
2003-12-22 Tawny Santiago U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Christa Boolukos USA Horrifying enough that these poor animals are slated for murder, but even worse that their last days are subjected to cruel, inhumane living conditions. No dignity for those poor souls.
2003-12-22 Emi S. USA
2003-12-22 melanie moat united states (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Laurie Veatch USA Please consider that sheep and cattle are gentle creatures who suffer as we would if jammed onto ships and then having our throats slit while we and they are conscious. Please stop shipping live animals under these cruel conditions.
2003-12-22 Nicole Valois USA Stop this disgusting cruelty now, please!
2003-12-22 Benita Crow USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Jim and Ginny Hoverman USA Please stop the live transport of animals and the cruel practice of slaughtering them without stunning. How cruel can you be? This is unconscionable.
2003-12-22 Bernadette Sonefeld USA (enter comments here) despicable!
2003-12-22 Olivia Pojar Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Irene Chin Taiwan (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Winston USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Lee Gregory Larson United States Please stop the cruel practice of exporting live animals to South East Asia. It has to be obvious to you that these animals suffer tremedously -- please spare them of the agony and the suffering they have to endure.
2003-12-22 Alys Granados Canada
2003-12-22 Theresa Burgoyne Canada (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Nicolle America (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Elise Bryce-Johnson Australia Things like this make Australia look horrible. If our elected MP's have any sense at all, they would abolish live export.
2003-12-22 Mary Margison USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Karl Rensin USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Katie Lee United States No animals should be forced to endure these horrific, extreme conditions. This is sickening
2003-12-22 Melody usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 jane wells usa This is totally unacceptable. Shipments of live animals ANYWHERE must be halted immediatly. These extremely cruel and inhumane activities perpetrated on innocent animals are a travesty.
2003-12-22 Gina Seely USA Stop exporting live animals please.
2003-12-22 Heather Schofield United States (Please stop the torture!
2003-12-22 Mimi Gelb USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Eloise Forrester Australia (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Robin Mayne California, USA For the civilized country of Australia to permit such barbaric cruelty towards living creatures is beyond comprehension. Until it stops, my family will not be spending any money on Australian products, nor traveling to Australia. I will also make sure to make as many people possible also aware of this atrocity, and encourage them to also ban anything Australian until they stop this inhumane practice. The power of email. I can send this petition to thousands of people in less than 24 hours. I am confident you would like to have all of us continue to purchase Australian made goods and continue to travel to your country (isn't tourism one of your nations biggest industries?). Please stop this practice now.
2003-12-22 Barbara Bear USA Our very moral character depends upon banning these atrocities. PLEASE, do the right thing.
2003-12-22 alexandra calcagno Canada i'm shocked and appalled.
2003-12-22 Chris Link USA Consider the lives that you take for profit.
2003-12-22 Tamar Sherman USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sheryl Becker USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Dr. Meg Lainson, DVM United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Ashlee Allen usa
2003-12-22 Lauren Verruni US
2003-12-22 Bryan Hopkins USA Please help.
2003-12-22 colleen matthews usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 maddie usa this is sick and under no cirumstances should be happening
2003-12-22 tal ronnen usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Andrea Vasarab USA, moving to AUS
2003-12-22 Marti Ausmus USA Please stop this madness, for the sake of the animals that are suffering.
2003-12-22 Mindie Sivey USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Sharon Klein United States Please stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of transporting these animals to their death.
2003-12-22 Rachael Kassay United States
2003-12-22 Liza Lopez USA Please stop the animal cruelty.
2003-12-22 kay gregory usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Patricia Howard USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Lynn LaBauve US (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Mark Soja USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Robin Hummel USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Andy Koosed USA this must stop. it's like during the holocaust
2003-12-22 Jennifer Lopez-Boy usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Marian Dorn USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Cordale Jackson USA If we as humans can learn to spare these lives, at the end of the day the lives that we save may be our own.
2003-12-22 Lisa Kohorn USA
2003-12-22 Brent Armstrong U.S.A. Sick, pure sickness!
2003-12-22 Kristie Phelps USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Teresa Humphreys USA Animals have the same capability to feel pain as humans. Please don't inflict pain upon any other living creature. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Matthew 7:12
2003-12-22 James ben-Aaron United States This practice is entirely uncivilized and must be halted. There is simply no excuse for such cruelty.
2003-12-22 Mary Finelli U.S.A. There is no justification for subjecting living beings to the abject cruelty of live export. The eyes of the world are watching now. Do the right thing: Ban live exports and save Australia from further disgrace.
2003-12-22 Laura DiBenedetto United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Vivian Kenudson USA Please end this cruel practice at once!
2003-12-22 Kyle Lemstrom USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Milly Garcia United States Please stop the inhumane transportation of live animals. Animals, like humans, suffer in the face of cruelty. If such standards are unsuitable for humans, why do we make allowances for animals?
2003-12-22 Kaitlin Piraro USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Amber Berman United States This cruelty needs to stop NOW!!!!!!!!
2003-12-22 Richard Dworsky USA Please consider all the horrible pain and suffering of this practice. You would not put Your pet through such torture... or would You??? Animals and Humans have the same emotional states, only the ability to understand differs. I hope You can understand. Although I don't see many Australian products in the USA, I will boycott any I see until this practice ends, and I will ask others to do likewise. Vegans are not wimps! In fact, we tend to be stronger and healthier, and our numbers are growing every day despite all the propaganda against us! Only a Vegan diet worldwide can save the Earth for future generations of Human beings.
2003-12-22 carrie daviduk canada this cruel trade should be stopped its sickening
2003-12-22 Eric Gullett USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Mariel Anderson USA
2003-12-22 adele franson usa Please make this cruelty to living creatures a thing of the past. thank you Adele franson
2003-12-22 Alison Nimura USA
2003-12-22 Marissa Maland USA If you are compassionate, you will do something to stop this disturbing practice . . . please act sooner than later.
2003-12-22 sudeshna banerjee INDIA I feel the pain very badly. plz send me any further information of the same type, where my sign can atleast give a support to the dumb harmless creatures.
2003-12-22 ISOLT lea United States it is appalling that a country I respected Australia is doing this )
2003-12-22 Chanel Holman USA
2003-12-22 Jasmine Smith USA i wouldn't want to be shipped in a scrunched compartment, why should they have to?
2003-12-22 Walter J. Kramarz, Attorney at Law United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Judy Daviduk Canada Once voice is sometimes hard to hear /please join together to stop the torture.
2003-12-22 Beth Pollack USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-22 Victoria L. Cameron United States This kind of barbarism is unconscionable. When we will realize that humans should not inflict this torture on other sentient beings?
2003-12-22 Danielle Andrews USA absolutely outrageous....this MUST stop.
2003-12-22 Evelyn Larson USA STOP exporting of live animals it is wrong and you know it!
2003-12-22 Ray Xavier US Please stop the insanity. There are other alternatives. Today, there's no reason to continue to let animals suffer.
2003-12-22 David Bemel Action for Animals (enter comments here)
2003-12-21 Sarah Pieters Australia (enter comments here)
2003-12-19 Anne Ostberg United States (enter comments here)
2003-12-19 Mary Chesnut USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-19 Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D. USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-19 Mark C. WIlliams, Esq. US The Senate has repeatedly been presented with the opportunity to terminate the live export trade. There is no excuse for not doing so now, particularly since the horrifying nature of the trade has become public knowledge.
2003-12-18 Lorella Magni Italia (enter comments here)
2003-12-18 Tiziano Oggioni Italia (enter comments here)
2003-12-17 Nader Mroueh Finland Stop the Australian animals live-export !
2003-12-17 Alain Jalabert France
2003-12-16 Vltava Muk Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-12-14 Jose Franson Brasil For love, please stop.
2003-12-13 Miss Jarrett United Kingdom I am disgusted after hearing of the terrible way in which these animals are treated. It must be stopped.
2003-12-10 Alana Safer United States This is sick and cruel treatment to animals that are innocent, have never done anything to us other than provide food and clothing and cannot defend themselves against the thoughtless and selfish acts of man.
2003-12-09 Eryn D. Canada let there be no more
2003-12-06 P. Porter Qld, Australia Stop this suffering NOW.
2003-12-06 Amanda Escobar Australia this is disgusting. these sheep coould be used in australia for our much needed wealth
2003-12-03 felicity love australia (enter comments here) please think
2003-12-03 maryann fox USA i find this to be horrendous conditions. maybe we should do this to the leaders of the world see how they woould enjoy it.
2003-12-03 Cinzia Cartei Italy (enter comments here)
2003-12-03 Bronwyn Keith USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-03 Michelle Berryman USA
2003-12-03 shannyn s usa (enter comments here)
2003-12-02 Vera Resch Germany Stop the babaric treatment of the farm animals!!
2003-12-02 Annette Desor Germany (enter comments here)
2003-12-02 Lauren Hynan USA Please help!
2003-12-02 SARA TEGGE USA (enter comments here)
2003-12-01 Jennifer Donison USA
2003-11-30 carmela de luca italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-29 Linda Guerra Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-29 Heather Hayes Western Australia There has to be a better way.
2003-11-28 silvia martinotti italy
2003-11-27 Vanessa Bugg Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-26 Evelyne Gauthier Canada (enter comments here)
2003-11-25 Chloe N England No animal should be subjected to cruel torture and then to be slaughtered in a barbaric way.
2003-11-25 Marques-Verdier France (enter comments here)
2003-11-25 Silva Martinelli Switzerland (enter comments here)
2003-11-23 Bernard Jacquetin France (enter comments here)
2003-11-23 Andrei Tchirkov France (enter comments here)
2003-11-23 Vanna Zoboli Soliera (MO) (enter comments here)
2003-11-23 prevosto France (enter comments here)
2003-11-22 Shelly S. United States I think it is really cruel of them to send them live. I hope this petition stops that.
2003-11-22 J. Walsh Australia its disguiting and the australian government should be ashamed of themselves
2003-11-21 Cristina Cali Landriano (enter comments here)
2003-11-21 Rossi Emanuele Landriano (enter comments here)
2003-11-21 agnese italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-21 canuti ivano italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-21 Monica Trovesi Switzerland (enter comments here)
2003-11-21 Giuliano Sadar Italy Please stop live export of animals
2003-11-21 Barbara Dalmastri Italy we never can forget the individual dignity of the animals
2003-11-20 EMILIA COMUNE ITALIA (enter comments here)
2003-11-20 fiamma blandina italia
2003-11-20 Francesca Nuti Firenze - Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Francarita Catelani Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Francesca Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Laura Uselli Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 PORRARI REBECCA ITALIA (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 valentina brandolini italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Sabrina Piacente Switzerland (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 giusy memoli Italy STOP
2003-11-19 barbara dalcin ITALY (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Nicole Passendji France
2003-11-19 ursula Mazzucchetti italia (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 manuela Arioli italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Gisa Buhrer-Lucke Germany It is time to stop the transportation of living animals. It is time to treat animals as creatures with a soul and feelings.
2003-11-19 Alessandra Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Arianna Bottoni Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Serena Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Nicola Vincenzo Caporale Italy
2003-11-19 Dina Bosnjak Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Rebecca Freier Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 alan lock australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 melisa peladeau canada (enter comments here)
2003-11-19 Sara Houle Australia Please ban the live export of Australian livestock now!
2003-11-18 Francesca Gotelli Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-18 Sebastien Sarmejeanne France Stop barbarism ! Be vegan !
2003-11-18 Irena Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-18 Inga Kaschke USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-18 morena italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-18 Alessandro Zanaboni Italy
2003-11-18 Anna Maria Martinucci Italy
2003-11-18 Christine Rodriguez USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-18 francesca romeo italia
2003-11-18 ROBERTA RESTELLI MILANO - ITALY animals are lives and not things
2003-11-18 vincenzo cantone italy no comment
2003-11-18 Elena Lasagni Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-16 Renata Krsul Croatia It is time for humans to start acting like humans
2003-11-16 Ana Kersevan Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-16 Vasko Dokuzov Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-16 fatiha Bourennani FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-11-16 Simone Cairney Australia This is a discraceful practise & the people who subject our animals to this treatment should themselves, be subject to similar treatment and see how much they enjoy it!
2003-11-16 Ana Yong USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-16 laura g. argentina (enter comments here)
2003-11-15 Martha Rincon Spain (enter comments here)
2003-11-15 Andre Correia Portugal Animals are always innocent
2003-11-15 Jessie Joannides Australia putting animals in these horrible conditions is so completely wrong and we need to stop it as soon as we can before it gets an worse!
2003-11-13 Jane Kennedy Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-13 Brittany Finucci Canada I'd personnally like to see all those apart of this go through what those animals did
2003-11-13 Nadine Schmidt germany (enter comments here)
2003-11-13 Jesco Bohmeyer germany (enter comments here)
2003-11-12 Kelly Walsh Australia
2003-11-12 Danilo Iannuccilli Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-12 Joseph Pastore USA Our failed basic perception of animals is the most tragically monstrous void in all of human development. This is an opportunity for the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled to meet our moral obligation to treat animals with respect, empathy and compassion.
2003-11-12 Narelle McKie Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-12 Tracey paull Australia save the sheepies
2003-11-12 Marnie Johnson Australia There has to be a better way of exporting meat.
2003-11-12 Elena M Greece
2003-11-12 Renae Denness Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-12 Lisa Pelosi Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-12 Rya frost australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Hazel Harris Scotland No animal should be subjected to the horrendous conditions of live export. I fully support this petition.(enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Kelli-Ann Ferris Australia Please put an end to this barbaric trade. These poor animals do not deserve to be treated so inhumanely.
2003-11-11 Paul Good Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Natalie Jolley Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Tara Konstantellos Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 nick jolley australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 jeremy legg england (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Clair Hayes Australia The LIVE Export of animals must be stopped as it is cruel.
2003-11-11 Nicole Scollary Australia (enter comments here)The trauma these animals must suffer makes me feel physically sick, many tears have been shed for them.
2003-11-11 KERRY STACEY AUSTRALIA Totally unnecessary practice of transport.
2003-11-11 Lara East Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-11 Paul Maas Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-09 Kiren Couser Australia The live export industry is worth a billion dollars a year to Australia but no amount of money will make the cruelty and suffering of animals justifiable
2003-11-09 Serena Fermo Italy -
2003-11-09 Mr L Kerris Australia (Ban live export Australians do not want this terrible trade //
2003-11-09 Sylvia Laver Switzerland Until people show the world, that animal abuse and torture will not be tolerated, there is no hope for peace and freedom in this world.
2003-11-09 Asshleigh United States That's so mean and cruel doing that to creatures that can't help themselves! Y'all suck!
2003-11-09 Jutta Miller USA C'mon, Australia - set an example and stop this barbaric practice.(enter comments here)
2003-11-08 daniela zacco torino - italy STOP THE EXPORT OF LIVE ANIMALS!!!! IT'S A CRUELETY!!!!
2003-11-08 Federica Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-08 Francesca Garau Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-08 Rimedia Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-08 Jodie Jankevics Australia
2003-11-07 Lucilla Mattei ITALY the animals must stay where they born!
2003-11-07 Ana Nuno Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-07 Susana Couto Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-07 Mrs B Kerris Australia Ban this inhumane live export of our animals now and forever.This trade is Australia's shame.
2003-11-06 marco ferreira portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-06 Grace Holden USA Please stop this horrific, inhumane practice.
2003-11-06 brighid Rose england (enter comments here)
2003-11-06 Elisabeth France stop this
2003-11-06 kat united states all of that needs to STOP!
2003-11-06 Griselda Roberts Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-06 Leela Rottman Australia
2003-11-05 rosario caridade portugal the desrespect for another living beings must stop
2003-11-05 tanja rumenovic croatia I live very far away from australia but that actually isn't important because things like that happen all the time all around the world, I'm glad I can help in any way!!! good luck! (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 Vanda Imperial Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 ana cristina cardoso andre grilo Portugal the export/import animals live is cruelty. Animals are not "THINGS".
2003-11-05 Lane Reynolds-Reedy U.S.A. Please make every effort to stop this inhumane treatment of these animals.
2003-11-05 Margaret Barnhart U.S.A. please!! stocp this mass cruelty/torture/murder immediately.
2003-11-05 romali srivastava india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 kumud joshi canada (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 indra joshi canada (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 sonia sen india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 diana saxena india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 naughtu mathur india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 dimple wanchoo india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 deeksha varma india (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 Janet Ratliff USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 Rita Silva Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 Sally Gilchrist Australia It's Wrong!
2003-11-05 Ingrid Anderson USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-05 Karina Cutolo Miranda Brazil (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 C. Sipkes Australia I was under the impression that Australia is a humane and civilised country - obviously the continuance of barbaric practices such as this, indicates that I was wrong.
2003-11-04 Victoria Smith UK I believe that the export of live animals under the disgusting and inhumane conditions that current exist is abominable and should cease immediately. If this happened to humans the practise would have stopped as soon as it started so why should the government believe that aminals should be treated any differently? Animals feel fear and pain in the same way that humans do!
2003-11-04 Damir Ivancic Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Kirsten Dugan USA I understand that livestock is a part of human survival, but the treatment of the captives (animal) is horrid and should improve.
2003-11-04 Laura Mencherini Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 M.Magin Germany (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Silvia Danieli Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Andrea Patricia Brasil (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Judith Pressler de Pina Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Sylvia Laver Switzerland Until people show the world, that animal abuse and torture will not be tolerated, there is no hope for peace and freedom in this world.
2003-11-04 Sheila Ferreira Brazil (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Sandra Marina Maral Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Ingrid Hrga Croatia
2003-11-04 Paulo Daniel Portugal - European Protecting Animals is important.
2003-11-04 Sue Quarmby Australia This appalling practice has GOT to stop!!!!!!
2003-11-04 Theresa Geiran Australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-04 Julian S Punch Australia This should have happened a long time ago. Exporting Australian jobs and dead sheep are not in our best interests.
2003-11-04 CLAIRE MCELWEE AUSTRALIA This inhuman treatment of our fellow animals MUST be stopped.
2003-11-04 Jill E. Storch Australia If it is illegal here in a so called civilized country, why do we let these people slaugert in this manner. Is this why we are fighting in the middle east? Whatever you do to one of mine you do to me? Remember?
2003-11-04 Ngiare Elliot Australia This practice is abhorrent - it simply must stop. Non-human animals feel pain, grief and despair just as we do - their suffering MUST END.
2003-11-03 Lana Mihelcic Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-03 Masa Anicic Slovenia Such cruelties should be stopped!!!
2003-11-03 ActionAgainstPoisonng The Netherlands (enter comments here)
2003-11-03 Sabrina Schreiber Germany How can a nation call itself cultural and ethical and allow such painfull things? "People often say that humans have always eaten animals, as if this is a justification for continuing the practice. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from murdering other people, since this has also been done since the earliest of times." ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER (1904-1991)
2003-11-03 LAZAREVIC Vesna FRANCE Please stop these barbaric treatments !! poor animals are suffering like humans, they need compassion and more respect !
2003-11-03 Gary Collins Australia
2003-11-03 Prof. Dr. Dietrich Schwaegerl Germany
2003-11-03 Suzana Croatia No comment.
2003-11-03 Ksenija Svagelj Croatia Please help them!!
2003-11-03 Donker NL Letter sent to Government of Australia on 23 September 2003 Attention of Minister Truss Subject: Long range livestock transports Dear Mister Truss, Action Against Poisoning is informed that more than 50.000 Australian sheep on board of the Dutch vessel Cormo Express in the Persian Gulf are denied entrance by the Saudis allegedly for veterinary reasons. In trade of livestock such a stand-off situation - that leads to massive suffering and loss of animal life - is foreseeable. Long range transports, especially under current conditions are very hard on livestock. They are risky as they are obviously calculated on maximum endurance for a one way trip and apparently no alternative diversion included. Besides the inflicted suffering on "regular" transports, for these risks alone long range transports of livestock should be banned. If the recipients want to eat the animals anyway, ship their frozen meat instead. And spare the animals, the traders, yourself and us the suffering, humiliation and shame of such animal welfare disasters. In short, please stop these irresponsible transports. Yours truly, Action Against Poisoning Europe
2003-11-03 kersten Pt Letter sent to Government of Australia on 23 September 2003 Attention of Minister Truss Subject: Long range livestock transports Dear Mister Truss, Action Against Poisoning is informed that more than 50.000 Australian sheep on board of the Dutch vessel Cormo Express in the Persian Gulf are denied entrance by the Saudis allegedly for veterinary reasons. In trade of livestock such a stand-off situation - that leads to massive suffering and loss of animal life - is foreseeable. Long range transports, especially under current conditions are very hard on livestock. They are risky as they are obviously calculated on maximum endurance for a one way trip and apparently no alternative diversion included. Besides the inflicted suffering on "regular" transports, for these risks alone long range transports of livestock should be banned. If the recipients want to eat the animals anyway, ship their frozen meat instead. And spare the animals, the traders, yourself and us the suffering, humiliation and shame of such animal welfare disasters. In short, please stop these irresponsible transports. Yours truly, Action Against Poisoning Europe
2003-11-03 Ana Ceh Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-03 jj eck usa (enter comments here)
2003-11-03 darren taylor England (enter comments here)
2003-11-03 Mary Beth Velzy USA Stop acting like a wild animal with no brain.
2003-11-03 Paul Moxham Australia Stop Live Export!!!
2003-11-03 Yvette Watt Australia This appalling trade is indefensible on any grounds and must be halted immediately. It is Australia's great shame that these animals are sent under barbaric conditions to countries where they will be transported slaughtered in the cruelest manner.
2003-11-03 Catherine Silcock Australia The live export trade disgusts me, people who condone, even promote it, disgust me more. It is so barbaric. I am ashamed to be represented on this matter by a Government who are blinkered to this cruelty.
2003-11-02 Angela Haritakis Fleming Greece (enter comments here) A civilised nation such as yours, should endeavour to set examples instead of encouraging cruelty to farm and other animals.
2003-11-02 Franci Drnovsek Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 petra jelic croatia (enter comments here)ban the live export of Australian livestock.
2003-11-02 Giannetti Sara Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Borna Srebocan Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Duquesne Kathy Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Una Mikac Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Maria Seehusen SWEDEN (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Gunduz Rahimov Azerbaijan (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Lori Santos USA (enter comments here)This is a deplorable practice and inhumane. It must stop!
2003-11-02 Valerie Bailey USA To allow, not to mention profit, from suffering is never justifiable. Not only is the barbaric transport of animals inhumane, the subjected conditions are also criminal - two very reasonable and excellent reasons to put an immediate stop to this practice. I sign this petition to urge the members of the Senate to immediately, and without delay, ban the live export of Australian livestock.
2003-11-02 kathleen Beetley USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Emma Haskell UK (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 katarina kardum croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Lynn Mecum USA Unbelievable! Animals have feelings too - just look into their eyes. How can you justify this cruelty?
2003-11-02 natalie kopas AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2003-11-02 Peter Beck Switzerland Please stop the transport of live animals at once. It's cruel enough to kill animals for your consumption but it's even worse to still abuse them before killing.
2003-11-01 Adrijana Vidic Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 florence margot noblemaire france LIVE export of any animals must be STOPPED IMEDIATLY This ILLEGAL & BARBARIC treatment of Australian sheep, goats, horses, camels and cows is no longer acceptable. It just brings INTERNATIONAL SHAME UPON AUSTRALIA. You must be more & more conscient of your crualty & choose now to export meat : (dead animals).
2003-11-01 Matea Croatia I just want to say STOP!
2003-11-01 Martina Stanicic Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Joana Baldaia Portugal Because animals have feelings and it's cruel to export them in such conditions.
2003-11-01 Nina Cinkole Slovenia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Robert Pesserl Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Martina Croatia "The one that is cruel to the animals, cannot be a good person." "Doesnt a human rase, that kills billions of animals, deserve exactly the same treatment?!"
2003-11-01 Vania Recchi England (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Doreen Rothe Germany People do not have to eat meat. It is even far more healthier not to do so. So, to send all those poor creatures on those terrible journeys has no justification, at all. And, even, if we had to eat meat, there were other solutions.
2003-11-01 Gwen Ware U.K. Please substitute a carcase trade for the export of live food animals. Those shipped to countries where Halal killing is in force, suffer not only unspeakably bad conditions (despite the allegedly good protection laws)during the long voyage, but are subjected to an inhumane slaughter. Austraklia is a highly civililsed country - can it possibly allow live exports to continue??? Animals may not speak but they fell pain as much as the human race.
2003-11-01 Rachele Malavasi Italy (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Antonio Rodrigues Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Joan Garvey USA The abysmal treatment of live animals in transport is a black eye on Australia. The conditions for the animals is more than just inhumane, it is the worst kind of cruelty. If humans had to suffer this type torture, it would cease immediately. Animals are living, breathing, sentient creatures who feel pain and suffer just like other members of the animal kingdom, mankind.
2003-11-01 Sanja Salaj Croatia The way animals are being treated when exported and transported is the same if not worse as the way Nazis treated people when transporting them to their concentration camps. The way animals are treated on factory farms and dairy industries is just the same as those people were treated while staying in the concentration camps. If animals are God's creatures just as much as we are how can we pray to God and worship Him while treating our brothers and sisters that way?
2003-11-01 Evelyn Rohrbach Germany (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Stefan Ade Germany (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Diana Cartier U.S. (enter comments here) I was appalled to learn from the recent, well-publicized rejected sheep shipment to Saudi Arabia that this inhumane treatment of animals is condoned by a government-industry alliance.
2003-11-01 diana kopaeeviae croatia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 Craig Humphrey USA (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 leanne ryan australia (enter comments here)
2003-11-01 jackie wigh australia There is no justification at all for the live sheep trade. It is disgusting. This (live sheep trade) is going to be a big election issue and my vote goes to the party against the live sheep/animal trade.
2003-11-01 Virginia Abreu de Paula Brazil Such cruelty against animals are against the Declaration of Animals Rights and also illegal. Even if people don't respect animal for philosofical reasons, they can't disrespect laws. And the government has the obligation of respecting the laws.
2003-10-31 sarrazin joe france (enter comments here)
2003-10-31 Martta-Liisa Harju Finland from human to humane
2003-10-31 Sonia Vieira Portugal Let's be humane humans
2003-10-31 DI MCPHEE AUST (enter comments here)live export is absolutely apauling and should cease completely.
2003-10-31 lisa coker england
2003-10-31 Christina Babst USA Shipments of live animals should be banned forever, there is so much suffering involved.
2003-10-31 Vira Confectioner U.S.A. Stop the export of live animals or else I will never visit Australia.
2003-10-31 AMISTAD Student Coalition USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-31 gabriela lima Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-10-31 Mackenzie Slade USA The destruction of a single animal is like the distruction of the answers to the question of life. Animal asks not why we are here because it already knows. When all the humans are gone, who do you think will be left; Animals, that's who. Animals have been around for a lot longer than us and they well be around well after us. Stop killing the Future!!!
2003-10-31 Yessenia Dessis United States Please stop all of this tortures, and deaths to these animals. They have lives like us and they are no lesser than us. They deserve to live freely, and not to be encaged. Please stop the abusing of the animals.
2003-10-31 Barrie N Collis Australia How can we ship live animals to countries that have no animal welfare legislation and practice the most barbaric forms of slaughter. Wake up Minister, you are living in a fairy tale world!
2003-10-31 Audrey Elaine Collins Australia I am ashamed of this barbaric trade. Minister, why do you let your priorities ovveride decency and civilised behaviour?
2003-10-31 Bostjan Koritnik Slovenia No comment!
2003-10-31 Silva Koritnik Slovenia Stop this cruelty now!
2003-10-31 Jasna Koritnik Slovenia Australia has now the chance to prove its democracy! Protect the animals - for the people!
2003-10-31 Darja Golob SLOVENIA
2003-10-31 Misko Zajec SLOVENIA (enter comments here)
2003-10-31 Toni Bakota Croatia Stop that immediatelly!!!
2003-10-31 Jasmina Delic Croatia Stop that immediatelly!!!
2003-10-31 Jasenka Tezak-Stefanic Croatia stop this barbaric treatment of animals immediately
2003-10-30 Roswitha Folkers-Wein Germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Eve Dyer Aust (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Teissie Clementine France Stop the export of live animals, stop this cruelty.
2003-10-30 Elke Paus Germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Deanna Stoer USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Donna Bliss US (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 M Pelouze USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 P.M. Hegre USA PLEASE STOP! Your tourist dollars are at stake.
2003-10-30 Lori Williams USA
2003-10-30 Kay Raso Cook, Chicago (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Kurt and Marlene Hug Austria (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Jennifer Santo USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 Jodi Ruckley Australia Live export is inexcusable and must be stopped. One can only begin to imagine what each of those sheep and cows endure, it is heartbreaking!
2003-10-30 Pamela Rowe Canada
2003-10-30 h.walraven netherlands stop this animal abuse!!!!
2003-10-30 Gabriella Spezzano Italy (enter comments here)
2003-10-30 sujata,s.r. india if the austrlian govt. takes the initiative to stop tranport of animals, th einhumane handling of such animals will definetely stop. i request the australian govt. to stop all transport of live animals.
2003-10-30 Mark Herman USA
2003-10-29 Kimberley Oxley Australia Please don't allow for money and greed to become more important than the needless misery and suffering of millions of animals.
2003-10-29 Birgit Muetherich Germany Live exports necessarily include a massive torture and suffering of animals for reasons of economic profit. This unacceptable barbaric practice and the violence toward defenceless living beings have to be stopped immediately!
2003-10-29 Frank Greger Germany Ban live exports!
2003-10-29 Anna Truxes USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-29 Makensey Lee Cardwell USA When will everyone wake up and realize that animals are equal to humans? After all, what else are we besides animals?
2003-10-29 Ingeborg Livaditis Deutschland (enter comments here)
2003-10-29 Julie Schultz USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-29 Peggy Wareham USA This is inhumane and needs to stop!!
2003-10-29 Lisa Bennett USA STOP THIS HORROR!!!!!!!
2003-10-29 lori deradoorian united states of ame (enter comments here)
2003-10-29 akash nahar india Please let us follow the LIVE AND LET LIVE principle.
2003-10-29 Maija Julin Finland there must be another conduct your business...more profits will follow with honesty, integrity and compassion
2003-10-29 Sabine Bramall Germany Every Country should use their own lifestock. This would prevent the suffering that is going on!
2003-10-29 Romina Montesalvo Australia
2003-10-29 Dale Cochrane Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-29 Peter Scott France end this inhumane trade
2003-10-28 Sarah Evans Australia Can cruelty be justified by dollars? Let compassion intervene
2003-10-28 Lelia Cosimbescu USA Using animals for any kind of purpose, no matter how nobile or necessary it may seem, ultimately ends in their abuse.
2003-10-28 Ursula Condo Australia I am sincerely sickened
2003-10-28 Charlotte Kinnewig Germany
2003-10-28 Marion Loecker Austria (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Maria Austin Australia It is a national disgrace!!!!!! Karma!
2003-10-28 Brucker, Renate Germany (enter comments here) Be aware that You are really responsible for this terrible suffering of animals because You can stop it!
2003-10-28 Claudia Carius Germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Christian Runda Austria stop animal cruelty, stop animal slaughter!
2003-10-28 Suzanne Hagan USA
2003-10-28 Joanie Prosser USA THIS IS INHUMANE!! PLEASE STOP IT!!!
2003-10-28 Simon Validzic Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Stefanie Stumpf Germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Ellen Kerr USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Ellie Maldonado USA Please stop the heinous cruelty of exporting live animals.
2003-10-28 Andrea DiBartolomeo Canada (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Suzanne Merriman United States Please ban live export of Austrailian livestock NOW.
2003-10-28 Gudrun Froehlich Germany Stop this horrible transportations now!
2003-10-28 miwa kunz-kuwahara germany (enter comments here)please ban the export of live animals completely and donnot let the animals suffer any more!
2003-10-28 andreas kunz germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 hanna kunz germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 florian kunz germany (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 noriko kuwahara japan (enter comments here)please stop this cruelty to the living animals, who feel and fear.
2003-10-28 Thomas Wachter Germany Stop the exports of live animals forever.
2003-10-28 Agathe Boulant France )
2003-10-28 Kylee Wilson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 Joan Harlin USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-28 rebecca vinci australia of course, it is perfectly o.k. Money isn't it?Australians are hypocrites.We are so proud of being such an a wonderful country but look at what we allow ? SHAME!!!
2003-10-27 april may AUSTRALIA This inhumane trade must stop. Are all Australians to be considered barbarians by the rest of the world. Greed and dollars are causing untold misery for these animals shipped live - not only sheep but cattle, camels goats etc...even dogs to Korea. Dirty dirty traffiking !
2003-10-27 Dorothy Lavin Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 Barbara Rendell Australia (Please dont give up we will beat this filthy trade!)
2003-10-27 Nicole Bell Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 DEBBIE USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 Anissa Wismann USA "Of all the creatures ever made he (man) is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one...that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain," ...wrote Mark Twain.
2003-10-27 vicki heuman USA
2003-10-27 Marceline PAULY FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 jane halperin I am against any deliberate cruelty to a living creature. Any harm done to animals is done so because of ingnorance and greed. It is a a slap in the face of humanity and its creator to continue such cruel practices. Only those oppressed or desperate having minds of zombies and hearts of stone would permit this barbaric behavior.
2003-10-27 Diane Costello USA Please held do the humane thing for these helpless creatures. Thank you.
2003-10-27 Kelly USA Stop Live Export NOW
2003-10-27 Danielle Turnbull New Zealand I am appalled at Australia for taking part in such a barbaric and cruel trade. What's next? Human live exports? You would never sacrifice human life, so why do you sacrifice these lives?
2003-10-27 Kristen USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 Noreen Herbert Australia This trade is not only illegal it is EVIL. It belongs back in the dark ages not in a supposedly civilised country like Australia in 2003. BAN IN NOW.
2003-10-27 Peggy Barrar USA I recently read about the ships full of sheep/goats that were 'donated' to Iraq because the destination countries wouldn't accept them (% diseased too high)...unbelievable. appalling and cruel beyond belief.
2003-10-27 Phil Jacobs NZ I find the whole thing sikens me that people "so called human beings" can carry out these thoughts and acts .
2003-10-27 Stuart McCallum Australia Ship meat not live animals. keep the processing jobs in Australia. Very inefficient and cruel. Solve 'presentation' problems another way.
2003-10-27 leslie brockett USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 patricia rask usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-27 Mr. Bobbie Dee Flowers U.S.A. (enter comments here)Please stop this madnessof exporting live animals.
2003-10-27 katrina saunders australia
2003-10-27 Maryland Wilson Australia Ban the live animal trade, this barbaric trade in animal cruelty and suffering. Shame on you Warren Truss! for contiuing with your lame excuses.
2003-10-27 Robyn Clark USA there is NO reason at all for the inhumane treatment of these animals.The humans are the "real" animals!
2003-10-27 milinda godden australia please,if you could just forget about the $$$ for only a moment, you would feel their fear, pain & saddness.(enter comments here)
2003-10-26 j fallon australia thou shalt not kill
2003-10-26 Carmen French Australia Disgraceful - let's stick together on this one to make a difference.
2003-10-26 Vm Alex Switzerland (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Mv Samira Canada Stop exporting !!! please
2003-10-26 Lynn Trakell Australia (enter comments here) This barbaric cruelty must be stopped
2003-10-26 Lynden Faull Australia This barbaric practice should have no place in Australia today. Animal welfare is such a current issue that all live exports should be stopped immediately.
2003-10-26 Suzanne Cass Australia It is SO heartening to see so many signatures and comments. I read somewhere that when humans approach animals like sheep and cattle, their eyes register fear and trepidation; ample evidence that they feel and think - but we knew that. We are led by a government devoid of morals and compassion towards the defenceless. These poor creatures (especially those on the Cormo Express) have endured weeks of atrocious conditions, standing in their own excrement (they can't move), most will probably now be blind, and the lucky ones are those ones who died early. All animals exported from Australia (and other countries who participate in this hideous trade) meet a brutal, torturous death from people who are clearly savages, but whom the Australian government clearly likes to do business with. There is NO excuse. You cannot justify the indefensible business of torturing innocent, defenceless creatures simply because they have a dollar value. MAINTAIN THE RAGE. PROTEST LOUD AND LONG to the Australian government and media.
2003-10-26 jenny moxham australia (enter comments here)Live export is animal torture.
2003-10-26 brian moxham australia (enter comments here)stop live export
2003-10-26 Paula Westaway Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Jason Pell Australia I have a lot of contempt for the way our government has handled this issue. They should burn in hell for selling out these sheep to a awful end in eritrea. Regards Jason
2003-10-26 pam ahern australia this inherently cruel trade has no place in a compassionate society
2003-10-26 June Parker AUSTRALIA This barbaric inhumane trade must stop. Money for misery is what it is all about..truss Truss up and chuck him in with the next load shipped out, up to his hocks in excrement and urine.....and we wont see another horror ship go out from this disgraceful country.
2003-10-26 Jean Lally USA This is a barbaric practice. I will not buy any products from your company until you stop supporting it with using down for your products. (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Lynette Chen Australia (enter comments here)To profit from the suffering of animals is immoral. The live animal export trade is cruel and should be banned immediately.
2003-10-26 sue johnson maine, usa I have never been to Australia, but dream of doing so soon, yet I will not come if the continuation of live export of sheep and cattle continues, becasue....I thought there was an esteemed civilization of human beings in Australia, and that they would be inherently kind and compassionate to animals. Please encourage respect for your living farm animals (and willdife) and please make Australia a showplace of compassion and intellegent treatment of animals for all of us to visit and know.
2003-10-26 David Louis USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Mark Brown England This practice must be stopped from U.K. as well as Australia
2003-10-26 clemens schlettwien spain (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Joy Quinn USA They are living, breathing creatures as we are.
2003-10-26 shelley mckee USA Please discontinue the live-export of animals.... all living things deserve humane treatment & these poor creatures suffer beyond belief during transport AND after arrival.....
2003-10-26 aleksandra rigo croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 M.E.Rehbeck USA Please - this is a terrible thing to do to innocent animals! Please teach 'them' to raise the needed animals instead of having them shipped.
2003-10-26 Alyson Dawe USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Julia Carryer Australia It is way past the time that this inhumane trade should end. After the Cormo Express debacle there should be no hesitation from the Australian government. Not that I have any faith in them at all. in them at all.
2003-10-26 Amber O'Connor USA This needs to stop it is wrong and in-humane!
2003-10-26 James Parker New Zealand I whole heartedly support this petition and wish it well but unfortunately greed and the dollar will prevail. Prove me wrong
2003-10-26 Tara Lynch Japan (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Rheya Linden Australia (enter comments here) The live animal trade is barbaric and out of touch with twenty first century sensibilities. Whilst we condemn the Middle East for harbouring the willingness to use the tactics of terrorism against humanity we are providing them and other nations with the wherewithal, in the shape of sensitive and sentient beings, to practice terrorism on non-human animals. The trade should be stopped immediately as part of Australia's stance against global violence.
2003-10-26 Karen Nilsen Australia Live exports represent sickening hypocrisy and immoral priorities. Keep the welfare of Australian animals under Australian control. Wake up and realise that $$$ is not a legitimate excuse for suffering!
2003-10-26 Pamela Joy Farey Australia Stop this cruel practice(enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Wyndi Harp USA Please stop this cruelty to animals! Thank you for your support.
2003-10-26 Marilyn J Mangione Australia If current situations are any indication of how oversease live export is going to continue, then it must stop right now. Not one more shipment should go. There must be an objective enquiry into this cruel inhumane barbaric practice. How can we in Australia, who have laws against such cruelties, allow our livestock to go to countries where they have no laws whatsover relating to the banning of cruel practices such as we are now hearing about in the middle east etc. It is so contradictory. The United Nations should be brought into this debate and there should be worldwide laws stopping cruelty to animals. This trade in live animals must be banned. We must give jobs back to our own countrymen. Why should we cater to religions which profess to be the one and only truth, yet they break a very fundamental law of God, which is cruelty to animals. In the Koran cruelty to animals is against the law of ALLAH. In the Holy Bible cruelty to animals is against the law of GOD. Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Not just words, but a very significant statement. Beware all those who are cruel in any way to innocent animals, especially those animals which have been given to us to eat, especially those animals which we make money out of. Beware.Marilyn Mangione(enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Sally Australia Until this trade is ended, none of our political figures are worthy of the title "leader of a developed nation " !
2003-10-26 James Alastor USA
2003-10-26 Manda Adams Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 JIllian Bonniface New Zealand I urge the Australian Government to cease this type of trade forthwith
2003-10-26 Jeanine Davidzon Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 jeanine david Australia Words cannot express my disappointment in the Australian Government for allowing this horrific trade to continue. I was once proud to call myself Australian - Since I have learnt about live export, I am afraid, this is no longer the case.
2003-10-26 Lesley Gardner New Zealand
2003-10-26 Diana Sullivan USA Please help these innocent creatures.
2003-10-26 Debbie Beveridge N.Z. (enter comments here)
2003-10-26 Lucy Bastecky Australi I am opposed to the export of live animals for the reasons of cruelty to animals during transport and upon arrival where they are often treated in barbaric ways and killed in a manner which Australians do not tolerate.
2003-10-26 simon moxham australia (enter comments here)live export is immoral and must be banned
2003-10-25 Leah Sawkins Australia
2003-10-25 Roberta Betain USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 Rich Cook USA Dear Sir, Please take steps to put an end to the practive of live animal shipment without proper care.
2003-10-25 CHAUBET FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 Michael Beall USA This barbarism must be ended, now and forever. This is an everlasting stain on the Australian national psych, just as the treatment of the Aboriginals is.
2003-10-25 Koki Khan USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 Scott Wilson USA Why? Simple - the Golden Rule...........
2003-10-25 Heather Jackson USA Animals don't need to be treated this way...think about it, it's sickening.
2003-10-25 Walter J. Schmidt U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 Shirley Ross Australia This shameful trade must cease
2003-10-25 diana snow usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 katherine Alexander USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-25 Jon Hatanpa USA This is sick and inhumane. It needs to stop immediately. These aren't people doing this to the animals, these are savages who are far lower than any animal.
2003-10-24 Tabatha Ann Wheeler USA www.CompassionClass.Net
2003-10-24 Amber Phillipps New Zealand How can you sleep at night knowing you are allowing this atrocity to carry on? Just imagine they are humans, they can think, learn feel pain, and you have the power to stop the cruelty that happening to them. I am originally from Australia and consider Australia my home but with cruelty it's leaders just turn a blind eye too... It's shameful to call my self Australian.
2003-10-24 Erica Forman US (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Christina Borra USA Humans aren't the only species on Earth who count - we just act like it
2003-10-24 Tony Borra USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Helen Miller USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 S Kelley USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Ann Marie Sunderland USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Yossi Wolfson Israel (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Mary Weins USA We are all connected, and if we think we can hurt another person, or living thing without hurting ourselves, we are sadly mistaken.
2003-10-24 Nick Scholtes USA I am totally against these live export practices. As long as people can make money, we can justify and rationalize anything. Well, that's wrong. Science has proven time and again that animals feel pain and emotions THE SAME AS HUMANS. It is time to DEMAND compassion and kindness from those too greedy and cold to display such on their own.
2003-10-24 Kirsti Gholson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 karen l peterson u.s.a. this inhumane treatment of animals must be stopped immediately.(enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Sachiko Azuma Japan
2003-10-24 HEATHER RENDE USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Marla Rosenberg, Esq. USA Please reconsider your policies with regard to the practice of shipping live animals. It is time to re-evaluate our ethical obligations to other species on this planet. They are not here for human domination, control or exploitation. They are here for their own purposes. Please consider changing your laws to ban these inhumane, antiquated and barbaric practices.
2003-10-24 Liz Abbott U.S.A. (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Patricia Mulligan USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Dorothy Mulligan USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Robin J. Yager USA No living creature should have to endure these levels of cruelty and inhumane practices. I am appalled!!! Shame on you, Australian members of government. Someone have a heart, be brave, speak up and draft a law to ban live exporting.
2003-10-24 wendy lochner us (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Richard Kump USA Please Stop this cruelty!
2003-10-24 ZIRILLI Patrick FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Jan van den Brandhof the Netherlands (enter comments here)RESPECT LIFE!
2003-10-24 Euan MacTaggart Scotland (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 alice soliman usa (enter comments here)please stop this barbaric treatment of these innocent animals suvch treatment debases the doer of these deeds iit is extreme cruelty
2003-10-24 Ryan R. Anderson usa Please stop the live export trade!
2003-10-24 Caron Byl US (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Laura Beth Aaron USA In the broadest perspective, the highest ideals from the human race are mercy and compassion. Until we return to a system, or find a system beyond this capitalist nightmare that may be good economically, but rots the core of human decency and spirit, we have not evolved. All the money and technology will never ever replace the merits of goodness, and respect for all living beings. We have a strong obligation to change our eating habits to reflect our devotion to life, creation, nature, and each other. As long as we choose predation over peace, articulated by a vegan diet, no matter how artfully the dish is sauced or spiced, its still flesh and blood, and no matter how expensive the napkin is we wipe our mouths with, we still wipe blood. Cruelty, like war, begats cruelty. Grains and non-animal foods should be in those ships, not living, breathing , sentient, creatures. A shameful expression of human reverence for life!
2003-10-24 Yumiko Hosoda Japan Please don't close your eyes. We are responsible on how to treat animals, because we are the decision maker. They have no decision nor voice.
2003-10-24 janne sieben france Shame on those whose greedy appetites dictate death to fellow earth creatures, just because these last are too weak to defend themselves and because their cooked, burned flesh tastes 'good' in corrupt mouths. But until the human moral midgets wake up, and only because, as a minority, we who understand the true nature of what is happening, we are too few to stop them, then at least we can keep them from drawing out the agony they inflict. I still think we should put all meat eaters together and let them practice their vice on each other and on those who agree with it, not on those who have no choice. Then, when they reduce their population (and after all the cannibals have always told us that human flesh is the most delicious of all) when they have at last eaten each other into extinction, then the survivors can come out of hiding and help to repeople a better world, where all suffering is avoided, as a matter of course...
2003-10-24 Gina Newby USA Please stop this abuse!!
2003-10-24 Janet Enoch USA It is unconscienceable that this kind of inhumane treatment is happening in clear violation of humane treatment laws! Where are the enforcement authorities?
2003-10-24 Jan Cejka, Ph.D. USA Please, stop the export of live animals from your country and thus eliminate at least part of their suffering.
2003-10-24 Linda Shipp USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Elaine Aronoff USA
2003-10-24 Gwynne Beatty USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Masahioro Hosoda USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 rebecca troy america (enter comments here) it must stop
2003-10-24 Susan L. Trout United States Ladies and Gentlemen: I am signing this petition because I strongly believe in decency, compassion, and human treatment of all life. What these sentient, "voiceless" beings are forced to endure is unconscionable and is completely unacceptable treatment in a civilized society. It is time for all of humanity to let go of customs and practices that do not respect and protect and prevent suffering and pain to ALL life. Just because something has been done over and over again doesn't make it acceptable, especially when we evolve and come to the realization that it is wrong and inhumane. End live animal export NOW! Thank you!
2003-10-24 Tracy Allan USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Kim Urie USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Bina Robinson USA It's past time to stop the cruel and uncivilized export of live animals.
2003-10-24 Kristen Herman USA these people are really sick.
2003-10-24 Mark Rivers USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Lisa USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Janice Han USA Humans need to learn the act of compassion. Animals are just like humans, they can feel pain too! I hope those perpetrators of such cruelty will receive their just punishment. Obviously, they are devoid of any kind of feeling. Simply imagine how it will feel like if their eyes were gorged out and throat slit while ALIVE and CONSCIOUS!
2003-10-24 shanell scotland (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Susan Thompson United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 D.H.L. Gholson U.S.A. These deplorable shipping conditions are not restricted to the Australian sheep and cattle industry, but whenever and wherever revealed, action should be taken to stop it. Improvement in shipping conditions would even prove profitable to the industry, something one would think they would be interested in.
2003-10-24 william c kerr usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Delma S. Fleming, Ph.D. Puerto Rico (USA) This cruelty and barbarism must stop. It is incredible that a supposedly civilized country allows this to happen.
2003-10-24 Freya G. Alden United States (enter comments here)There is always a better way if you really want to be compassionate.
2003-10-24 Amy Kuzan USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Michele Hixon USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Steven Reich USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Lynn Walker USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Kaye Beiswanger USA Please stop live export of Australian animals.
2003-10-24 Tina King USA
2003-10-24 Christien Gholson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Darlene Hanley USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Michael McCaslin Jr USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Jonathan & Stephanie Norwood USA Please do not ship live animals. Who actually has the heartlessness to do this ?
2003-10-24 Ebony Watts United States Please stop the slave trade involving animals. It is our duty to protect them and to be their voice.
2003-10-24 Dawn Lowe Australia How humans can possibly treat animals to this unimaginable horror I just do not know, but we do all the time. I despair of the human race. The sooner we disappear off the earth the better!(enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Alon Kass Israel (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Jordan Elaine USA
2003-10-24 Paul May Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-24 Talia USA Stop this insane cruelty. Period.
2003-10-24 Nathan C Walker USA
2003-10-24 Ruchita Saklani Australia How can economic benefits justify the appaling lack of animal welfare and suffering these animals have to bear and all the money profited from is not even used in a small way to help them in their inevitable death, why does it not occur to those in the trade that there is no justification for pain and especially the documented cruelty in their handling at the recipient ports and slaughter houses that they have been denying for the last 40 years.
2003-10-24 Judy Smith Australia This trade is extremely cruel and unnecessary. Stop it now.
2003-10-24 Jonthan Smith Australia No amount of money warrants the suffering of any animal. BAN LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS NOW!!
2003-10-24 Paulina Toro Australia the exportation of live animals is definitely cruel and needs to be stopped now!!
2003-10-23 anika light australia
2003-10-23 Mary Max U.S.A. Dear Sirs and Madams, Please make the *compassionate* choice by showing mercy to your country's animals by bannning their live export. Sincerely, Mary Max (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 David Bowman Hawaii/United States
2003-10-23 Andrea Cimino USA This type of inhumane treatment towards intelligent animals such as sheep is unacceptable, especially for wool and meat that nobody really needs. There are plenty of cruelty-free alternative fabrics and healthier protein sources than sheep.
2003-10-23 Laurie Black USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Tracey McIntire USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Lori Genes USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Paul Peress USA Animals lives and freedom are as valuable and sacrosanct to them as our lives and freedoms are to us. Stop the exploitation, barbarism, murder, and immorality. Let animals be, and work on fixing your own problems.
2003-10-23 Kim Downes USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Suzanne L. Fournier United States Live transport of aimals and low standards for welfare of those animals are a terrible combination for the animals and a disgrace for the country that permits such behavior.
2003-10-23 Jana Kohl USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 daryl wise usa Stop live export. It is cruel and inhumane.
2003-10-23 Jennifer Hillman USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 debra harris usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Melanie Girton USA I have never heard of such destructive, unconscionable cruelty of this scale, which is so dramatic in its massiveness and dismisiveness of the suffering of living creatures. One need not be a vegetarian to be appalled. It's time we took a moment -- even a moment -- before we eat. If citizens of the world did so, our planet would be a much more humane home. Senseless violence self-perpetuates.
2003-10-23 Nancy Gordon USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Sharon & Tommy Athanasiou USA This is unspeakable. We must use our voices for those who don't have one.
2003-10-23 Marisa Miller U.S.A Animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures. They can suffer as much as you or I. Please stop live export of Australian livestock. Thank you!
2003-10-23 kathy petrauskas USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Lisa Hanrahan USA Please stop this inhumane practice.
2003-10-23 Ashley Smith usa Why is so little respect given to the animals that these people depend on for their "livlihood?" Shouldn't the laws encourage fairness to all individuals involved. Keeping in mind that all non-human animals are indeed individuals with needs and feelings.
2003-10-23 Deidre Marcus USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Jen Weiss USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Amanda Faye USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Sara Polon USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Christine Poliquin USA stop this crap
2003-10-23 Elizabeth Roth USA This practice is abominable and cruel beyond belief. It must be stopped.
2003-10-23 Jessica Levy United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 sebastian koch usa I would like to voice my objection to this practice of the Australlian people.
2003-10-23 Eva J. Lee USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Holly USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Monica M. Arias United States As humans we like to believe that we are the superior race,with discretion over anything else on this earth. But what kind of discretion is that of torturing defenseless animals?? I simply do not understand why money has to rule over everything else... Please stop the animal suffering...
2003-10-23 Beth Pollack USA
2003-10-23 Jennifer USA
2003-10-23 Mimi Gelb USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Lisa Kohl USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Rachele keith USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Stephanie Rose United States
2003-10-23 Georgina Nixon England Animals are defenceless, they have no voice and can not speak of the cruelty they suffer. It is our priveledge that we can. It is also our duty to put a stop to this on their behalf.
2003-10-23 Mark Torrey USA Please end this horrible practice!
2003-10-23 naomi gottlieb-miller usa (enter comments here) the treatment and conditions of those animals is horrific and obscene, not to mention inhumane. the criminals who are commiting these acts of violence should be held accountable for their crimes.
2003-10-23 tracy basile USA
2003-10-23 Janice Bassett USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 ralph smith us (enter comments here)the cruelty of this enterprise is beyond obscene . No civilized country should allow this sort of torture to be permitted .
2003-10-23 Jody Hanson usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Casey Comiskey USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Amanda Hannan USA go vegan! problem solved.
2003-10-23 Gail Clark USA Something *must* be done to stop this horrible, cruel, inhumane practive.
2003-10-23 Kim Prentice Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Brandi Marchini USA
2003-10-23 Gene Luntz USA
2003-10-23 philip kamin united states Australia (OZ)has a great reputation as a very humane & civilized Country. I am a concerned animal lover - of any species. I urge your Parliment to end this horrendous, barbaric treatment of your precious Australian Livestock. please ban the live export of your livestock animals. Thank You The Right Honorable President of Australia and the Honorable Members of the Australian Senate.
2003-10-23 Olivia Lane USA This is why we should nver buy wool again! Go Vegan!
2003-10-23 Carol Moon U.S.A. (enter comments here)The practice of shipping live animals must be stopped immediately.
2003-10-23 Karla Gustafson-Greenwood USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Rachel Lang USA It is absolutely inhuman to inflict such suffering upon animals. They are sentient beings, like us, and deserve to be treated with mercy and compassion--not extreme cruelty and disregard for their welfare. For the sake of these gentle animals--and the dignity of humankind which commits these atrocities--please ban the live export of Australian livestock NOW!
2003-10-23 Kristin Schmit U.S.A (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Linda Lemmel USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Hilary Basing USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Chris USA
2003-10-23 Katie Thering USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 JoAnn Peterson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Molly Hamilton USA Exporting of animals for human consumption is just disgusting and barbaric in this day and age we live in. The human race should be ashamed!
2003-10-23 Kaitlin Galbraith United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Laurelee Blanchard USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Matthew Alschuler USA A people, and a country, are judged by how they treat those less fortunate than they are. Our intelligence, and mastery of the planet, means we have the responsibility to care for these animals, not torture them. Stop live exports.
2003-10-23 Lois Rose USA You Australians can do better than that!! Let the Mideast feed its own people and stand up for a humane principle here!! (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Kate Deveson Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 melinda bashen usa it is wrong to neglect the sheeps.
2003-10-23 Alan Fong USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Marla Powers USA Cruelty in any form is absolutely wrong.
2003-10-23 Ursula Pelka USA All live animal trade has to be banned permanently.
2003-10-23 Patricia Jordan USA This abuse must stop.
2003-10-23 Jessica Kim USA Does anyone realize this is like the slave trade that we abolished what seems like so long ago? Doesn't anybody realize this is still going on? Animals and people... what's the big difference? Doesn't anybody realize that animals need just as much help as people do?
2003-10-23 Chris Anderson USA To Whom This Must Concern--World Wide, Such hideous live export of any animals must not be sanctioned. Surely this kind of treatment is not allowed; and then to dispose of a shipment of sheep that was not accepted--most likely because they arrived in such horrible condition--by causing them further torment, pain and suffering, and then just wasting them completely by dumping them at sea making the whole travisty of such a scandalous sales transaction pointless to begin with!! Please--fix it so this can not ever begin again!!
2003-10-23 Glenn A. Rees australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Cheri McBride USA
2003-10-23 ellen dorfman usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Thakur U.S.A. Stop this inhumane madness! These acts bring shame upon the human race!
2003-10-23 kiley blackman USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-23 Elsa Kim USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-22 Annie Muscat Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-22 Fiona Porteous UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-22 Snjezana Licitar Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-22 Renata Licitar Craotia (enter comments here)
2003-10-22 stephanie fraser Australia I am appauled to even think that you can send animals in these inhumane conditions of transportation and hence you must have no idea of the amount of suffering it causes to them. Just stop for one moment and think about what you are doing. What would you do if your own child was treated like this? Yes there are lots of people out there who share the same love for their animals as you do for your own child so just think about what you are doing to these poor creatures and how they are feeling.(enter comments here)
2003-10-22 Breda Marie Belgique (enter comments here)
2003-10-21 Suzana Grozaj Croatia This is horrible, but not surprising in this world where money and egoism rule. But all this people who signed this and similar petitions prove that something is changing. You can not neglect voices of so many people, voices of your conscience.
2003-10-21 Mladen Nanic Croatia
2003-10-21 Drazen Bukovec Croatia
2003-10-21 Irina Rebersak Croatia
2003-10-21 Nicole Borrey Belgium I detest people who deal with animals like objects but using them to earn their living is the least homo sapiens can fall. Will never visit yr country as too many cruelties take place towards animals.
2003-10-21 Mario Vukusic Croatia Stay cool!
2003-10-21 ines mitrovic CROATIA STOP the export of live animals!
2003-10-21 Kristina Slavova Bulgaria (enter comments here)
2003-10-21 Jonas Johansson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-21 Dominique Delanner Belgium you can judge a country by the way they treat their animals.
2003-10-21 Monique Maters Nederland Stop the export of live animals
2003-10-21 Vogelaar K. Belgium (enter comments here)Shame on You !!!
2003-10-21 Zoe van Gorp Spain stop this cruelness!!
2003-10-21 Sinisa Hajsok Croatia They who aprove such horoble action, should imagine themselfs in the same inviroment like those sheeps an cows. They heart will talk then against treetment like this.
2003-10-21 Edwin van Gorp Spain I wouldn't want to be in your shoes on judgement day! Truly ask yourself what the hell are you doing? Can you sleep at night knowing that millions of animals are being tortured in your name?
2003-10-21 Tanja Cogelja Croatia stop kiling animals!
2003-10-21 Neil Sanders UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-21 sharon joris australia money money money,is that what it's all about? would you put your family pet in these inhumane conditions? I'm disgusted to be an Australian - I thought I lived in a "civilized" society where morality and decency "usually prevails
2003-10-21 Anna Ljung Sweden Why are the animals no longer under protection of the Animal Welfare Act when they go out of the country? Aren't they still Aussies? Please end this endless suffering.
2003-10-21 Anita Dahlen Ljung Sweden Please stop the export of live animals - it is more than cruelty.
2003-10-21 Sanja Zupanic Croatia How would you feel if YOU were treated like those animals?
2003-10-20 Bernard Vjeran Franolic Croatia I am an activists with Animal Friends Croatia and I would like to ask you 1 question: How would you feel if you were transported like those poor creatures?
2003-10-20 de greef sabine belgium they must stop to hurt animals
2003-10-20 Chatarina Krangh Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Anne Scheving Denmark (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Lena J Sandberg Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Yvonne Hurst Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 ingegerd erlandsson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Herma Caelen Belgium One wonders how any civilized society can accept this way of making money!!
2003-10-20 Siw Agren Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Britta Agren Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Bonnard gougeon France (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Jelena Boromisa Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Brun Joelle France (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Git Johansson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Rita Carreira Portugal
2003-10-20 Jonckers France (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 bouriez regis FRANCE STOP IT!!!!
2003-10-20 snjezana klopotan croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Britt-Marie Thieme Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Arne Ohlsson Sweden (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Ozren Cuk Croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Ewa Thebo Sweden Please Wake Up! Ban all live exports and stop this short-term economic profit thinking!
2003-10-20 Jill Jonsson Sweden Stop! Animals do also feel pain.
2003-10-20 Lydia Antoncic USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Eelco de Rook Netherlands Stop the export of live animals TODAY!
2003-10-20 Rosa Mertens Belgium Please stop the export of live animals
2003-10-20 Karel Lauwers Belgium Stop the export of live animals
2003-10-20 Teresa DeCicco Canada
2003-10-20 Elli Kohnert Canada Cruelty of the kind described is unpardonable - especially for countries like Australia where citizens are fully aware that animals DO suffer pain and terror - and that humans are cmpletely responsible for the care and treatment of animals that are in their care. How can a country profit by shipping live animals - and losing more than half in the process - and who will consider consuming meat from those diseased and maltreated animals. Shame on Australia for allowing this inhumane proactice - and equal shame on the recipients of these tortured creataures.
2003-10-20 Maria Erlandsson Sweden Live end let live.
2003-10-20 tena samardzija croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Alice Brouttet France please, stop that horror!
2003-10-20 Chandra Littlewood New Zealand I think this typr of animal treatment is barbaric and unacceptable. In a world where we cannot even look after humans we still abuse animals and there is no reason for this to continue.
2003-10-20 Mr J. Fraiel Australia I think its completly violent & a waste of time & money off good tax payers, the government should stop this at once, if they have any sence at all, show some recpect for the living!! Make a positive change for once & start listening to the people of Australia. Do the right thing for humane reasons & not for money.!!!!!
2003-10-20 Carlo Consiglio Italy (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 ivana nucak croatia (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Bitoun Nicole France (enter comments here)
2003-10-20 Chrissie Johannesson Sweden
2003-10-19 Melanie P France
2003-10-19 anjeh france (enter comments here)
2003-10-19 Kelly Thomas Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-19 Merry Orling Italy (enter comments here)
2003-10-17 S Hastings Melbourne, Australia This is a national DISGRACE!!! Mark Vaile, the Hon Minister for Trade, is responsible for this with all his shady under the table deals. The gov should send him over to Saudi on one of those ships. He wouldn't last 2 days, let alone the 73 that those poor Aussie sheep have had to endure. This whole trade is repulsive and too cruel for words and it needs to be banned right now!
2003-10-17 B. Wellard Australia Please stop doing this to defenseless animals. Those responsible must be brought to justice.
2003-10-17 Bobbie Maton Australia No creature should be submitted to the sort of treatment that is forced upon animals less fortunate than ourselves. Compassion is where civilisation starts - please listen to our pleas and their cries.
2003-10-17 Catherine Pelchat Canada (enter comments here)
2003-10-17 Philippe Eid Canada (enter comments here)
2003-10-17 Pauline Broadhead Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-17 joan Skinner Australia (enter comments here)Why is it not possible for Australia to set up an abbitoir supervised by those who buy our beef so that they can be slaughtered according to their customs.
2003-10-17 Klara Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-17 Lyneke Onderwater New Zealand I visited your country and was shocked to find out that you still do live exports. I was even more shocked that NZ still does it too. I had thought that it had stopped.
2003-10-16 naomi oliver Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-16 claes belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-16 Andre France Stop being so insensitive Thanks
2003-10-16 Fabiola Arias Mexico I'm with all of you. This has to stop. I wish that more people will join and sign this petition but most of all I hope that this makes a difference. SIGN NOW!!!!!
2003-10-16 Rio Rossellini New Zealand It is time to stop this barbaric treatment - now!
2003-10-16 Cheryl Partridge United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-16 Leilani Meyer Australia (shame Australia!)
2003-10-16 CHRISTINE SANDERSON NEW ZEALAND sentient beings deserve better than this!
2003-10-15 Dave Neale United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 familie Meyts+Buys belgium (enter comments here)goodmorning civilization !
2003-10-15 Bianca Australia BAN LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS NOW!!
2003-10-15 Sharon Nicholson Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 Maina le glatin france
2003-10-15 nathalie france no matter how animals are exported, this really is awful! There is no reason to move them from one point to another but eating them... let's just stop it, then no one will be hurt!
2003-10-15 Uschi Wilmer Australia (enter comments here)No living creature should endure this barbaric practice. If we humans don't want to go through with this, nor should animals suffer through this.
2003-10-15 Gillemin Julie France It MUST stop !!!!!!!!!!
2003-10-15 Morgana Gore Australia I am absolutely opposed to the disgusting practice of live exporting. This cruelty revolts me.
2003-10-15 Raewyn Fraser Australia I hope that the Government takes notice of the thousands of people who are against this cruelty to livestock
2003-10-15 Elizabeth Humphries Australia I believe that all life should be respected and there is no place for cruelty or barbarism for animals which also feel pain, fear, playfulness, hunger, attachment even as humans do.
2003-10-15 Sharon Smith-Phillips Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 Rebecca Bennett Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 Liz Denholm australia If you can't make up your mind about this issue, just simply imagine your one of those poor sheep on that obscene journey to nowhere. Its a very slow journey of death from start to finish! The lucky ones died first after several weeks of standing around, to lie in shit and and fellow sheep walk (walking on the spot-as standing room only!) them into the growing shit pile. Australia is sinking very low indeed. Transport the dead in freezers, its much more humane than this attrocity. Think again and imagine what you'd prefer if given the choice as I doubt you would choose the ship travel even when supposedly done "well" and the poor animals are then off loaded to their slaughter!!! Stop this ridiculous & cruel industry now! The voice of many Australians are saying this, please listen.
2003-10-15 Mollie and Ray Perry Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 Cindy Ninnis Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 Marivic C. Cortes Philippines I thought we were the only barbarians
2003-10-15 Andrea Morley Australia Not only do animals continue to suffer and die on route to their destination, but they are often killed under the cruellest of conditions. Whilst Australia has legislation to ensure animals are killed in the most humane manner we currently have available, most of the export countries have no such rules and Australia has no jurisdiction over how animals are treated once they reach their port of destination. Despite assurance from the exporters that animals do not suffer and that death rates are very low, there have been a string of disasters which have caused unnecessary and massive suffering. Last year alone death rates were above the acceptable level on 7 voyages. Throughout the 1990s over 150,000 sheep died en route to their destination. I fail to understand why animals cannot be killed in Australia and their carcasses be exported. This would not only alleviate a huge burden of suffering, but it would provide additional jobs for Australian workers and transportation of the carcass would be more efficient. This issue must be dealt with to prevent further cruelty
2003-10-15 Liz USA People forget that an animal is a living being and not just food. They experience emotions and physical pain just like humans do. The only difference is that they do not understand what is being done to them or why and the confusion makes the experience even more intense. Imagine if animals were doing these same things to humans...would we tolerate it if we had the means to control it? Would you do this to your pet(s) or child(ren)? To me, there is no difference. I believe that all life forms have a right to live without cruel conditions being forced upon them by another being. I hope that whom this concerns can understand and please put yourselves in the shoes of the tortured animals. Stop the violence and respect that we as humans share a world with other living beings.
2003-10-15 Gill Little australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-15 BURBAN FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 margot-noblemaire france All these horrors will come back on all people who make actions that procure pains & suffers to animails or any living creature... Please take time to think about this & change your usual way of life, you will thank me at the end... through violence comes back all forms of violence...
2003-10-14 alison maguire UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Veronique van der Werf Australia Please re-think this extreme cruel practice. Thank you.
2003-10-14 Ascoet Britanny (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 aubert marie-helene france I read a letter about live export and i thing it's unacceptable and criminal nowadays that animals suffer such a pain; we could export animals without cruelty.
2003-10-14 aubert corinne france animals suffering is not acceptable nowadays; animals have the same rights as human beings ; we must respect and protect them .
2003-10-14 ESCALLIER Catherine France STOP IT !
2003-10-14 Delelis Sabine France (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Fambrini Coralie France (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Laure France How can we humans do such horrible things? Would you do the same to people??????Think about it. Stop it please.Thanks for reading.
2003-10-14 Alizee France
2003-10-14 Rosemarie Rousseau Belgique (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Danielle Liberton Belgique (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Galina Liberton Belgique (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 ennesser France Dear Sirs, Please ban the live-export of Australian livestock, many thanks in advance.
2003-10-14 annika swann australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 tracey mitchell new zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Linn Wiggins Australia If we MUST continue exporting our animals for their meat, please commence immediate negotiations with our trade partners to have the animals humanely put down and processed here in accordance with the destination country's religious protocols. This will at least prevent their suffering before their death. Federal funding for such a factory needs to be forthcoming.
2003-10-14 deidra sarego usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Shell Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 P Brooks Australia Should be stopped immediately. We live in a civilised society and I can not believe we practice this barbaric trade. Maybe the live traders should be given the same punishment/treatment bestowed on these poor helpless animals.
2003-10-14 Rochelle Bond AUSTRALIA (enter comments here)
2003-10-14 Carine Dos Santos France (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Laura Scott UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 robert van der werf netherlands (no comments needed i think.just be human.
2003-10-13 Jouve Fabienne France Have mercy on those poor animals, please !
2003-10-13 Patricia Ronald Australia This can not be allowed to continue!
2003-10-13 Carey Buttfield Australia This was barbaric before the animals became political pawns. Now if never before this needs to stop!
2003-10-13 Miriam Thompson Australia
2003-10-13 Lorraine Jones Australia I strongly bekieve that all live export of animals for consumption should be banned. Suitable slaughter methods are able to be put in place by people of different beliefs in this country without causing undue suffering that obviously takes place,
2003-10-13 Helena Harrington Australia Please stop this barbaric paractice now!!
2003-10-13 Reymond France no comment
2003-10-13 Richard Donato Australia What makes the Australian governement any diffrent than Adolph Hitler's rule in the Third Reich in WWII? they are doing exactly what he did, they are stopping the flow of information about this tragity, as it would damage them severly. Why are they allowed to control and monopolize the media industry in the fields of news and television? The government wants the australian people only to hear what what is in the governments best interest. if they let the news freely show what is going on, on these boats, they would lose their multi-million dollar corprations, and actualy be forced to work for a living. its also a fact that the people who own these live exportation corporations, own the tv channels. this must be stopped
2003-10-13 cluset constance france I'm very worried about animal suffering... we're supposed to be evoluated people but what I see let me think that we are more crual than ever...
2003-10-13 Nadine Lavalle Belgium STOP THE EXPORT OF LIVE ANIMALS NOW !
2003-10-13 Berger Armand France Animals must die to feed us but suffering is a non sense in this process.
2003-10-13 Super Tibaldokart France No comments.
2003-10-13 DE MAUBEUGE FRANCE Les animaux ne sont pas des marchandises. Cessez de les manger! Oui au vegetalisme ! Oui a la vie !
2003-10-13 CUSA Miron France (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Deleris Albert France
2003-10-13 Robert ISSENJOU France This article needs no comment. The way we treat animals, the way we are.
2003-10-13 Anne Dries Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Carmelo Cravotta Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Jill Gershen United States The transport of live animals for commercial use constitutes abuse and cruelty in their worst form. Unless animals are being transported with their own best interests at heart, it should never happen. Travel is extremely stressful for animals who have no idea where they are going (or why) and who lack all control over their own lives. In addition, it proliferates the negative impacts of animals introduced onto non-native soil (including, but not limited to, parasites and disease). Animal transport has serious implications from both an animal welfare and an environmental standpoint.
2003-10-13 Olivier Rafin France Ban the export of live animals!
2003-10-13 Coll Valerie France (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Cinthia Zizza Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 pinheiro france I'm against all kinds of exploitations, that's why I sign this petition. All around the world the live animal export is digusting and must be stopped right now or we cannot say we are civilised populations!! we must respect animals because no species is superior to another one and mostly not the human beings. we must be treat animals with ethics-moral and compassion; it's obligation!
2003-10-13 Laura B. Guilliams United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 John Otters Netherlands Animals live
2003-10-13 Catherine Moger New Zelaand This is disgraceful. No animal should ever be treated in such a cruel and inhumane way. Please end this now!
2003-10-13 Yolande Van den Bogaert Belgium STOP the export of live animals
2003-10-13 alicia mabel argentina STOP the export of live animals
2003-10-13 Elke Scholten Australia The export of Live animals is disgusting! Lets not do this anymore.
2003-10-13 Lolita Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Kate Jenkins Australia
2003-10-13 Suzanna Aydenian Australia
2003-10-13 Elizabeth Wade Australia Animals have feelings too!
2003-10-13 Alicia Susana Wasserman Argentina It's very sad to know such cruel treatment is given to innocent animals by supposedly civilized people.
2003-10-13 nancy shinn United States (enter comments here)It is truly barbaric to try to ship these animals for long journeys on the ocean. It reminds me of the slave trade of humans! Please have this stopped. And go vegetarian so that it isn't necessary.
2003-10-13 Michelle Thompson Australia
2003-10-13 Tanz Drewery New Zealand This is all sick and twisted ...would we allow any human being to be treated in this manner...? I dont think so!Have a little respect for the other living beings on this beautiful earth we were given.
2003-10-13 heather goodwin canada (enter comments here)
2003-10-13 Marcelle Rossiter New Zealand
2003-10-13 Lidia Cuoco Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Vesna Borak Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Laurent Dervaux france (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 beatriz mac dowell france (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Sarah Bromby New Zealand
2003-10-12 Francois Thevenon France Stop cruelty!
2003-10-12 jones richard wales (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 nerzic florence france stop live export now
2003-10-12 caroline howson france what is happening to the human race? how are we capable of inflicting such misery?
2003-10-12 Ammor Sanaa France (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Abrosimov Illya France (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Willemhulscher Belgium Stop cruel transports of animals now!!!! Willem Hulscher
2003-10-12 julien de jehiel france (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Harry Thompson FRANCE The recent ovine disaster in the Middle East must mark the end of this revolting trade, that can bring nothing but shame on our nation.
2003-10-12 LASSALE Sylvie FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 LASSALE Stephane France (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 vernon stuttard england The meat trade is a filthy, disgusting and horrific business in all its aspects. Every day is ground zero for these tortured souls; denied life solely to satisfy a taste preference.
2003-10-12 HUYNH Flora France Please be human !
2003-10-12 Derek Jackson UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Rebecca Archer Australia This is discusting, it must stop
2003-10-12 julie massoni Australia I hope you will strongly consider banning live exports as it is a barbaric cruel practice that is purely done for money and no consideration is given to the welfare of these poor animals.
2003-10-12 dom massoni Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 judy jenkinson australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 brianne hastie australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-12 Bettina van der Werf Australia These animals are sentient beings, not stock "units" Stop this barbaric and cruel trade.
2003-10-12 Peter Humphreys Australia This is just another symptom/side effect of capitalism and global economy. I think Australia has a strong voice and political position within the international community and that we should be setting standards for the rest of the world to follow, not standards for the rest of the world to cringe in disgust over.
2003-10-12 Sue and Tony Box Australia this cruelty must be stopped now, especially as other alternatives are available ie, sending frozen meat
2003-10-12 Sheree Holcombe Australia this needs to be stopped, it is horrible. you wouldn't treat your animals like this.
2003-10-12 magdalen Purcell Australia (enter comments here) I find it abhorrent that humans treat animals with so much disrespect and lack of concern for their wellbeing. There is no earthly reason why the arab countries cannot buy meat frozen from our country or treated to preserve. I can only expect it has something to do with the mode of slaughter, but why should animals suffer because of someone's religious belief. Find another more humane market!
2003-10-12 chauvet france (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 chiara tiberti italy let all the animals be free
2003-10-11 CELINE PEACE ENGLAND "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." Gandhi.
2003-10-11 Marielle van Westbroek The Netherlands STOP THE EXPORT OF LIVE ANIMALS
2003-10-11 Marta Ostrowski Australia It is embarrassing that Australia participates is such a cruel practice!!
2003-10-11 Mark Hancocks Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 Melissa McKenzie Australia
2003-10-11 Jillian Lang New Zealand Please find a better way.
2003-10-11 Susan Hanger USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 Peter Traynor USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 Nadira UAE (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 Eric Siero Netherlands (enter comments here)
2003-10-11 Jacqui Allen Australia This barbaric practice does not belong in the 21st century. Justifying it due to the money it brings in is just plain wrong!!
2003-10-11 Nichola Kriek New Zealand Show some humanity. Stop live exports and put compassion for the suffering of living beings before profits.
2003-10-11 Jane Rossiter New Zealand (enter comments here) It is unbelievable that in societies which see themselves as 'humane' and 'intelligent' that our fellow creatures are treated in this unspeakable manner.
2003-10-11 Bordonove France
2003-10-11 Oldenbourg France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Meunier leslie france (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Keith Daniel Australia Stop this barbaric inhuman practice as soon as possible. Support the farmers in the transition to alternative production with taxpayers funds
2003-10-10 Marie-Laurence Hamaide Belgium please stop animal suffering
2003-10-10 Pascale Tuijn Netherlands The liveexport of Australian animals must be stopped. People who are working on this barbaric treatment of animals will be punished in heaven.
2003-10-10 Rabin Jiawan Netherlands I will keep on supporting to stop the live export of farming animals!
2003-10-10 Zeena A. Panares Philippines (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Willeke Rookhuijzen Netherlands STOP THIS LIVE CRUELTY!
2003-10-10 Erik Ottens Netherlands Please stop this barbaric treatment of helpless animals
2003-10-10 fiamma Switzerland (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Tony Wardle UK (enter comments here)Any country which subjects animals to such suffering forfeits the right to call itself civilised
2003-10-10 BOUDOU JOELLE FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Diane Malpass England Please stop this torture now.
2003-10-10 Lawrence Armstrong France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Eduardo M. Enriquez Philippines boycott cruelty
2003-10-10 ORTAVANT ANNIE FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 beaujouan france STOP the export of live animals
2003-10-10 Benjelloun Younes France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Sebastien Arsac France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 PLAS CELINE FRANCE As long as men will massacre living animals, they will massacre each other.
2003-10-10 sanvisens toulouse (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 vanlerberghe vicky france
2003-10-10 Tim Ward England (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Deray France (enter comments here) It is a shame! I'm feeling so ashamed to be a human beeing
2003-10-10 Dufour Sonia France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Angelique France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Irene Siero Netherlands animals suffer too!!
2003-10-10 ILONA HEIJN THE NETHERLANDS (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Bouffet Julie France
2003-10-10 erriquez france (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Eleanor Bravo USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Thomas LEMOT FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Tjerk van der Veen the Netherlands (enter comments here) Animals are no products, but creatures with a soul, just like human beings
2003-10-10 association Douceur et Harmonie France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 pesci rose marie france Je suis revoltee par tant de souffrances et d'indifrences, heureusement que les medias nous informent pour que nous puissions agir en faveur de ces pauvres moutons, la souffrance de ces etres vivants existent et ils n'est pas question de laisser faire sans rien dire ils ont droit aux respect/ MADAME PESCI
2003-10-10 asso. PLATFORM EXPERIMENTAL France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Mantero, Maria Jose Pau (France) (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 judith ross uk It is utterly appalling that animals have to suffer unimaginable pain and terror due to human greed.
2003-10-10 sandra diris belgium go vegetarian
2003-10-10 Marc Bonnet France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Kelly Peterson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Blanc France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Sentenac France (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Jacqui Nicol U. K. (enter comments here)Such barbarism MUST stop!!!
2003-10-10 MARCOUX ISABEL TOULOUSE- FRANCE (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Tania Schraner Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-10 Frank Podrug Australia Cruelty to animals is one of the most significant vices of a low and ignoble people. (Alexander von Humboldt)
2003-10-10 Antoine Comiti France Animals are not our slaves
2003-10-09 Lesley Roberts UK This must stop, animal cruelty really must be taken seriously from the millions of people that fight against it every day, lets keep shouting for the animals that cant!
2003-10-09 L. Mainwaring England Live exports should be banned immediately.
2003-10-09 Bonnie Dunlop United States (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 luis spain (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Oliver Green uk Ban live exports now, it is disgusting
2003-10-09 lisa coker england (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Linda Byway UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Marjorie Pandi Greece (enter comments here) I represent The Ark, an animal welfare society in Corfu, Greece. All of our members are appalled by these practices.
2003-10-09 Maria Borremans Belgium Please for once, let compassion prevail on money!
2003-10-09 Angie Greenaway UK
2003-10-09 Anna Laprade England (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 V Buckler UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Joarc Geelen UNITED KINGDOM (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Michelle Schachtler Switzerland
2003-10-09 Renate Poppelaars Netherlands (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 jackie baut philippines (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Dawn Peacock UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Marianne Huiberts Belgium The real cause of this horrors is the woolindustry. Millions of sheeps will be sent overseas as "an endproduct" of the woolindustry. Please stop buying wool and meat and stop this suffering.
2003-10-09 Isabel Gonzalez Baetens Belgium Rights for animals now! We cannot achieve a better world if the animals are subjected to ihumane condition. First ethics than business!
2003-10-09 Morgan Heil USA How disgusted I am that people can actually do this to animals with their bare hands!! What heartless, loveless people
2003-10-09 Claire Mainwaring England I am disgusted that this barbaric practice continues, i sincerly hope that you put an end to this cruelty immediatley.
2003-10-09 Dorothy May Adams Gt.Britain Pythagorus wrote: "For as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain, can never know joy or love." To me these words tells it all.
2003-10-09 Moerenhout Monique Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Deprez Nico Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Deprez Laurens Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Moerenhout Liliane Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Paques Wim Belgium (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Nicole Verbist Belgium
2003-10-09 Eleanor Benduhn USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Dirix Vanessa Belgium
2003-10-09 Ellen Huiberts Belgium (enter comments here)Please stop this cruel live exports. It must stop now!
2003-10-09 Bernadette Regnier Belgium Stop this atrocity!
2003-10-09 Falcon-Legry France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 LEROUX Monique France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Heila South Africa I don't think anyone gives a damn about these poor animals. Money does all the talking. May all these animal killers rot in hell.
2003-10-09 Estiva REUS France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Myriam Vidick Belgium Please stop the murders!
2003-10-09 Karen Compt Australia This must be stopped now! How can we call ourselves a civilised Nation when we subject animals to the kind of cruelty and torture these sheep are suffering? This is all for money, greed motivates cruelty.
2003-10-09 Emmanuelle Barraud France Stop the live-exports of Australian animals !
2003-10-09 Peter Sweerman The Netherlands / Ol Australia, neglects thousands of its sheeps on shipment for weeks, Australia, clubbs and shoots 7 million of it's kangooroos, shame on australian authorities. The least I can say !!
2003-10-09 Lynda Hammond U.K. It is totally inhumane, barbaric and disgraceful that live exports are allowed to continue anywhere in the world. This is not the behaviour of a 'civilised' nation and it has been going on for far too long, it must be stopped.
2003-10-09 sanchez manuel france stop tah madness
2003-10-09 International Campaigns France Please stop export of live animals right now! Thank you.
2003-10-09 sasha moore uk (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 June Norris England How can a supposed civilized country allow this to happen. Wake up to public oppion and respect all life.
2003-10-09 Maria Lopes Portugal (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Russ Fletcher England (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Robert Hill UK What a sad and disgraceful world we live in. More examples of humanity's complete indifference to our animal cousins. (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Dominic Hofbauer France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Elizabeth Desaa U.K. live export is a disgusting practice.. have some compassion
2003-10-09 Joris Barrat France
2003-10-09 Annie Barraud France
2003-10-09 JANE HENDY FRANCE I am an Australiahn citizen living in Europe, and I am ashamed of the way the Australian government continues to export live animals to suffer torture and cruel deaths. During the First World War, Australian soldiers in the Middle East shot their horses to preserve them from a worse fate. 90 years later we've certainly regressed.
2003-10-09 Sue Willenbrink United States Please put an end to the inhumane treatment that these animals are enduring.
2003-10-09 Chau France
2003-10-09 michelle culver usa
2003-10-09 Schitt Loetitia France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Janys Chesneau France (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Votion SUZANNE (APMA) Belgium Please ban immediately the live export ofAustralian livetock.It is really cruel and barbaric.
2003-10-09 jeanne leonarski france (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Adele Christine Florendo USA
2003-10-09 manon proulx canada stop cruelty toward animals !
2003-10-09 Anne Robson Canada The thinking man must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice, we must avoid brining torment and injury into the life of another, even the lowliest creature. ~ ALBERT SCHWEITZER
2003-10-09 JORON Dominique Lodeve (enter comments here)
2003-10-09 Aleta Daley Okolicsanyi Philippines As Thomas Edison said: 'Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are stills savages.' This is a barbaric practice and gives the lie to any pretense at compassion or civilized behavior. Yet it would seem that Australia is continually guilty of this indifference to animals; the fact that animals are completely vulnerable and are capable of suffering seems always secondary to human expediency. Their coldblooded killing of so-called feral cats and foxes on the pretense that they are protecting wildlife is one more example of this ruthless pursuit of expediency. Spaying and neutering would have solved the problem in a humane and civilized way.
2003-10-09 Carolyn Daley United States This is a very unhealthy practice and I think that the matter should be adressed with the United Nations because it seems to be a case where neither country is accepting responsibility and there must be a lack of a workable solution to meet the needs of the countries involved. I think the countries need to come together to come up with a solution. Obviously there are many costs involved. Obviously the receiving countries need their import and what price can they pay for the product. Yet there should be standards in place for export. It looks like an opportunity for the Australians to create a more healthy Process for the livestock and meat product industry.
2003-10-09 annie mclaren new zealand why the hell are you letting animals suffer when its safer, more humane and more hygenic to transport them in meat form? i'm not a vegetarian, nor an animal rights activist, but i still believe that animals should be treated in a humane manner. why dont we just act civilised for once. is it too much to ask?
2003-10-09 Bousquet Jacqueline France Quand cesserons nous d'etre des barbares ?
2003-10-09 Maretti Geelen Australia All things on and of this earth are god's creatures. We all have the same rights. Sheep have the right to be treated with respect and compassion.
2003-10-09 Leo Philippines Why the f*** do they treat those animals that way? Even though they are livestock and are really meant to be slaughtered for their meat, they have the right not to get that sort of atrocities especially coming from the people who benefit from their products.
2003-10-09 Belinda Jones New Zealand This is a barbaric practice and it needs to stop immediately. Please end live animal exports.
2003-10-09 Anita Potter USA This is just plain wrong and needs to be stopped. Animals have feelings too you know.
2003-10-09 Lobrecht France
2003-10-09 Catherine Bitoun France Be vegan !
2003-10-09 Labro France to those who make this criminal choice Please stop making awful choice, stop making torture to million of innocent and sensible creatures, please take conscience of the suffering of others, just think a little about this
2003-10-09 Veronica Titchener United Kingdom (Your attitude to animals disgusts me have you now compassion or do you not feel any shame at what is happening to sheep exports from your countryenter comments here)
2003-10-09 Penelope Georgiadou Germany Guilty is someone who does something and even more someone knowing about this and not doing anything against!
2003-10-09 Christine Georgiadou Griechenland stop this please!!!
2003-10-09 Martin Theissler Germany stop!!!
2003-10-09 Oleksander Barskyy Germany stop
2003-10-08 Beth Webster New Zealand Every support for this Australian initiative.
2003-10-08 Mary Alice Pollard, UK In this day and age there is no need for this kind of treatment of animals - if we must export DO IT AFTER THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN HUMANELY (?) killed and transport the meat frozen ! Keep our animals home ! We are against the live transportation of animals, at home, and abroad !
2003-10-08 Fiona Blackmore New Zealand Yet another example of abhorrent large-scale animal abuse for profit. The Australian Government MUST end this practice, the inherrent cruelty of which has been well publicised by the Cormo Express disaster. Death statistics alone speak for themselves. The export of live animals is indefensible.
2003-10-08 Patricia Serbanoiu Romania (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Carmena Serbanoiu Romania (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Mihai paraschiv Romania (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Kathleen Bourne Australia
2003-10-08 Sandra Wijnveldt Holland We need to stop these barbaric practises! In live the Golden Rule is to treat other living beings like you would like to be treated, I am sure you wouldn't want to be treated in such an evil way!
2003-10-08 Luke Mitchell New Zealand
2003-10-08 Kelly Potts USA Animals have rights and feelings to.Leave them alone.
2003-10-08 Nancy Janes United States You can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat their animals. Please be compassionate to them. If not for the grace of God, their go you and I. Please do not send food animals(enter comments here)
2003-10-08 carlo faillace italy As President of PROEQUO, an organization for the protection of horses, we are extremeli sensitive to the sufference caused by the transportation of live animals.
2003-10-08 twodogs uk Do we really have to eport live animals and put them under such stressfull conditions?
2003-10-08 Mary Stuart U K The transport of live animals is inhumane and a disgrace. It must stop.
2003-10-08 Julia Sharp USA This barbaric practice of shipping live animals must stop. It is indecent, sickening, and beyond cruel.
2003-10-08 Martin Everard New Zealand This disgusting practice must STOP!!!
2003-10-08 Margaret Anne Wilson Boyle New Zealand
2003-10-08 linda furness united kingdom Help aniamls, help yourself, help the environment = GO VEGAN
2003-10-08 linda furness united kingdom Help animals, help yourself, help the environment = GO VEGAN
2003-10-08 lee niesig usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 River Wudlac Eirtree USA
2003-10-08 Jo Robertson England (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Paul Lloyd UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Chris Deacon England Having been involved in campaigns against the live animal exports trade in the UK, I realise what a cruel, barbaric and unnecessary trade it is. If farm animals are to be exported there is no excuse for not slaughtering them as close as possible to the farm on which they are reared and exporting them on the hook, and not on the hoof. I say this as a commited vegetarian and despite knowing there is no such thing as humane slaughter.
2003-10-08 Bani Ogando USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 Martin Morgan UK The evolution towards a vegetarian diet is the only hope for survival of our species since it takes more enery to create a pound of meat than you get from eating it. Stop eating animals & you will stop this barbaric trade
2003-10-08 Yvonne Nicola UK Stop this obscene treatment of animals. Put compassion before greed.
2003-10-08 Kevin England I'm vegetarian for 40 years. I agree. There is a good, solid argument to back up your sentiments. Use it to good affect.
2003-10-08 Luree Dell-Bryan Canada Shame on Australia! I thought you were a civilized, caring country.
2003-10-08 Noreen Folzman USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-08 jeanette blackburn New Zealand The shipping of live animals for export is a cruel and barbaric practice which must be stopped immediately. I live in hope that love for all humanity will override financial greed.
2003-10-08 Phil Clayton New Zealand on behalf of the NZ Anti-Vivisection Society Inc
2003-10-08 Susan Averiss Canada It is bad enough that we treat animals so inhumanely but to cause the added suffering of "live shipping" is totally barbaric. IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!
2003-10-08 Mark Dent UK This practice is a disgrace and in the 21st year why the hell is something that is so cruel still being permitted- the fact that Australia is responsible has just changed my mind regarding going there for my holiday.
2003-10-08 Dennis Olsen Canada This inhumane practice of transporting live Animals must be stopped at once.
2003-10-08 Betty J. Herner United States Please stop this insanity with your live exports of animals.You have no compassion
2003-10-08 Dianne Aldan Canada This is deliberate inhumane treatment of animals and will NOT be tolerated. Please stop this cruel treatment of animals IMMEDIATELY!
2003-10-08 Lori Meitzen USA I am horrified of the treatment of these innocent animals and the INHUMANE conditions they are FORCED to endure. I STRONGLY OPPOSE the live export of Australian animals, as well as any animal from any country. Not one single animal should be made to suffer but should be treated with respect and love. The treatment and slaughter of these helpless animals is BARBARIC!
2003-10-08 sharon mcknight usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Claudia Althoff Germany This has to be stopped
2003-10-07 Lynda Durbin Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 A.Murray New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Helen Tucker UK This trade should be stopped.
2003-10-07 julia whitfield united states (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Craig Omundsen New Zealand How can you people sleep at night?
2003-10-07 Jill Munn England (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Jill Munn England end this cruelty now
2003-10-07 Alison McMahan USA This is sick and wrong, who could do this to a living being?
2003-10-07 Ken Dixon New Zealand If we want to move foward and break the circle of violence in our communities, then this is part of that progression, compassion for all life(enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Claire Robson New Zealand As a vegetarian and an ardent animal-rights supporter, I find the export of live animals absolutely horrific. I am amazed that this barbaric practice is even happening at all, in this day and age. I desperately urge you to stop sending these animals (who have had enough suffering already), onto one of these 'death ships'. There is absolutely nothing right about this whole practice, and the whole thing sickens me, and many others I know (regardless of whether they eat meat, or even like animals). Please put a stop to this exportation of animals now!
2003-10-07 jhoan cruz manila, philippines STOP THE EXPORT OF LIVE ANIMALS.
2003-10-07 Justin Sloan New Zealand STOP IT!
2003-10-07 cyndi federico usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 carol new zealand ban livestock export
2003-10-07 Pieta Louise Gray New Zealand This is a cruel and inhumane way to treat living creatures, it is your responsibility to ensure the minimal suffering of these animals.
2003-10-07 Annie Bateman New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 Matthew Sandrey New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-07 sharon singer new zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Dr and Mrs Richard Griffiths New Zealand Wake up Truss et al.That includes you Johnny H. The weight of decent public opinion is firmly against this monstrous practice, yet still you remain determined to protect this industry come what may. As a doctor I'd give my right arm to have you on my examination couch to dish out a bit of your type of compassion. If only.
2003-10-06 heather cheetham New Zealand There is no excuse for live animal export, I strongly oppose the practise and it should be banned immediatley
2003-10-06 glenn cheetham New Zealand This barbaric pratise should be banned immediatley. there is no excuse for such things to happen in this day and age
2003-10-06 heather illingsworth New Zealand This barbaric process should be banned immediately, there is no need for such practises
2003-10-06 walter eades New Zealand I completly oppose live shipments of animals
2003-10-06 hazel eades New Zealand Live animal shipments should be banned immediately
2003-10-06 Heather Anne Cheetham New Zealand This cruel practise of live animal shipments should be banned at once
2003-10-06 John Livesey New Zealand Meat eating is causing an ecological disaster.
2003-10-06 Jody Moran Britain (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Eric Wolff New Zealand What I have to say about this appalling event shadows in to insignificance when compared to the following quotes... The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery. Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet) My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt. Anna Sewell (author)
2003-10-06 B M UNN ENGLAND (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Elva Day New Zealand (enter comments here)If we want to stop terrorism we must stop acting as terrorists without thought, concern or compassion. Stop this abhorrent practice now.
2003-10-06 Louise Matthews New Zealand Live exports must cease immediately due to the extreme pain,misery and suffering endured by animals for prolonged periods. This cruelty is unconscionable. Please bring an end to it.
2003-10-06 Peter Cupstand New Zealand The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, has officially condoned this atrocity. Mr Howard has the power to stop this cruelty happening, both now and in the future, yet does not and will not. The Australian PM has had his chance to be a good and decent citizen, but has turned that opportunity down. Put quite simply, the animals imprisoned on this ship are suffering a living and dying hell, something Mr Howard will not have to encounter until he leaves this mortal coil many years hence, as do we all. From that day forth he will not go to heaven, but will rot in hell for all of eternity for his cognizance in this matter.
2003-10-06 Ann Danae Martin New Zealand Please STOP this appalling and cruel practice at once. Any society and government which calls itself civilised should never be involved in the infliction of suffering on animals. Australia should hang its head in shame.
2003-10-06 Mr & Mrs J. Fleming New Zealand The export of live animals to 3rd world countries is an evil and totally unacceptable practice. We call on you to bring it to a swift end.
2003-10-06 Gordon Simpson England Animal rights are consistently ignored, please take time to consider this issue.
2003-10-06 Sitti Aishah Binte Yusof Singapore please stop cruelty to animals!
2003-10-06 Dawna Grant Canada "I believe that, as long as man tortures and kills animals, he will torture and kill humans as well -- and wars will be waged -- for killing must be practiced and learned in a small scale, inwardly and outwardly. As long as animals are confined in cages, there will be prisons as well -- for incarceration must be practiced and learned, in a small scale, inwardly and outwardly. As long as there are animal slaves, there will be human slaves as well -- for slavery must be learned and practiced, on a small scale --inwardly and outwardly." --Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, author, vegan, and animal advocate who was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp from 1940 to 1945
2003-10-06 sandra canada animals rnt soposed to be used for ne thing for humans exsept for us to love.
2003-10-06 michael stemp uk (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Devin Barrett Canada Thats sick!
2003-10-06 Anna Maria Klis Poland I strongly support any actions taken to prevent the animals from cruel treating. I hope the Australian government will do something about it.
2003-10-06 Mandy Stemp united kingdom (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 kevin o'connell NZ (enter comments here) meat is murder - 50000 sheep on a boat is not good stewardship of our fellow creatures
2003-10-06 Alastair Stewart New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 sarah wright new zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Mr & Mrs Radforth England Please ban this cruel practise. There is no need for live exports in this day & age. Its time the animals were thought of instead letting them suffer the way they are. Please Stop This Now.
2003-10-06 Geoffrey Coop New Zealand I think this is a barbaric practice which is only done to satisfy the barbaric practices of Islamic countries and make money from them.
2003-10-06 Gabriele Losch New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 Rachel Hawkins USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-06 virginia simpson australia live export is barbaric. we should be beyond this by now.
2003-10-06 Tiffany Olsen NZ It is inhumane to put these animals under so much suffering
2003-10-06 Anita Magill New Zealand
2003-10-06 Betty Pham Canada
2003-10-06 sara gylany australia how receive this petition just when the news of those thousands of sheep stranded out at sea on the ship....near the middle east i think and australia has to buy them back....?!!
2003-10-06 S Henderson New Zealand This is outright cruelty, all for a greater profit. There must be some other avenue more humane and viably profitable - just think about it.
2003-10-05 Rob taylor Australia horrific. You can not believe what actually happens to animals until you visit these countries
2003-10-05 Joan Jensen Australia Maybe more time should be spent on this type of activity instead of wasting time,effort and money worrying about puppies tails!
2003-10-05 Amanda Reid New Zealand This is an inhumane practise, the results of which would not be tolerated in Australia or any other civilised country. Do what is right and ban the live export of livestock.
2003-10-05 Annie Potts New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Nick Donaldson New Zealand
2003-10-05 Sarah Aitken Australia Have some decency, please.
2003-10-05 Marion Dibbs Australia BAN THIS PRACTICE NOW !!!!!!!! There is no need for this at all. Outrageous.
2003-10-05 alexia plent france (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Jean Jackson England The export of live animals is both cruel and unnecessary. The suffering caused brings shame on civilized nations. It must stop now.
2003-10-05 Lia Scaglione New Zealand It seems to me that if you deem these practices illegal in Australia how can you condone their use in other countries on animals that you have provided. The War on Terror should include every living being not just those you consider important.
2003-10-05 Ashley Davis united states I am discusted by the way these animals are being treated and insist that it be stoped as soon as possible
2003-10-05 Murray Barton New Zealand This sort of cruelty must be stopped!
2003-10-05 Gary Hills England Live exports is based n an exscuse that it's the only way to transport so many animals ecnomicaly, the truth is its cheaper for the meat industry who show scant regard to the fear of the animals with poor conditions on many lorry's to continue the practice. This trade caused by the meat lobby leads to the horendous long hours the animals travel. National Secretary, Labour Animal Welfare Society. England
2003-10-05 Kristy Birch New Zealand
2003-10-05 Shelley Quarterman New Zealand these barbaric and archaic practices must stop.
2003-10-05 Donna Adams New Zealand Surely it is easier and cheaper to ship frozen meat (if Asia has to be fed by Australia). Why must they go live?
2003-10-05 Melissa Young USA It is our responsibility as humans to ensure that we do not inflict harm on all living beings. Please stop the live export of Australian livestock.
2003-10-05 Angela Singer New Zealand Live export is damaging Australia's international reputation. It makes economic sense to stop this practice.
2003-10-05 Sarah Aitken New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Glen Real New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Fiona Brodie New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Glenn Boyle New Zealand NZ is no better. Both our countries are governed by what can euphemistically be described as barbarians.
2003-10-05 kaitlin usa (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Sacha Dowell New Zealand The exportation of live animals is cruel, inhumame and unneccessary, and should be banned worldwide.
2003-10-05 V Steicke Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Neha Ghose New Zealand please ask anyone who agrees with this sort of behaviour towards animals to imagine themselves or their kids being put through the same conditions.
2003-10-05 Tiina Vares New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Nicola Gavey New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Clarion Wells New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Sharon McFarlane New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Mike Love Aotearoa BAN THE FLOATING FARMS OF DEATH
2003-10-05 Maria Sheehan Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Athena Irvine New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Tanja Schwalm New Zealand
2003-10-05 Christa Coulter Canada STOP NOW
2003-10-05 Kerstin McEwan New Zealand
2003-10-05 Ingrid Anna Schwalm-McEwan New Zealand STOP LIVE EXPORTS!!!
2003-10-05 Tracey Hand New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Rosemary Allison Smyth New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Tim New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 sarah watson new zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Nicola Smmith New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Faye New Zealand For once, display any human conscience which you might have in the name of are already exploiting them, why do you seek to make their lives worse and more miserable? You should be ashamed of yourself.
2003-10-05 MyBirdieSky (aka. Kai-Laiya) ________________ I Agree! Let us put a Stop to it!
2003-10-05 Lee-Anne McDonald Aystralia (enter comments here)I believe that this is a cruel and inhumane practice that must stop. How long are the Australian Government and this nation of people going to let this shocking export continue. I liken the live slave trade of our very unsavoury history,the terror,fear and mortality rate,is no differentlive animal exports cause huge losses, the animals feel fear and entrapment. After a long sea journey, they may not be suitable and are rejected. Barbaric, this must stop.
2003-10-05 Michael Koefman New Zealand judge a person not by how they treat their equals, but how they treat their inferiors
2003-10-05 Jim Gladwin New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Erin Hutching New Zealand This practise is disgusting and unnecessary.
2003-10-05 Claudia Edwards New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Ute Engel New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Karen Webb NZ (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Beth Davies NZ (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Amy Wallace NZ (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Marie Grimsey NZ (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Graham French New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Andrew Atchison Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Callum Whiteside New Zeland (enter comments here)
2003-10-05 Miriam Williams NZ Stop. Please.
2003-10-05 Paul West New Zealand Inhumane practices such as this do not belong in the 21st century.
2003-10-04 Diane Smith Great Britain I am appalled that a civilized country like Australia can allow such cruelty to take place. Please take the bold step of ending it.
2003-10-04 Charles Wong Hong Kong (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 joyce harcus usa (enter comments here)stop the cruelty
2003-10-04 samantha USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Kasia Poland (enter comments here)It's a shame that human being is capable for such a cruelty! We know the pain so how come some people can hurt other living creatuers?! Let's hope that one day it will change for good!!!
2003-10-04 Deirdre New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Chris Harrowell New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Suzie Peek New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Cordelia Brown New Zealand australia and new zealand need to drastically change their economies into vegetarian forms. wouldn't that be a statement. i beleive it can be done.
2003-10-04 Elise Gauthier Canada cruel, unforgivable practice. legal atrocities are no less atrocities.
2003-10-04 Vicki Evans New Zealand
2003-10-04 Alison U.S.A
2003-10-04 Lynda O'Neill New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Phil O'Neill New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Kieran O'Neill New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Chris Beer Aotearoa New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-04 Tiffany Reagan United States thanks
2003-10-03 karen caldwell england For goodness' sake! Why in Heaven's name are these barbarians being allowed to continue the evil atrocious practice? Common sense and decency are basic human virtues, so the people involved in this industry are clearly sub-human. Maybe they'd like to have their eyes pulled out by thumbs or be winched up with hooks through their chests like those poor animals they are abusing. Get this sorted and stop the cruelty...that is an order!
2003-10-03 kirstine UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Carol Wilford England (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Jenny Lawrence England (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 soniarubano australia (come on ozzie-come on!!)
2003-10-03 debbie holman Britain Animals are capable of feeling every emotion and pain we feel, they just can't talk about it. If the people doing these wicked things had an ounce of compassion then these atrocities would cease. It is up to all of us that have this compassion to help them.
2003-10-03 Jim Morris USA Please help stop this cruel treatment of animals.
2003-10-03 Helen Burgess UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 joanne olds U.S.A. what a horrible dumb practice!!!
2003-10-03 Candy Perry USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Bernice Eckersley USA I am apauled at what I have just read about the shippment of these poor animals. How can we as human beings be called as such if we behave in-human. This has got to stop. This cruelty transends boarders and is a world wide problem. Only when we the 'so called' higher animals on this planet treat our fellow animals with kindness will we be treated with kindness from whoever created us. Sincerely, Bernice Eckersley
2003-10-03 Lori Adams USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Dawn Beahm United States
2003-10-03 Bob Baylis UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Jennifer Gustafson USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Angelique Hennessy USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Susan Skarsholt New Zealand I am appalled that in this day and age, Australia still continues this cruel trade. Surely Australia has enough initiative to trade effectively without indulging in this sort of barbaric practice which is recognised within the country as being illegal treatment of animals. Why is it that a practice considered inhumane within the borders of Australlia, is allowed to continue from its ports - in the name of profit? Please assist in advancing human evolution beyond its current barbaric state, and put a stop to such unnecessary suffering. In the words of Mohandas Gandhi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
2003-10-03 Joelle Belgium disastrous...recently i have seen the movie amistad and have understood the horrible pain of what human beings can do to others...i myself am a mixed european and fellt the pain that the world depends on animals cruelty isn't an option...we must stop at this at once before it affects tremendous frenzy to our community and safety of animals...let the animals live and rest like we all do...but not to be eaten and ravashed.
2003-10-03 Hayley Smith New Zealand ...
2003-10-03 Elsy Jaime Mexico (enter comments here)
2003-10-03 Paola R. USA This is horrible the way these animals are being treated. It needs to stop! Animals can feel pain like any other.
2003-10-02 john grater new zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Margaret Johns New Zealand (enter comments here) Totally unnecessary and cruel to ship live animals overseas for slaughter. Bad enough slaughtering them "at home"!
2003-10-02 Laura Hayes UK There is no excuse that can justify this kind of torture. Please use your power to make a change for the better.
2003-10-02 julie hart united kingdom this horrific treatment of animals has to stop. animals are not commodities to be used for our benifit, they have every right to live on this earth as we do. exporting live animals and treating them in such a way is unforgivable.
2003-10-02 Jeff Wilcox U K This is an appalling, illegal trade that discredits the Australian nation as savages.
2003-10-02 Helen C Brand England (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 christy USA (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Jacqueline Torres USA The cruel treatment of all animals in this world should be stopped immediately!! I would say the only people who perpetrate it would be an animal himself, but I would never insult an animal like that.
2003-10-02 trina smalley USA (enter comments here)What a shame these countries put their labor workers through. One wonders if the cruelty they show animals later carries on to the treatment of their own children. We need to teach our children that animal consumption is not necessary for our survival. I find this so upsetting.
2003-10-02 Lisa Ingram UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 william fisher uk This latest episode makes the complete case for banning All Live Exports When will Australia recognise the sentient status of animals as passed by the EU(enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Jordan Menzies Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Robert D Stainthorpe New Zealand We all have a responsibility to have our produce grown,harvested and delivered under the best conditions at our disposal. Especially true of exports.
2003-10-02 Frances Fisher UK If the world ceased eating their fellow creatures this dreadful trade would stop.(enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Mark Rocket New Zealand Stop exporting live animals!
2003-10-02 Arlene Buchan Australia Australia has perfectly good halal slaughter facilities that could be used to maintain a lucrative international trade arrangement whilst avoiding this barbaric and unnecessary cruelty.
2003-10-02 Richard Raizis New Zealand I protest strongly against the live-export of animals
2003-10-02 Virginia Holton Canada This must be stopped!!! It is sickening!!!
2003-10-02 Simon Paul Risdon New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Chancey England It is disgusting how they treat animals.
2003-10-02 Gabriela Zapata Argentina (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Bryn McCullough Canada (enter comments here)
2003-10-02 Fiona Campbell New Zealand As a member of a "forward thinking" nation, I abhor the live exports as I do in my own country.
2003-10-02 Angela Chapman UK This is cruel and unnecessary. Stop it now.
2003-10-01 Stephanie Granado USA Please stop this torture.
2003-10-01 kirsty boyd australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 kirsty boyd australia this cruel practice must stop now!
2003-10-01 Kevin White United Kingdom (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Malcolm U.K. People that send animals on these trips should have to go and suffer the same.
2003-10-01 Michaela Altman England No civilised country would allow live exports.
2003-10-01 Robin Clarke England This does the reputation of Australia no good at all.
2003-10-01 ADVOCATES FOR ANIMALS SCOTLAND, UK Given the long history of routine mortality and animal welfare disasters, we call on the Australian Government to end this shameful trade for good. To continue with such a trade in live animals is completely unethical when it causes inherent and unrelenting suffering.
2003-10-01 Yvonne Lilley England Please stop this cruelty now, in a modern civilized world such barbaric practices as live transportation of animals has no place.
2003-10-01 Hella Gamper U.K. If people stopped eating meat, we would not have these atrocities.Is it too much to ask the human race to show some compassion????
2003-10-01 Geraldine Ann Wilkerson U.S.A. "Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibilty."
2003-10-01 Aileen Vania UK Absolutely disgusting business. Greed for profits above any human compassion. I am sickened to the pit of my stomach.
2003-10-01 Catriona Toms UK (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Serena Ava Franco USA This needs to be stopped immediately!
2003-10-01 Sundari Poorun United Kingdom I think this is so barbaric it seems strange that we or you could let this carry on, especially in todays world where we are meant to have more respect for all life. This makes me wonder at the people we vote into power, whether you people or not. This kind of activity must be stopped.
2003-10-01 Councillor Julian Salmon England Would you ever want to be treated this way? They are doomed to die anyway, so why make their lives even more of a living hell. Is this the way they treat other human beings, with no respect for life? No wonder the world is so messed up!
2003-10-01 Ursula & Ray Bates UK (Animals are SENTIENT beings and should not be made to endure this horrendous suffering. STOP ALL LIVE EXPORTS - NOW !!!!
2003-10-01 William Maxwell U.K. The best way to end live exports: U.K. live exports petition:
2003-10-01 Jaqi Freeman England I am horrified by the cruelty inflicted on these unfortunate animals and call upon the Australian Government to stop live export of animals immediately.
2003-10-01 Robert Freeman England The Australian government should take a stand and show the rest of the world a lead by banning live export of animals now.
2003-10-01 AnneMarie Moynihan MSc (Hons), BSc. (Hon Britain The inhumane trade in live animals is set to end in the European Union in coming years, thanks to pressure from EU citizens. I urge you strongly to halt this evil business if you wish to include Australia among those who consider themselves civilised.
2003-10-01 Elizabeth Lewis-Cracknell UK Aniumals should not be exported on the hoof, but on the hook - there is NO excuse, in this day and supposedly "enlightened" age for the dreadful cruelty involved in this vile trade.
2003-10-01 viv morgan United Kingdom thank you for your work Lindy,there are thousands of people in UK with you, we will stop these horrible things happening in all countries.
2003-10-01 Aleve Loh Australia This atrocious practice must be stopped now. It is not good for the economy as well as animal rights
2003-10-01 Corey Watts Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Maxine Hawkins Australia I am horrified by the way that we treat our animals - all in the name of money. We are not a poor country and do not need to make our money from these inhumane export practices. Please stop this mode of export immediately.
2003-10-01 nicole sanderson AUSTRALIA This practise sickens me and should be ceased straight away without delay. Im shocked that our country allows this shocking display of cruelty to happen and continue - wake up australia
2003-10-01 Marcia Gilbert Australia This is such a disgrace. Aren't the live animals supposed to be in a healthy, calm state before being killed so that 'Halal' meat is edible as per the religious beliefs of the country that these poor animals are sent to. Well, you don't need to be Einstein to see that this is clearly not the case. Ban all live export immediately.
2003-10-01 Raymond Barbaro Australia
2003-10-01 Andrew Morrison Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Chris Watkins Australia
2003-10-01 robyn allan Australia I think it's apalling the way we treat animals for our own profit. Stop this live trading immediately please!!
2003-10-01 Sarah Mawal Australia ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!
2003-10-01 Daniel Power Australia I am appauled!!!
2003-10-01 Melinda Jackson New Zealand The cruelty is just disgusting!!!!
2003-10-01 Tenille Abell Australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Dr Anthony Raizis New Zealand The transportation of live animals is totally demeaning to the human species and can be condoned only by those without conscience. This unacceptable practice must end.
2003-10-01 jinji garland australia (enter comments here)
2003-10-01 Wayne Slattery Australia I can't believe that we allow companys to do this with animals. I am sickened, please stop this form of export NOW!
2003-09-30 chris whittaker Australia For God's sake, the sense of decency and humanity stop these barbaric and cruel practices NOW!! Surely no decent human being could honestly understand and actually condone such torture to any animal!! Such horrendous practices are beyond comprehension to anyone with a shred of feeling for another living creature. I am absolutely sick with disgust. Please, I beg of you as a fellow human being, please stop this torture NOW.
2003-09-30 Pamela Corsaro USA I strongly believe this process to be cruel
2003-09-30 Mathew Wills Australia What is the use of having laws that protect the rights of animals within Australia, if we then send those animals to horrific fates in foreign lands.
2003-09-30 Tracy Grace Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-30 Mike & Di Singleton Australia (enter comments here)We agree with all of the above and this practice should be banned immediately. We think it's disgusting to want to make any money this way. All persons involved should be charged!!
2003-09-30 Stacey Blood USA This is sick. Stop it.
2003-09-30 Joan Petersen USA cruelty!!
2003-09-30 Joan Petersen USA an outrage!
2003-09-30 Bobby Blood USA
2003-09-30 debbie smith australia (enter comments here)barberic
2003-09-30 Amy Schultz USA Please stop the cruelty. PLEASE!!!!!!
2003-09-29 Christian Dunham Australia Do you, your children, or your partners have a dog? Would you allow it to suffer this experience?
2003-09-29 Regan Somers Australia How could you have allowed this to happen Mr. Howard? Do what is morally right and ban all live export!
2003-09-29 James Porcello USA
2003-09-29 Vola Bass Australia (enter comments here)There has to be a sensible solution that is satisfactory to all concerned. Saudi's, animals, Farmers, & humane treatment to living animals.
2003-09-29 Dee Young Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Denise Hunter New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Kate Higgins Netherlands This is a sick symtom of human ignorance and greed. I fully support this petition.
2003-09-29 Lilias Macdonald Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Chris Blood USA Humans, humans, humans. I continue to assume that others would act as I would towards animals ... obviously not.
2003-09-29 Julie Hughan Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Cheryle Dean Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Jenny Lamos Australia We should be ashamed of ourselves!enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Luciana Montelli Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 R Williamson Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Angela Duff Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-29 Marie W. Wilson Australia In this day and age, it seems an extraordinarily cruel method to sustain any sort of export industry. Quite unacceptable!
2003-09-28 Lyn & Michael Mano Australia We are outraged; stop this horror!!!
2003-09-28 Dan Mc Donogh Australia The closure of Australian meat works and the loss of jobs in this industry should be enough to get any self respecting senator to concider baning this inhumane cruel and sencless practice it doesn't help Australias reputation to allow this cruelty to go on(enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Rena Scelia USA (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Lynn Iacobucci USA (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 john donnelly australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Kirien Withers Australia Economics must not come before humanity. Please stop this inhumane practice urgently.
2003-09-28 anne-marie NL this is somting that must stop, and i hope that it will
2003-09-28 Marc Brinkerhoff United States I am shocked to read the letter about the inhumane treatment of farm animals being shipped to Asia. These are trusting creatures and to treat them like garbage is so disgusting to me that I am ashamed of man-'kind?' as a whole. Please do something to stop the abuse of all the shipped animals. Until people understand that the way they treat animals is a reflection of how they treat other people and one will learn anything. Well I guess it shows us that we humans as a race on this planet have a lot to learn. I sincerely hope that the words of the many people writing in will be heard to help the animals who are innocent and voiceless. Please, do what is right and just. Thank you for giving me this time to express my views. Peace always, Marc B.
2003-09-28 Sybrenne vd Vet The Netherlands (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Oded Canada (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Anna Richards UK
2003-09-28 wendy neely australia this is a national disgrace, absolutely disgusting - i am ashamed to call myself an australian. who is responsible for this cruelty and when is the government going to act
2003-09-28 Chris Reardon Australia This is horrifying!!! Shame on the Government for allowing defenceless animals to be subjected to such atrocities. Warren Truss - get off your butt and do something!
2003-09-28 Fay Wehrstedt Australia I cannot believe that Australia can condone these practices. Live Export must stop immediately.
2003-09-28 Jennifer Probert Australia when will politicians make decisions that benefit, and reflect, Australians? BAN LIVE EXPORT OF ANIMALS
2003-09-28 Sharen Chant Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Jessica Kelley Australia
2003-09-28 Bronwyn Brown Australia How can we be expected to bring peace to the world when we can't even treat the most innocent of creatures with respect and humanity.
2003-09-28 Julie Marshall Australia I find this practise totally out there and can not understand the Governments roll in this. I will not be voteing for the current governmet if something is not done.
2003-09-28 Tamata Williams Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Vanessa Williams Australia - QLD I am utterly disgusted !! How can we Australians, ship our animals to countries that don't respect any animals wellfare or emotional needs.. How can we let this happen !!!! I am truely hurt and now scared - as an animal lover I cannot understand why or how our Gov could do some a thing - NOW we really know !!! I will not be voting for you in the next election.....PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY
2003-09-28 Rowena Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Fiona Mason Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Sally Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Dierdre Australia I am sickened to the core that this is allowed to happen and saddened beyond belief that it all boils down to the dollar!
2003-09-28 Kylie Rothero Australia Please stop this unnecessary, inhumane practice.
2003-09-28 Julie Barnes Australia It is a disgrace that this cruel & barbaric practice is allowed to continue.
2003-09-28 Donna Clearwater Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Sarah Dowie New Zealand (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Penelope Williams Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-28 Tara Thorne Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-27 Rhonda & Mark Barnett Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-27 Angel de Guzman philippines (enter comments here)
2003-09-27 Marianne Corriere United States Please ban this disgusting and heartbreaking practice!!!
2003-09-27 Connie Reich United States I find such treatment of sheep or any other animal abhorrable.
2003-09-27 Katii Blood United States This is just one example of the disgusting treatment of all animals that are slaughtered to please humans. It's the slaughtering that has to stop - then there would be no reason to 'ship' them anywhere.
2003-09-27 Beth Guy USA Stop cruelty
2003-09-27 Kirsty M Australia (enter comments here)
2003-09-27 Yasmin Sadikot Australia Maybe the people who enforce this export should be herded on a ship and travel like sheep and cattle. It mau give them an insight on how they might feel. It is absolutely disgusting.
2003-09-27 Yvonne Rivers USA Granted, the USA might not have the most humane methods of processing animals for consumption, but MY GOD, this is totally will history view this? Will they be ashamed of those who participate in these horrendous acts, or feel proud that at long last it was recognized as too cruel and stopped by those who are noted for courage...Austrailians
2003-09-27 Lisa Coates USA (enter comments here)
2003-09-27 Frances Diana Kinnear GoldCoast, Australia STOP THIS BARBARIC PRACTICE! All livestock should be humanely slaughtered here in Australia before export - our abbatoirs are closing down with people losing jobs.WAKE UP AUSTRALIA !
2003-09-26 yvonne ryan Australia stop this practice do you sleep at night.
2003-09-26 kirsty sheridan The Netherlands The country will be judged on its treatment of animals...this appaling treatment will make people think badly of Australia as a must stop!
2003-09-26 Andy Bellatti USA Please stop this barbaric treatment of animals.
2003-09-26 Lindy Wren Australia Let the sacrificial lambs onboard the MV Cormo Express shout the message loud and clear - BAN LIVE EXPORT!
2003-09-26 Gregory Ellison USA Money is less important than humanity! Stop this madness NOW!
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